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  1. 42 minutes ago, HiassofT said:

    This is expected. You have to make sure you use the same hardware setup (OS, RAM upgrade, cart, right bank in case of bankswitching carts etc) when you restore a snapshot as you used when saving the snapshot.


    Freezing with a cart present and restoring without may work at very rare occasions, sometimes you have to manually change GINTLK to prevent a hard-lockup on restore, but if some code in the cart tries to trash the memory contents in the cart area you are pretty much out of luck (well, you could patch/crack that but then it's better to use a cracked XEX as you won't have the hassles with that).


    so long,




    Not sure if I get that! I use a 600XL (internally upgraded to 64k of RAM), standard OS, nothing special. I just played Pac-Man (cartridge) again, I hit the freeze button, I chose [ S] SAVE EXTERN > [ B ] BOOT... saving procedure to disk was succesful, boot loading from that disk without cartridge inserted failed tho 🤷🏻‍♂️. I did the same thing Nir did in his video at 12:48 (he used Pitfall II cartridge instead)


  2. Hi guys,

    got a Turbo Freezer 2011 a while ago, today tried it out first time, trying to freeze Donkey Kong Junior later in the game, did it like in this video hitting [ F ]. After that, hitting [ C ] brings me back in the game right to the point, where I freezed it and I'm able to continue playing - however, only if I don't remove the Donkey Kong Junior cartridge before. By turning the Atari off, removing the cartridge, turning the Atari on again, and hitting [ C ] the game won't continue at the point I freezed it, showing only broken graphics, nothing happens. Same happens when saving the snapshot to bootdisk [ S ] or ramdisk [ R ], tried several cartridges. Have I done anything wrong?




  3. 3 hours ago, Nezgar said:

    When a bad sector is encountered with many sector copiers, it will result in a blank sector on the resulting copy.


    Disk Wizard II is an example of one that will preserve the data received from that bad sector read when written to the resulting copy.


    What other sector copiers will preserve the data received from a bad sector read when written to the resulting copy? Is there any list?

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