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  1. Yes that what I would have said if I was more fluent at thinking in english
  2. Try yourself with a small magnet, you will see. I am confident. (and correction: REED not RED, or ILS in French).
  3. RED work the same regardless their orientation. They are in the magnetic field or out. They are simple, cheap and in this kind of application better than micro switches (rated for 10^8 cycles). So here the bad one need to be replaced.
  4. When RF is fine, have you something connected on the composite video output of the mod ? If no, it would be interesting to try with both output connected. The digital video output of the intlv is open collector/drain and modulate the continuous (with a pretty high impedance) voltage source provided by the RF box. So the pickup point and the input impedance of the mod are critical to get the proper intended video signal.
  5. Rev B of the LPC2103 is not affected by MAM.2 errata.
  6. Not exactly. As designed, I think that the OSSC will be less picky with "border line compliant" sync signal with sync on green sync signal. I don't have an inty scart version, too rare even if I'm in France. So I don't know how the sync signal is generated in them. Yes, on the "normal" scart standard, there is a dedicated pin for sync, but OSSC accept sync on green too. Combining the sync with the green and configuring the OSSC accordingly worth a try.
  7. On all schematics I saw or by picture guessing, there is no proper video output buffer ensuring proper scart levels on double terminated 75ohm link. On the OSSC, you should use sync on green to go trough the input buffer circuit as the video signal. Otherwise you go directly to the TVP video dac. The TVP is perhaps more picky or not properly configured to process correctly the border line sync signal. Measurement with the scope should be done with the output of the RGB mod connected to the OSSC.
  8. This is normal, this is due to the process used for the tin deposit on this era (wave tin deposit). RF shield apart, it is not in a terrific shape.
  9. I put it on my todo list. Yes I could choose the frame/fields and the line to sync on on my scope.
  10. At this point in the debug, you need a scope, preferably one with video trigger.
  11. emmanuelf


    I asked for too not a long time ago, but is seems to be a taboo question 🥴😋☺️ You should change the subject of the topic.
  12. emmanuelf


    Hum, Vecfever is solely based on Extreme Vectrex Multicart, there is too much "coincidence" to be pure coincidence and Extreme Vectrex Multicart is prior art. That great that someone leverage the Extreme Vectrex Multicart work on a full open hardware/software project. There is lot to be done to catch vecferer on the software front, but that is work that will never be lost now and that could only progress. New to the retro scene world, it is something very strange to me all these hardware/softwares that their authors no longer want/could produce, not open and witch disappear with them. Even more strange when their are the support for the small homebrew ecosystem and help to retribute the game authors (like the LTO flash witch is very very hard to get, but without, you could not buy roms). Sorry for my poor English after a hard day too. One of my best friend passed away today at 45...
  13. I think that you should redo the TIA socket soldering and checking that there is no track cut at the join between the track and the solder pad
  14. It is a small hex key, but you need to find the right type (metric/imperial) and size.
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