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  1. I think there may be a bug in the Tapper HSC rom (NTSC). Specifically, can someone double check that the correct difficulty is being reported by the ROM? When I sat down today to play "Intermediate," my score was reported under "Arcade."
  2. FWIW, one of my favorite things about the PlusCart is that it gives me a reason to play games I probably would have skipped over or would not devote significant time to (particularly HSC games). Virtual "patches" are a really nice touch. Thank you to everyone who has worked on this.
  3. Is your router located far away from your Atari? I had an issue with scores not being reported, although the PlusCart menu said I was connected, and installing a repeater (using an old router) in the same room as my Atari fixed the problem.
  4. Do you have access to any other VCS systems? Is this system socketed (look under the shielding)? I would try swapping out the CPU, etc., one by one known good chips (though in this case I would start with the CPU).
  5. Before the list. It cut out as soon as entering the setup menu. I also suspected this. The video signal never comes back, so if this is the case, the small delay must be present on a significant percentage of frames--at least enough frames such that the scaler cannot complete an HDMI handshake with the TV after the initial drop. It isn't a critical issue, but I was wondering about what could be causing it, and people using a scaler may need to watch for this.
  6. I was recently helping someone set up a PlusCart running FW 0.15, and we had a problem with the Wi-Fi setup menu. He has a newish "smart" LCD TV that does not process 240p signals correctly (completely garbling, and making unreadable, the Harmony cart menu, for example), and thus has his 2600 connected to his TV via a RetroTink Pro scaler. The PlusCart ran fine and looked good on screen, but whenever we tried going into the Wi-Fi setup menu the TV would lose the video signal. When he removed the RetroTink from the video chain, an image came onscreen, and he was able to work through the setup menus. I think what was happening could be the same thing described here. The RetroTink appears to be picky about non-standard video frames. Is the Wi-Fi setup menu different than all the other menu screens? Or could something else be happening here? He has never lost video elsewhere using the PlusCart, but clicking that button will unfailingly force a reset when using a RetroTink.
  7. I have spent a while playing with the Noir, and overall I am extremely pleased with it. I am, however, having trouble with one game. I have a Star Versus cart that _will not_ load on FW 6.5. I was able to run this on 1.0, but now it just says "RAM CHECK FAIL" and spits out a hex address. It still runs on my AV Famicom. Has anyone else experienced an issue with Star Versus? I was hoping to be able to use CopyNES mini to dump this (with my own script). I am hopeful that support (mapper 399) will be added in the JB because mapper 413 was just added (also a BATMAP cart). On that note, has any documentation been released for CopyNES mini on how to compile custom scripts? Scripts compiled for older versions don't appear to work. EDIT: Actually, it appears Kevtris addressed this here. I will try using his assembler.
  8. Thank you! I passed on your reply--I'm not on FB, but it may have been him that asked. 🙃
  9. @ZeroPage Homebrew, what controller are you using in your PlusCart video? My uncle was watching that to set up the PlusCart I made for him, and he thought that was a spiffy controller.
  10. I couldn't get my Nt Mini Noir to turn on using the controller--and I was worried it was defective somehow. It turns out that there is a misprint in the small included manual. The manual says press "select" and "b" to turn on the console using the controller, but the actual combination is "select" and "a". Also, it is pretty neat that other 8bitdo 2.4g controllers can be paired to the included N30 receiver. I just paired an M30 controller, which I love, but it's not so good for NES games because the A and B positions are reversed. Have not tried any of the extra cores yet, but it will hopefully button map well in the Sega cores.
  11. IIRC, there is a sensor in the cart that adjusts the label according to whether the cart is vertical or horizontal (like in an AVS system). Not sure why yours isn't working, but at least the display is mostly displaying correctly now. The 2016 game is a pinball game, with a title screen showing kids ice skating around a tree. Works on my system--but it's not that engrossing--so I wouldn't personally miss it too much if it didn't play. And thanks for pointing out the swap feature. I missed that in the settings!
  12. Huh. I just put mine back in and it came up correctly. I am booting directly to cartridge, no delay, if that makes a difference. Which game isn't working for you?
  13. Select the 3.6V cartridge voltage option under system settings. Should fix this issue. Did for me, at least.
  14. Puzzle games are my favorite. I'd be happy to help out. I have a Harmony Encore and a PlusCart.
  15. Count me among those hoping to purchase a copy too.
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