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  1. Can somebody create an LSD file? Thanks! When I try the LSD creator of GadgetUK, my the tool completely freezes and can't even be killed from the task manager, scary...
  2. While I totally understand the price for a physical copy, covering manufacturing etc., I personally can not justify paying this much for a game (Championship Rally) + shipping I'm basically just curious to try out on my Lynx. Would you consider offering rom file to play from my Multicard at a reduced price? I think you'll have more people interested in this.
  3. Card already arrived today. I love it! Thanks a lot!
  4. A short shout from another happy Lynx II user that enjoys the new screen intensely! Thanks a lot for this piece of hardware and the guy who installed it for me. Now I'm just waiting for my time in the Multicard queue and than have a very nice piece of retro gaming equipment.
  5. I would like to order 1 and optionally 2 multi cards both for Lynx 2. I'll confirm 2nd multi card as soon as possible. Thanks!
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