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  1. I wanted a new system so badly, even if it ran off cards like the DS. I see Nintendo going digital and wanted one last system that had games (CD / card or cartridge). I have a wall full of games and just wanted one last new system and games to collect and maybe make for. I have the BAD feeling RVGS could have done what they said but they were CHEAP !!! They wanted the money up front and they ask for people to give them money when they did not spend there own money. They gave me a dream but would NOT back it up with there money / skin in the game. I know he had the money I was led to think he spent his own money but he said after posted (posted by a member here) that he funded one project with another, never his own dime. It was a good idea the system idea too but if you do a project you MUST spend your time and money, then ask for help and I feel he skipped it two times to do that. I was so desperate for new system and games I fell for it (I'm so stupid I would again). I have no regrets just sad that he could have made a system but fu+k it, not once but twice... My last post to him in the end, we all lose... That he will never be taken seriously again and I (we) lost a new system to make games for / collect. No winners here...
  2. Its reported that Coleco Chameleon got the rights to the Atari 2600 games from Engadget, http://www.engadget.com/2016/02/18/coleco-chameleon-atari-2600/
  3. The youtube recommendations are based on channels habits from browsing history and cookies stored in your PC...
  4. Sorry, I have no idea who they are, are they a big part of the game industry ? Wanted to know if anyone here knows them but i guess not.
  5. They added 2 new members to the team http://www.retrovgs.com/team.html and looks like the web page was renamed from Retro VGS to COLECO Chameleon. Some people on there face book page seem to think he will skip the kickstarter and have the system ready after February 16.
  6. In Brazil Sega Mega Drive was also renamed the Mega Drive "II" too coincide with the Sonic game before the resized USA, JPN, PAL system versions. So are version 2 is there version 3. All in all there are 5 versions, USA Sega Genesis, Japan Sega Mega Drive, Korea Samsung Mega Drive, Brazil (TECTOY) "Sega" Mega Drive and (PAL) Europe Sega Mega Drive.... They all look different so they can be counted as different systems.
  7. Just a update of how indegogo works, they have not refunded the money. If they do it on a Friday it will not be refunded unto Tuesay but If its before Friday it will be put into paypal the same day, bank takes 3 day..
  8. The level of my anger is more then my post on there face book about atariage, fu*king loyalty is everything, this is news I don't like. I don't care if you hate him but shit not cool !!!!
  9. I think they will contact you with a license, I don't work for them but it just I think they will and also "strip" this system to the point that I will not work with them and the money I get refunded will go to a neo geo omega system but there are so many pirate carts on ebay and the neo geo games that were to be on this RVG system will "i think" stripped to low quality.. Im still a fan but I feel f**k and now I can't post what I know because my info is no more, I also don't like the post they made and it was deleted since it was part of my post but some one here seen it posted it i think.. Im not happy I wanted to make games and I guess I will do it the old way and have it on Atariage carts but the games I wanted to make were a mix of Commodore / apple and not atari 2600 code.
  10. From what was told to me, its like that thing "lines in the sand" "we make are mark and stand by it", I'm sorry.
  11. I just want to say I don't work for the VGS team, I been a member at Atariage before all this. Some of my post that were posted on there Facebook were my topics I deleted and as you know when you delete a post all the replies are deleted . As for the wiki post I was angry and took my anger at the wiki post and deleted them, I'm sorry and I stopped doing that. As for my post here are after they posted and nothing before they made there post. As to kevtris well I know he is a good man and I was quick to judge and for that I'm sorry. Im happy to be a member here and so on... Last post on this, only real retro systems like the 2600 and NES for me. Sorry.
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