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  1. Another perspective would be, how do you get the software onto the cartridge? Atarimax, SIC!, Switchable XEGS and Megacart offer software for this. As far as I know, Atarimax, SIC! and Switchable XEGS http://raster.infos.cz/atari/hw/ramcart/ramcart.htm only under Windows, Megacart runs under Windows, Linux and Apple (JAVA required). The software is available here ... http://www.abbuc.de/~bernd/4mb-flash-megacart/index.html I invite everyone to a test ...
  2. Thanks go to kbr, the new software comes from him.
  3. Sorry, wrong information! "Touchlines are now auto detected! In the previous version, you had to calibrate the screen after switching on for the first time, the crosses appeared. This has been dropped." You can read the information in the readme file. What do you need? - an arduino UNO with atmega328p - an Elegoo 2,8" TFT-Touchscreen Shield or similar with ILI9341 compatible controller using 8bit parallel mode(i think, that one from the adafruit project is the same). Touchlines must be wired as followed: Update! Touchlines are now auto detected! X+ <-> 8 X- <-> A2 Y+ <-> A3 Y- <-> 9 Please pay attention to the order when flashing. FIRST eeprom_writer.hex then SDrive.hex. If you don't do it, you have to flash the Atmega again externally via a write interface. However, this requires the original data from the board. Has already happened to a friend!
  4. There is new software for the Sdrive Max. The information about it. - touchscreen auto detection added - usage without display - fixed buffer overflow on tape blocks > 256 bytes - support reading baud from CAS file - added support for ILI9325 displays without scroll feature(willy) - added support for RM68090 display(vladkvladk) - added ATX support for ED images - support DD and QD image creation on "New" button - fixed bug format image on insert after "New" button cleared - added a button ">>>", to quickly change current drive to next image in directory - added ATX motor start delay for more compatiblity - honor read only flag of image file Here is the software https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max/releases/tag/V1.2
  5. Hi all, the types of cartridge images are registered in the Atari800 emulator. Now the problem. For the Atarimax 1 MB Flash cartridge there is an ID 42 for two versions. If you convert a ROM file to a CAR file, there is only one type 42. Its start page is 127. The new Atarimax 1MB Flash has its start page at "0". Converted ROM files with page 0 as start page do not work with type "42". Is there a way to integrate a new cartridge type? The last entry in the list is 70. Could you create a new entry "Atarimax 1MB Flash cartridge" new version page 0 ID 71? The reason for this are the new SD cartridges that only run with a correct CAR file. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/241615-easy-rom-to-car-utility/?do=findComment&comment=3299960 https://github.com/atari800/atari800/blob/master/DOC/cart.txt Flash
  6. There is a new update, "automatic touchscreen detection V2"
  7. The problem is with Firefox. It always loaded the file from the cache. Thanks for your help.
  8. I just loaded the update. When the game is started, V1.3 and not V1.5 is displayed.
  9. It took me a while to find all the bugs. Fixed: A Pokey had arbitrarily triggered an IRQ. The Mouseatari Pic cyclically switched the 2nd joystick port on and off. A character was sporadically displayed after switching on. The Pokey was exchanged, all pics reprogrammed. Everything runs until a game, Bounty Bob Strikes Back. Whether as a cartridge or file, you cannot move Bob, only jumping is possible. All options in the BIOS are deactivated, the memory is at 64k. Do you also have the problem? The reset signal is triggered by the pic. When switched on for the first time, it is high, then goes low and then it goes high again. For comparison, the same signal measured on an NTSC 800XL and PAL 130XE. There is only one reset pulse. It was triggered on the + 5V input voltage. Can the output switch-on state not be predefined without first going high? I am very satisfied with the 1088XEL hardware, a big thank you to all developers. 1088XEL reset signal. 800XL NTSC reset signal 130XE reset signal
  10. This is the pal and ntsc version for the SIDE2 or AVDcart. Movie.zip
  11. For some time now I have been the owner of a 1088XEL, a real class of hardware including software, and have carried out several tests. I have two problems: In the basic position, joystick input 2 does not have the value "15" but "12". No matter what position the switch on the Mouse Port Select is in. Has the wrong software been installed and how can I check the version? I have a Galep 5 programmer, to rewrite the Pic is not a problem. To be able to use a cartridge at all I have to set "8k Cart Rom: Enabled" in the bios. Unfortunately the BIOS accesses $ D500 when booting and switches off my cartridge type "Megacart". In addition, a homemade cartridge does not run on it. Is it possible to add this entry for example: Cartridge Port Type: 8k Bios access, 16k without Bios access. I bought the board second hand. Thanks, Bernd
  12. You don't need to press reset. The computer reboots with Shift and the Atari key. With the Clear key all changes are reset.
  13. Take a simple test. Connect the Sdrive-Max via the USB port, DO NOT insert the SIO connector into the Atari. Does the error occur now? If not, the voltage supply via SIO is too low.
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