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  1. Would be interested too...will follow the post
  2. Hello, I love this game ! I am in Belgium too...ciould make things easier. But I have no idea what a serious offer would be. Give me your price !
  3. In fact no...I had a French version of the Expansion Module 1 too ! So it does not work...I need to check the Inside. One quick question : when you switch on the Colecovision with the module connected but no Game cartridge inserted, do you get anything else than a blanck screen ?
  4. Damned, I am done !! Will check my Atari module but that must be it... So I have an almost new module #1 for sale :-)
  5. I initially thought the Atari Module was just a rewiring...but indeed, after opening it, there is way more than that ! Mine looks brand new (I have it in box) and I will start looking at the electronic components. Any other ideas welcome
  6. Hi guys, I have a great fully working French/Scart Colecovision. My problem is coming with the Module #1 : when plugging it, I just get a black screen and it won't read any game cartridge. Unplugged, I get my Colecovision back as usual... I already cleaned up the connectors many times, both in th extension slot and the Atari module, and did not identify any other potential issues. Anyone can help ?
  7. Hi John, Welcome to the VecJoy club ! I must admit I really enjoy playing with it. Richard, one more comment : you could print 4 circles (7 mm diameter) in the back plate to paste rubber feet ; or maybe 5 with one in the center.
  8. I now managed to fit Rolo's kit into Rochard H. Vecjoy box (thanks again Rich for the prototype). Everything works fine ! I highly recommend this controller : - Stick reactivity is excellent - Firing buttons is definitely much better than on the original - The Auto-Fire option on button s3 and 4, selectable, and adjustable, is working just perfectly In the actual version of VecJoy box prototype, everything is quite tight. Richard H. will be working on my comments / suggestions to make it even better I think ! It works both for Rolo's kit V1 (although not tested on my side) and Version 2. Now the pictures :
  9. It does work ! The Box prepared by Rich is in fact for the first version of the PCB, in one piece. I am now trying to use it for the second versin (split) and I think I will make it. Will post pictures.
  10. I noticed this issue also on my Madtronix Multicart...Did not try to do it on all the games though ! Otherwise, indeed, my Vectrex would be down by now. I would be happy to get a solution... Ah and yes, my multicart is very recent (got it in December 2016)
  11. The same in bigger I will go for 5 (to be sent to Belgium) It does not make 10...
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