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  1. Ah sorry, I use MyDos only, should have mentioned it before. Thanks anyway!
  2. I'm asking because I recently copied an ATR image of 8000 sectors size to my IDE+ 2.0 with Disk Comm. 3.2, which worked fine: ATR image (AspeQt) --> DCM file (IDE+, partition 1) --> unDCMed ATR image (IDE+, partition 2) How do I do that with ATR images of more than 9999 sectors size?
  3. Is there a (patched?) version by now, which can do up to 65535 sectors?
  4. Is there any new solution for recursive copy utility for MyDOS nowadays?
  5. I only saw that once. Type 2 is better anyway .
  6. Why not have an IDE+ 2.0, it connects to the PBI port, so cartridge port won't be blocked. Megabytes or Gigabytes of space, depending on used CF card (up to 128 partitions 16/32 MB/each + FAT partition) Affirmative! So true!
  7. Thank you! Unfortunately, same result. How ever, I hotswapped the ATR flash image just before answering the Are you sure? [yes/no] question, this did the the trick.
  8. Yeah, I do hold down the OPTION key in order to get the ATR flash image started. When should I do hotswapping? I never get the option to start flashing any cartridge, no matter which cartridge I try, it's always the same: "Unable to detect flash cartridge." But I can flawlessly flash each of those cartridges with any other ATR flash image.
  9. Hi folks, I tried to flash this ATR flash image to an Atarimax 8Mbit cartridge (via SIO2PC-USB, I got no programmer) - all I get is "Unable to detect flash cartridge." All other ATR flash images I tried do work, on the same cartridge, no problems at all! I even tried several other 8Mbit cartridges - the same result. The thing is, a few months ago, I succesfully flashed a cartridge with the said ATR flash image - I've got no clue why it doesn't work anymore, strange! Anybody?
  10. Thanks! I already have seen the different case flavours here in an other thread. Although I only use XL computers and no XE computers, I like the colorful XE style cart, which does fit very well to the colorful menu of The!Cart in my opinion. Unfortunately, I'm not good at case modding, or at crafts at all - so I would pay for, if other cart shells than 3d printed were available.
  11. I would easily buy 2 or 3 carts, if there were another case to choose instead of the cost-saving 3dprinted one, for instance something like Atarimax carts cases or similar, or something else. Maybe I'm the only one, but I can't deal with 3dprinted cases.
  12. May be Dragon Device (or merged to: DragoNice ) ?
  13. Mainly Sony Trinitron KV-14 LT1E and some times Panasonic TX- 29AL10C Quintrix F
  14. Call me a lamer, but I prefer RF video signal over composite, if it's free of interferences, then it looks quite clear and has some kinda natural anti-aliasing. Plus, the sound of the Atari has got more power, more bass compared to composite
  15. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281178-i-want-to-try-to-produce-the-turbo-freezer-2011-again/
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