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  1. Does anyone know of a way to modify a character set on a Tseng 4000AX video card. I have dumped the bios but anytime I make just a single change to the code it fails to display anything on the computer after burning back to the eprom.
  2. I am looking to buy an original Sound Blaster Pro. Any variant of the CT1330 would do. It is the final card I am looking for to complete my 1991 computer build. Thanks for the help!
  3. As the topic states. I am looking for a pdf or some copy of the WWF Micro League Wrestling instruction manual.
  4. Problem was solved with a new power supply! Must not of been getting enough voltage from the old one. Everything works as normal now. Thanks for the replies!
  5. I've tried a couple monitors/tv's and it is still present. Seen somewhere this could be due to a faulty power supply. I have one ordered to try out and see if that's the cause.
  6. Well I'm using a custom cable that takes the monitor out port and converts it to composite. I've tried that way and with the rf port as well. Same result.
  7. Hello all! I am having an issue with my video output of my STM. A constant pale white line scrolls from top to bottom slowly and I cannot figure out why. I was wondering if anyone in here might have an idea of how to fix this or what is causing it? Video link below. The diagonal line is my camera and not actually on the screen. Thanks!
  8. Actually, after browsing the universal bios wiki I found that on certain Tandy's you had to turn off the full feature in the bios settings of the eeprom. I did that and it worked! But it's from one thing to the next. Now I can't get my mouse to be recognized by the machine to install the drivers. I'm happy with it now but would be nice for some point and click games.
  9. You my friend are a genius... it worked! Thanks for your help. I do have one more question. When I have the xtide installed in the system I have found that some games no longer work but as soon as I take the xtide out and run them they will work just fine. Is this some sort of a memory issue or something?
  10. How do I write 0000 to it? I'm not familiar with the process.
  11. Well I got it to work by connecting to modern computer and wiping the hard drive clean! However I can not get it to boot Dos from hard drive at all. I have to boot from Rom or Floppy to get anything going. Also certain programs and games that used to work fine now won't load correctly or load at all but only when the Xtide card is installed. When I take it out all programs work as they used to.
  12. Just curious if anyone can help me out and let me know what steps I may be missing. I have a fully assembled XT-IDE 8-Bit ISA revision 3 card for my Tandy TL/2. I run setupltl2 /a to have it boot from disk instead of from rom. The Xtide bios does show up and also shows my IDE Drive I have connected to it as Master. However when I run fdisk from my Tandy Setup floppy disk it says that there is already a "non-dos" partition on the Hard Drive and will not let me install the dos partition. I am unable to access any portion of the hard drive without using fdisk on it first so I am kind of stuck at the moment. Is anyone on here familiar with this device and what I may need to do to get this to work?
  13. Yes I can move files of all sizes from the hard drive to floppy. Can't get it to boot to dos off of hdd even after fresh format and install. Could this be a memory issue or something I wonder?
  14. I've installed 5.0 on the hard drive and set bios to boot from disk. Its the same result as the games. It acts like it wants to load up but just freezes. The hard drive doesn't make any noise likes its even trying to read anything. I can copy, paste, and write all day long to the hard drive but for whatever reason it acts like it doesn't know how to open programs for some reason. I cant think of what else I could do?
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