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  1. That should be all you need is the Saturn, MODE and HD / SSD. you might want the option 3D printed mounts that will appear but they are not required.
  2. I am sure it exist, but I am not in that business - Someone needs to create a 'clearing house' if you will for all this small builders of the retro gaming seen add ons. Most of these guys are brilliant in what they make, examples: GBA Consolizer - amazing product an absolute shit distribution system Dan Kunz - another one that makes great stuff but good luck getting it and Obviously Prof Abrasive They are brilliant at making the stuff absolute trash at handling the business side, someone needs to be a partner for these guys that actually pays for a quantity of the devices to be made (not the 10, 25 50 and 100) they are producing now and then a yr later making more. have the stock available and ready to go and pay these guy a commission on each unit sold. All of these guys are terrible at the business side of things, they need to accept that fact and take there hands off the wheel and let someone else handle that, they would have less headache and maybe even make more money.
  3. I am not sure if other have seen it but today Prof Abrasive posted an update I will link to the Bob at RGB post. He basically talks about how they are just now making the first 100 units and how slow things are going, STILL NO PRICE POINT. With that post and with my TerraOnion MODE order shipping I pulled the plug on my Patreon support for Prof. Abrasive, I dont see the point of supporting any longer
  4. Everything was moved to eBay and SOLD
  5. I did pre-order one - I did not notice any problems with the cart - as to shipping from the tiny NON-UE country we will have to see what happens there, we will most likely get screwed again by them on that one. I agree with you, I would not take a Phoebe right now if you gave it to me. Bang for you buck is the Fenrir (its available and about 1/2 the price of the MODE). MODE is going to be a nice product, but you are paying the premium (personally I am ok with it) as long as it work as advertised and comes out on time. Satiator - we still dont know a price point or date, he is going to have to come in at less than 150 (and really should be closer to 120) to even be thought about seriously.
  6. I am actually a patreon and I know that he has shown working Satiators (its been beta tested with 20 people and there are plenty of youtube videos), the case has had a final design. I just think that he has missed the ship when it left the port, the MODE is going to take all his potential customers away - the Saturn has needed a good, affordable and readily available ODE for quite some time and TerraOnion is about to produce it. Yes the owner of TerraOnion is a buffoon that repeatably put his foot in his mouth, but the product will be good, affordable and supported, we wont have to wait 4 years for it.
  7. I also preordered a MODE for my Saturn and I already have a 1TB SSD new in the box waiting for it to arrive so I can set it all up. I was waiting on the Satiator but we all know that will most likely never show up.
  8. Interesting post. I was really into console gaming at the end of the 90's and early 2000's - I kinda got out of it when the whole XBOX thing became the norm. I was not going to get back into because the cost of the games that I had back then (TG16/PCE, Neo Geo CD, Saturn and Sega CD etc) now would cost the equivalent of the GDP of many small countries (combined). But then this Multicart and Optical Disk Emulator thing started and it was worth looking at the machines again. For me the first was the PCEngine / TerraOnion SSD3, I am not going to go down the whole store here and skip to the Saturn and the GDemu part. Saturns are stupid cheap - I think I paid 40$ for mine, most the the upgrades for it are also stupid cheap and ease to do (Fan, battery, power supply) I wanted to get the real GDemu but they are nearly impossible to get so I ended up getting a 35$ clone (and really happy to straight up fuck the creator of the GDemu because he wants to make 10 units a month and make it impossible to get - supply and demand you putz! If you dont sell it someone will AND DID, ok I will stop now). So anyway . . . I got the clone, a 500GB Micro SD card, the SD card extension cable and a 3D printed mount to replace the optical drive. I thing I am all in for about 200$ and I have every game for the Saturn that anyone could ever want, you just cant go wrong, I think it is the cheapest of the ODE solutions out there, even if you only want to play 5 or 6 games on your machine it is still worth the cost of entry. (Oh and at least 50$ of that 200 was the MicroSD card if you go with something like a 64 or 128Gb you could easily get much closer to 150$). Neat thing about the Saturn is the VGA you mentioned and even the fact that you can get RGB SCART right out of the machine with just a cable.
  9. Nice collection - I have flipped back and forth with picking up a set of the 3D glasses, but I play on a LCD and wonder if it works on the LCD. I have also accumulated a few doubles also, and I will offer my duplicates out for sale once I have them all together, but I am still waiting on several 'lost' or delayed orders. I dont have all my disk 'in hand' yet, but if everything I ordered shows up, I am down to only needing 8 games/titles.
  10. Does not look that way, for the HD. BUTTTTTT - you could remote the MicroSD Card to add other games.
  11. Mine are not etched in stone that is why I opened the discussion, but yes I think you are correct.
  12. Is the GameCube Digital out really digital? As I understand it it is NOT it is component, I could be wrong though.
  13. Is that Sega Master system that is being produced in Brazil still being done by Sega? If not then it still meets the First party producers criteria
  14. So I brought a version of this question in the Wii Forum a while back about the Wii and why it has not been moved to 'Retro' Status. Then I was watching RetroRGB (youtube) the other night and someone posed a similar question to Bob, I found the answer interesting, in short he did not have a definitive answer but made an interesting point. So to me what makes a system or machine Retro? 1) No longer support by or having software produced by the first party - helps if they have produced a replacement (ie Playstation 1 there is a 2, 3 etc so the Playstion meets this requirement). 2) Does not have a digital video output (this was the point brought up by Bob of RetroRGB) - I found this to be a great point as all modern systems have some sort of Digital video output. I would love to hear other thoughts on this, and where you draw the line for retro. Cooper
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