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  1. Thanks! I already have seen the different case flavours here in an other thread. Although I only use XL computers and no XE computers, I like the colorful XE style cart, which does fit very well to the colorful menu of The!Cart in my opinion. Unfortunately, I'm not good at case modding, or at crafts at all - so I would pay for, if other cart shells than 3d printed were available.
  2. I would easily buy 2 or 3 carts, if there were another case to choose instead of the cost-saving 3dprinted one, for instance something like Atarimax carts cases or similar, or something else. Maybe I'm the only one, but I can't deal with 3dprinted cases.
  3. May be Dragon Device (or merged to: DragoNice ) ?
  4. Mainly Sony Trinitron KV-14 LT1E and some times Panasonic TX- 29AL10C Quintrix F
  5. Call me a lamer, but I prefer RF video signal over composite, if it's free of interferences, then it looks quite clear and has some kinda natural anti-aliasing. Plus, the sound of the Atari has got more power, more bass compared to composite
  6. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281178-i-want-to-try-to-produce-the-turbo-freezer-2011-again/
  7. Yeah, 1991 it was played via the Amiga ( + a Laserdisc Player) I had, like this guy describes: [german] http://www.oliver-kilb.de/wp/2014/01/12/flashback-1991-laserdisc-games-auf-dem-amiga/
  8. Ha, I had that game on Laserdisc, must have been around 1991.
  9. I asked him early 2018, if Paypal is possible, he answered he has closed his Paypal account.
  10. I once had a Type 3 600XL, about 2 years ago, more or less. The keys felt somewhat like rubber and were very wobbly, gave an ugly and uncomfortable feel while typing. Sold it right after that. Don't know if that was normal for a Type 3 or due to wear.
  11. Same here, my best friend was also just the only one person l knew, who had an Atari. I had a 600XL Type 2, he had a 800XL Type 1. Absolutely agree to your Type 2 / Type 1 comparison! Plus, the silver function keys of my friend's Type 1 descended into the case over time, which looked quite ugly - a big downside of the Type 1, I have to say. The only thing I was jealous about my friend's Type 1 was the fully inverse CONTROL and ARROW keys - the Type 2 seemed to lack some key paint at this point. Best silver function keys: Type 4 - downside: the rough surface of the keys, needs getting used to. In the last few years I could test them all, Type 1 to 5 - my personal rating: Type 2 > Type 4/1 > Type 3/5 Type 1 to 4 - at least I've never seen a Type 5 built in.
  12. How about the games on the screens in the background?
  13. With Atadim you are able to export files from or import files to your atr-images.
  14. This one, plus the collab work with Rob Hubbard Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  15. Noob question So, is it possible to program a big 64k game with the cart version of SynAssembler (or MAC65) on a stock 800XL + 1050? How to do that? The cart version still occupies RAM, right? So the program have to be assembled in parts and saved to disk and put together one after one?
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