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  1. @Yurkie, thank you for forwarding my email. @Nathan Strum, I was thinking about this some more and I suspect that the video buffer on the board might have failed. It is the chip marked BH7236AF. I can't get to checking it for a week or so, but apparently when that chip fails it shorts the rails. A quick test is to lift pins 1 and 24 to disconnect the chip from GND. If that clears the fault, then problem solved.
  2. My 2600RGB board also developed a 5V-GND fault recently. Really, really, maddening, it was. I can't post in the thread you linked, but I did not feel like starting to remove components for testing from the 2600RGB board because it is very fragile. It, and the NESRGB, are relatively cheaply made, so the pads lift quite easily. Both the creator of the board and the US distributor never bothered to respond to my inquiries about what could have happened or what part(s) is/are most likely to have failed. I switched to the UAV mod, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of this problem. I'll be following your thread.
  3. If it matters, this will go in an 800.
  4. Thank you for this. This would have saved me some headache a few months back when I wanted to dump one of my XEGS carts. I ended up desoldering the chip, but next time I'll use this.
  5. Does the high-score table in ZooKeeper function like that in Robotron? Specifically, for scores over 1M, will the "rank" number disappear? I am not to 1M yet, but with a bit more practice should be able to get there. Again, this may be trickier in the full version, but given how the points awarded for jumps doubles each time you jump over an additional animal, this shouldn't be too hard. Also, I think I noticed a bug: I was on level 1 and there was a net on the outside of the cage, but then an elephant escaped at exactly the spot where the net was located and the net disappeared. Usually, items aren't supposed to disappear like that, right? This was the last item and the level hadn't ended yet.
  6. Alright! Played this last night and it was a lot of fun. Once I got over 1M points I gave it a rest though. Will try standard next. It might be good to add an extra digit to the high-score table. Scores over 1M might be harder to achieve on the final version, since the easiest waves won't loop and the brain waves will have proper cruise missiles, but with practice I suppose it would be possible. In the current demo I am able to farm lots of lives in the brain waves and can then keep going and going. I like the two joystick control scheme the best. I just used two CX40 sticks. I held them down with the sides of my palms and worked the top of the sticks with my thumbs. Did any one else notice your laser shots not appearing on the wave 9 screen? There were a couple of times I could hear the shots, but I couldn't see any laser bolts on screen. It was a bit disorienting each time that happened. Maybe I was firing into the wall? Hard to say since the wall is also invisible in wave 9. I was thinking it would be really nice is if there was a way for people to be able to use the two joystick scheme and save scores without needing a Quadtari. Perhaps a prompt that says "Insert AtariVox/Savekey now to save score"?
  7. So the $8000-$BFFF patch is incomplete? That is the patch I currently have applied.
  8. I never played this game in arcades, but this is now one of my go-to games. I thought it was like Breakout in reverse at first, but after seeing how the score shoots up after you jump over multiple animals I realized that impression was not totally accurate. Seems that the most effective strategy for survival and points is to try and manage the flow of animals outside of the pen, and to jump, jump, then jump some more. Very neat game. Can't wait for cart so I can actually save my scores.
  9. spspspsp


    The mysterious voice is gone, so that appears to have been the issue. Awesome. FWIW, this binary appears to be NTSC only. I only noticed because even though I forgot to set the right difficulty switch to "A" (I forget almost every single time), it loaded without screen roll. I would also buy a cart if available. Sokobon is great. I like the feeling you get when you finally figure out a puzzle that had you stumped for who knows how long.
  10. spspspsp


    FYI: the "help" sound plays at the moment Sokoboo finishes loading.
  11. spspspsp


    The startup phrase still plays. I am loading this from a Harmony Encore cart, so "AtariVox Plus, Ready" plays when I first power up the system or connect the AtariVox.
  12. I recently installed a rev. D board in my 2800 to replace a failed 2600RGB board. The composite and s-video output are excellent and come very close to the output of the 2600RGB board. My 2800 revision has the color saturation resistor installed, so I needed to lift pin 6 of the TIA. Without the pin lifted, my monitor would not display any green hues. Everything appeared blue.
  13. spspspsp


    Hmm. Here is a recording of what I hear through my speakers. I can't say I've ever noticed any other glitches or funny behaviour with my AtariVox. Sokoboo Help!.m4a
  14. Thank you for looking into this. The intermediate binary I was using still doesn't like me adjusting the P2 bucket size, but the most recent binaries you posted work fine. I also tried Space Invaders, and difficulty behaviour was stable there too. Whatever the issue is, it works now. Thanks again.
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