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  1. I just watched this video And I see a RED FLAG immediately. On the menu interface, up and down on the D-pad scrolls through games............... good! Pressing left and right on the D-pad lets you see more text in the file names............. bad. This should happen automatically if you let the selection idle on the game for a few seconds. Holding the A button down and pressing left and right and up and down goes to new letter in alphabet and turns pages........... strange. The way its supposed to work is as follows: Up and Down on D-pad scrolls through games vertically Left and Right on D-pad goes to the next page Right goes to the next page going forward, Left goes back to the previous page backwards. It's literally this simple. If you look at the everdrives line of flashcarts this is how these work. I don't know how something so simple can get messed up like this. Also, having cartridge games separated from CD games in my opinion is unnecessary. All you have to do is make a separate folder and stick all of the CD games in there if you really want. I support this project, but please make left and right turn the pages of the list of games on the interface.
  2. Orion could also possibly use Patreon. I don't know exactly how Patreon works but if he is working on a program and providing updates can't people show support in this way.
  3. If you ran two kickstarters and both failed getting feedback about your kickstarter is not being a troll nor being negative. Life is all about learning and improving. If the creator of the kickstarter doesn't know why it failed then how will they run a better campaign in the future? I posted real comments from people who backed the NESmaker kickstarter. In those comments you can read real thoughts and opinions of other people.... thats all. Also please note that this is a game engine that I personally am excited about. I would love to make a Genesis game. If Orion is reading this, here is my advice. Don't drop the project all together. Go ahead and work on just one single console... the easiest console to make your program for. Then code a complete or nearly complete program for that one console then do a kickstarter for that. Later down the road if everything goes well then you might be able to code another game engine for another console. In other words only do one console at a time. Then when its all said and done you can make exporting code and files easily between programs.
  4. Here are some more of my thoughts. You said your other kickstarter for a genesis game also failed. I'm sure your products and ideas are great, but running a kickstarter is a skill in its own right. Take a poll before you do a kickstarter to get an idea of how many people will support it. Did you know that I made a retro game? And I only sold a handful of copies, currently I never profited a single dollar from my project. Remember it takes money and time to make the game in the first place. Having a low price of $50 means its low entrance fee to be involved in your product. Also note that some people may buy the software but then not like it and not use it. So sometimes it is hit and miss. I purchased Game Maker Studio 2 for $100 but I don't really like it and I feel that I would need a better computer to run it smoothly.
  5. What it was cancelled? I don't believe it. If the creator of the kickstarter comes back with a lower price I will back it 100%. Orion, spread the word about your software in the communities, like the PS1 community, genesis community and dreamcast community. Spend many weeks building up hype about your software. Get everyone pumped up for it. Then create a group on Facebook like the one Joe did with NESmaker. Joe regularly talks to his backers and people who are using his NES software. Also make a more kickass promotional video for your kickstarter. Relaunch the kickstarter with a low goal and low price point. I say $50 for the version where you export to all consoles. While it may be a low cost if many people back it you make out in the long run. You can do $50 for the software, but then add $50 dollars if you want to get an early version of the software as a beta. I grew up with Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1 and I want to make a game (with NO SPLASH SCREEN) and sell it LIKE A BOSS!!!! Also doing a kickstarter is a full time job. You have to be constantly promoting your kickstarter and product all the time. Also I think the name is a little bland.... Retro Game Designer..... Why not.... Retro Maker Retro Dev Kit Retro Magic Retro Boss Retro Engine idk
  6. I would really like to see this kickstarter be successful, heck I have even started a few threads about it on other forums.... literally promoting it. I'm just curious, NESmaker made their goal right away within days. So why is this kickstart not doing the same? I know that there is a Playstation 1 homebrew scene and community. Are you telling me that literally nobody from over there is interested in this? Did anyone post this over at SEGA-16? They have a big Genesis community, I'm sure some people over there would support this. I don't mind doing the $30 for the single software version, but it comes with a splash screen. I really don't want that in my game... that's all.
  7. Sorry Orion for giving you a hard time, but I'm a little disappointing in the price. I understand that you want to get paid and yes you should get paid, but if you lower the price then more people can get the software and then you will get paid. Remember how when Playstation 1 came out and it kicked the crap out of the N-64. Why did this happen? Because the CD games were cheaper to produce than the expensive N-64 cartridges. When things are cheap it just works. Also remember the PS1 price.... $199 which was cheaper than Sega Saturn. Cheap price for PS1 console and cheap price to manufacture CD games meant that PS1 sold over 100 million consoles!!! Now remember 3DO and how it cost like $600 and guess what happened to 3DO, it went down the sh*tter. You Orion being a retro game enthusiast understand this analogy perfectly but just in case you need some help here it is again. Playstation 1 - Cheap and successful 3DO - Expensive and unsuccessful Now change the prices on your product and then you WILL have me as a backer for your kickstarter. Thanks.
  8. For the Sega Genesis armature version all you have to do is open the rom in YYCHR and delete the splash screen graphics. Just don't even force a splash screen at all as it really upsets me. NESmaker had a low price point and they met their goal within the first few days. That is how you run a successful kickstarter.
  9. Looking at the project again I just think the price is wrong here. Lower the price and have more sales. Make it cheap so lots of people can afford it and you grow a large community with your software.
  10. Dear Cedric (Orion), I've known about your work and games in the past by the youtuber Adam Koralik. I am also very found of wanting to make games for these older retro consoles. Here are my thoughts on your kickstarter and tool set and I hope that you read these and possibly take my suggestions into consideration. - The Retro Game Designer price point is too high on kickstarter. I can go $100 or maybe $150 (USD), but $300 just for one professional export to a single system is too high. - I hate splash screens. I might be able to afford the lower price for the amateur version, but if the splash screen is enforced then that is a turn off for me. I know a little bit of programming and hacking maybe I could just buy the amateur version and then hack my own rom to remove the splash screen myself. - I backed the NESmaker kickstarter. They only asked $36 for their software, very affordable. If you make the price lower then more people can buy it and then we have a bigger community of people who are into it. - If you are going to do this kickstarter please also open up a facebook group like what Joe did with NESmaker, this way you can get direct feedback from people using it. - Open up a website and forum so that people can interact with each other and get support from each other when they are working on their projects. - Make your program such that it is easy for people to share code between projects. For example, on super mario world central (hacking website), anyone can upload sprites, blocks, tiles, and custom code that any other person can use in their game. If people can share resources with each other then lots of progress can be made and people don't always have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. - Allow people to beta test your program to catch bugs and to get feedback. - Give people the information to how they can get their cartridges made or disks professionally burned. In other words give people the info on how the manufacturing process works when the game is finished. So yeah, this is a product that I am very interested in. The main problem that I currently have with it is the price. It's just too much for me. Also I only want 1 version of the program that can export to all of the available systems. For example, I don't want 4 different programs, 1 for genesis, 1 for jaguar, 1 for playstation. I don't want that. I only want 1 single program that exports to all systems. For this I might be able to put out $200 for it, but you are asking for $600 for this. Again just too much for me. I wish you the best though.
  11. I own an Atari Jaguar, but only have 1 game for it. Cyber Morph. I only got this game because I wanted to test out the console to see if it worked. So getting an Everdrive for the Jag is right up my ally. Count me in for an order when the time comes.
  12. One method that I haven't heard anyone talk about really is the art of Cartridge Tilting. This is where you purposely make the cartridge to system connection flaky causing glitches. Here is a video. You can also do a search on youtube for cartridge tilting.
  13. When you get the SD cart finished you will be considered a hero in the Jaguar community. It will make homebrew a lot easier.
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