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  1. I know nothing about AspeQT - are you saying that I can install AspeQT on any android device with OTG capability connected via a SIO2PC or SIO2BT device? If thats what you mean then that is very cool!!
  2. Thanks for the advice on getting a disk drive. In the future I may consider getting one, for now I have no real need for this but if I end up programming something I want to run from disk (or tape) on a native system (because i'm a bit nostalgic like they!) then it is good to know.
  3. Totally agree here - seems crazy hosting games from a PC for all sorts of ideological reasons, which is why i'm trying to come up with a compromise. The idea in my head is to have a Raspberry PI with a smallish touch screen attached all encased - this will have all the games on the RPI SD card and can automatically boot into something like RespeQT. That would be my external "tape deck" in one unit. Something like this: I guess it's equivalent to putting a tape in a tape deck and pressing the play button.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys I'm really interested in both the SIO2PC and SIO2SD devices. I like the idea of the SIO2SD in the case but it is very expensive and as I already have a few Raspberry PIs in cases I think maybe it makes sense to use this with an SIO2PC device and RespeQT - Some people have it working here - I think this is cool. Would there be any obvious disadvantages to this over an SIO2SD device (apart from initial setup and having to power the RPI of course)? I still need to find out what the Ultimate 1MB actually offers and its advantages - from what I have seen it looks promising.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm ~30 years late to the party but I finally bought my first Atari computer this week, the 800XL!! As a complete beginner to Atari and this whole scene I'm excited but also a little confused and would love some advice. The computer came with a 1010 Cassette deck (I've replaced the belts) and about 8 games on cassette - the computer and tape deck work fine but unfortunately none of the games load, I keep getting BOOT ERROR - so I haven't been been able to do anything on it yet The main purpose of this is for games, programming (basic and assembly) and the general fun of discovering what this thing can do. I have seen many great looking devices such as: sio2pc, sio2bt, sio2sd, Ultimate 1MB, Side2, Pokey Stereo Sound Where do I start, what should I get? importantly, who should I get these things from and what should I avoid? Please tell me which devices you have yourself, what you found the most and least useful and your recommendations. Thanks to everyone in advance - hopefully this post can help future noobs like me. All the best - I look forward to some good advice!
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