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  1. I hope that this game is great game play. I can honestly say, due to what these Gentlemen have done in the past, I will be ordering this day one as a show of support and thanks for all they have brought to the Gaming community. For me and my collection, I could care less about "Rare" or "Real"... I have these to play.. not to invest and resell in the future. But, to each their own (I am also the same guy that only buys Pop! figures, I like, and usually the box is trashed and in the garbage a few seconds after my transaction is complete.. lol)
  2. Well.. since I am not religious.. I dont think the holy grail exists.. so in my definitions.. the holy grail would be Air World since we know is does not exist.. but people still hope and look.
  3. Oh.. because of this post and interview.. I checked out HSW's website and snaged the DVD... This is a VERY cool disc!!! I suggest anyone that liked the stella at 20 stuff (sans the technical talking) get this!
  4. I have had mine in working order since 83' And yes.. they completely suck at diagional directions
  5. I have one of these.. yea.. power stick.. this thing ruled for certain games (track/decath).. You could waer a nice little hole in your palm as you tried to get the maximum side to side playing
  6. My lonely R6 and 2 R5 congrat you!!!
  7. DONKEY KONG - Fun game.. gets repetitive without a challange though FATAL RUN - A think this game is alot of fun.. KANGAROO - I like this platform vs donkey kong better than 2600 kong. MOON PATROL - Very fun MR DO - no comment.. MS PACMAN - Great version... lots of fun OFF THE WALL - no comment. PHOENIX - ok version of a demon attack thing. SMURFS - blah RADAR LOCK - fun flyer ROAD RUNNER - Great fun game.. SOLARIS - no comment SUPER BASEBALL - no comment SUPER FOOTBALL - no comment VANGUARD - lots of fun on this VENTURE - still fun ZAXXON - suckity suck suck.. this makes a great paperweight though!
  8. Hmmm. I dont have a name yet (atleast not anything good... except.. maybe... "Miracle" If it helps.. I have like 15 common carts I can send to help with cases.. I would easily drop atleast $100 on this
  9. I have a box o common carts (all 1 and 2's)... and cash to trade..
  10. I am looking for these instruc scans.. (All manuals I dont have.. I just make.. but would love to use copies from the real thing..) The ones I am looking for are.. crossbow defender II stargate Taz Track & field mountain king crypts of chaos Fantastic Voyage Megaforce Skate boardin Title match pro wrestling Reactor Armor Ambush astroblast lock n chase Space Attack Super Chal Bas Super Chal Foot
  11. Thankfully, with the luck and wonderful cool people here at AA, I now own one I love the 6'r.. and the added weight just feels......tough.
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