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  1. Those small hints helped me find both secrets in level 3. I was worried the "something" would kill me so I had been avoiding it, and I just hadn't wiggled far enough into the small space. I am playing on an NTSC system, if that helps. I can read the fonts when the text/colors are strong enough to induce NTSC artifacting, but depending on the foreground/background color combination, and seemingly more importantly, the brightness of the text (white text is much more legible than grey text, for example) legibility varies. I am using UAV-board derived video signals. I wonder if the cleaner video output actually is making text more difficult to read. Also, I am playing on an Atari 800 with the incognito board installed, and so lack a "Help" key. I can't check on the credits screen from the intro screen. I'm not even going to attempt some of the achievements, and others may be beyond my abilities (the ninja achievement in the silver mines level) but I've got about 20 already. Perhaps I'll see how close I get to the "42 achievements" master achievement. And I did re-read the manual eventually--and now won't ever forget how to reset a room. That's also a potential time-saving trick in some levels.
  2. I've been enjoying playing FloB. It's a neat game, and the music and art style is unlike any other Atari 8-bit game I've played. Very charming. Humorous too--I beat level 6 last night and the ending had me chuckling to myself. I'd like to know how the statistics screen is unlocked. What conditions need to be met? I was hoping that would appear after having completed the game. As I continue to look for slimes and secret areas I think it would be fun to be able to check on stats from time to time. Also, If it's okay I'd like mention a few problems I had. One is that on CRT displays, the in game text is quite difficult to read where the font is only a one pixel wide. I've tried three displays, using both composite and S-video, and this was an issue on each one no matter what brightness/contrast settings I tried. Most pieces A8 software I own use fonts in which vertical portions are are at least two pixels wide, probably for this reason. One exception I can think of is Donkey Kong, and it has always bothered me that the text was so difficult to read. Also, I got stuck in the observatory room in level 6. After collecting the key card I fell into the crack directly to the left of the card and couldn't get out. I ended up starting the level over. Another minor thing is that in level 6, to me "firm evidence" would be more natural than "strict evidence." Not a big deal. Finally, during the first roll of the ending credits, the screen kept on showing flashes of glitched graphics. This only happened the first time through the credits, so I couldn't get a photo, and in any case the glitches are only for a few frames each time, but they are there. I was playing on a cart loaded with version 1.03. I am happy with this game--and I keep going back trying to find secrets. It's somewhat maddening that I can't find any of the secret areas in the "Suburbian Parkour" level though. I can't figure out what I'm missing!
  3. I'd like a cart too. I play this somewhat frequently and I've wanted one of those clear carts for a while. They look spiffy.
  4. Actually, re-reading the post with the demo binary, I see this is a change from Q*bert. I'll just have to be more careful with my jumps.:)
  5. The demo is very impressive. I played it via my Harmony Encore the other day. I had one issue come up, however. Once, after I jumped on one of the platforms that takes you to the top of a level, the snake immediately changed course and followed me to the top of the level instead of proceeding to the location I jumped from. He killed me immediately after I landed. I've not had that happen in any of the other Q*bert games I own.
  6. I actually got my flashing issue sorted--I found a firmware that supported OTA updates, and now I'm on AT v1.7.4.0 thanks to the WiFi FW update feature. Seems OK in some short tests, but I'll need to play with it more.
  7. No, I was mistaken. I can downgrade to SDK v1.3.0 and AT v0.40.0.0 easily. Just gonna wait for the ESP-01S.
  8. That is good to know. I can get v1.3.0.2 to install. I'll see if that works.
  9. My ESP-01 units all have AT FW 1.1.0. They work for the most part, except I get random connection drops, and I have to reboot the PlusCart to re-establish it. Having tried to eliminate everything else, I suspect that either the AT revision or ESP module hardware revision is responsible. The WiFi firmware update option doesn't have an effect on my ESP-01 modules either, but I can see one of Espressif's servers being called. Since switching to the ESP-01S worked for Fierodoug, I'm hoping the same will work for me.
  10. I've been trying to deal with a similar issue--ESP-01 boards seem to be a crapshoot. I have a bunch that are very picky about what FWs they will flash to. I have ordered some ESP-01S boards to see how much of an improvement those bring.
  11. Yep, that fixed it. I removed the corrosion with vinegar, cleaned it up, then found and fixed a broken trace between pin 10 of Mikey and L24. Unfortunately, I can't be sure I removed 100% of the corrosion, but I'll make a note and try and keep it with this system.
  12. I think I found the issue. I was probing the circuit, and found that there was distortion at the positive terminal of C8. This eliminated main part of the audio circuit. I went back to L23 and L24. Looked fine, until I gently lifted them up. Then I saw it. Traces of blue-green corrosion. It must be affecting the signal path from Mikey. It looks fixable--but I'm surprised to find corrosion on that part of the MB. There aren't any electrolytic capacitors in this area, and it should have been protected by the RF shield from fluid, plus there isn't an easy path to or from the batteries. It must have been there slowly spreading for ages, but only recently became bad enough to affect anything. Corrosion is the worst--because once it's there it self-propagates.
  13. I have a Lynx I that recently developed sound problems. I play this Lynx relatively frequently, and the it happened all of a sudden. Specifically, the sound is distorted and seems to be missing the high frequencies. I have attached a recording of this Lynx playing the opening from California Games, along with a clip of what it should should like. Bad_ Sample.m4a Good_Sample.m4a This sound comes through the speaker and through the headphone. My first thought was to recap the audio circuit--which I did today--and it didn't help. I replaced all electrolytics, including those under the shielding since that is where most audio circuitry is. The audio circuit is above. Does this appear to a problem that could arise in this circuit, rather than a problem with Mikey?
  14. I tried installing this board in a cheap CX40 I think I bought off AliExpress. I hate using this controller because the domes are incredibly stiff and loud. It sort of worked--I'm having trouble with the right and down directions (down mostly). It appears that with my Osgeld board, the joystick handle rests on the edges of these dome contact instead of the centers, and this prevents the inputs from registering. I also put this Osgeld board into a CX40 I bought new from Best (with his new handle, silicon boot, and the gold contacts). I had the same issue with that controller. So, two different housings and two different handles gave me the same problem. I don't have any others to test with. Has any one else experienced anything similar? Any suggestions on how I might work around this?
  15. I think there may be a bug in the Tapper HSC rom (NTSC). Specifically, can someone double check that the correct difficulty is being reported by the ROM? When I sat down today to play "Intermediate," my score was reported under "Arcade."
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