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  1. c0op3r


    I order my Sega Genesis boxed version and the NeoGeo MVS version a while ago and have heard nothing from my online order, but i was in the UK about 2 weeks ago and contacted them about picking them up local. I was informed at the time that they were waiting on parts, so I dont think it will be soon for me, I am ok with it though, something to look forward to.
  2. I bought this and obviously never used it, I ended up having a Triple Bypass installed in my Genesis, so I am offering this for 20.oo SHIPPED in the US.
  3. A few other interesting things, in case anyone cares. The mini Arcade machine is one of those JAMMA 999 in 1 board, I took it out of the shell and installed the bare board and the Meanwell power supply in the case, it is using real Sanwa buttons and stick with a full JAMMA harness in the case it does have one of the CGA to VGA adapter board for the screen also in the case. So again quasi-emulation. If you look at the desk there is a MiST box (I dont know what to call it beside MiST) I use that to emulate my Amiga as is just simpler, but the Amiga 600 is in the desk you can see the power supply and the Mouse, I can easily swap to the real Amiga as it has a ECS VGA board installed.
  4. First let me say thank you, I too am space limited, I live in a condo (and like it). I was never one for pure emulation (even though this is getting pretty good with the MiSTer project), and I really do like original hardware. So with the flash carts (NeoSD, SSD3, Evercart N8 Pro, MegaSD) and now the Optical Emulators (GDemu and Satiator) there is no need to have a massive cart and optical media collection. That is what prompted me to build this display, retro-gaming cabinet. Now of course this journey was not without its trials, originally I thought getting these machines connected for video output was going to be ease, it was not, this required learning all about resolutions and upscaling and then figuring out what to use to handle what I was after. That all done I started collecting parts, having machines modded, doing some mods myself getting cables and laying out the cabinet. I commissioned the cabinet being built after providing a basic diagram of what I needed. It took 3 months for the cabinet shop to get it completed, but I digress. So in the end I think it turned out great - I am still working through an issue that the Wii will not trigger the Hydra auto SCART switcher, but I am sure I will get that eventually figured out. I did end up making one change - I ordered the Evercart N8 Famicom Pro, so I took the NES toploader out and installed the Famicom top loader. I already had both machines and both are already modified for with the NESRGB and NESRGB-IGR mods and use the same SCART cable, I had also already installed a power supply for each machine, so the change out is simply a matter of unplugging one and plug in the other. To your needs a 2600 - I dont see myself really playing any old Atari 2600 games anytime soon, but if I really want to I can install the 2600 emu on the Wii. I only ever really liked the Activision games and Starpath games for my Atari when I had one as a kid.
  5. I finally got the cabinet I was having built Wednesday morning, and spent all day (between jobs/clients) getting everything setup and wired in. Its 98% done - Just need a USB to USB C cable for the Wii Hard Drive Other than that everything is setup, you just push the 'Retro Gaming' button on the wall switch to turn on the cabinet, and then turn on the machine you want to use. In the back of the cabinet is a Hydra 8 port SCART switcher that is auto sensing, and that feeds to the OSSC to convert RGB/SCART to HDMI. All the controllers are stored in the drawer at the bottom of the cabinet. Machines in the cabinet: Mini Arcade Machine (999 in 1 Jamma) [Top] PCEngine w/ SSD3 (can play every game ever for the PCEngine/TurboGrafx16 both card and CD from a Micro SD card Sega Saturn so far only a Pseudo Cart but waiting on the Prof Abrasive card Sega Dreamcast w/ GDemu like the PCEngine you can play all the games from an SD card only the Optical drive has been removed. Sega Genesis w/ Mega SD cart which makes it so you play all Sega/Mega Drive Carts and also the CD games (with no CDrom drive). Machine has what is call the Triple ByPass installed for clean audio and RGB signal. Nintendo Wii machine has been modified to output RGB and also hacked so you can play Wii and GameCube games from a USB connected HardDrive. Red Edition 25 Ann. of Super Mario Nintendo NES (top loader) w/ NESRGB board installed, top loader NES original only output the video via CoAx cable (Garbage) this on is now modified to display RGB. Also I have a Evercart N8 to play games from SD Card. NeoGeo MVS Consolized - RGB output and NeoSD cart to play all games ever produced for the NeoGeo MVS. I picked up Limited Edition Bullet Bill collectible to make the Drawer Handle at the Syracuse Retro Gaming Fest, ripped open the package and drillrd a hole in it, the Nintendo collectors are going to lose their collective minds. I am really proud of how it turned out and works it took about 4 months to get everything collected and together to finish it up and now its time to play games!
  6. Beauty of the Wii now if dont ever need to buy a game you can hack it with a few simple online tools and an SD card. But even then the games are stupid cheap.
  7. I finally got back from London and my Wii was waiting for me(US model ordered from ebay), I brought back a Wii SCART cable from the UK with me (not an original as I could not find one of those). I hook it up to my OSSC and Monitor and I get an all RED screen and the monitor has a real problem displaying the image, loses sync. Now this is weird as 6 other systems work perfect: Sega Genesis II w/ Triple Bypass & SCART Sega Saturn w/ SCART cable Sega DreamCast w/ SCART Nintendo Toploader w/ NESRGB nod & SCART NeoGeo w/ SCART PCEngine w/ SSD3 & Genesis 2 Din to SCART all of those work perfect and autoswitch with the Hydra and the OSSC. The Wii is totally freaked out, I popped open the casing for the SCART cable and the pins are correct according to the diagrams I looked at (no caps in the hood, and the wire is SUPER Thin). So any ideas on anything to try? Settings on the OSSC? Or maybe a suggest for a place to get a known working SCART cable that will work for my setup?
  8. I would like to quote " Nintendo ended the production of the Wii gaming console in October 2013 seven years after its maiden launch to give way to the Wii U. Now, it seems the company is also planning to pull the plug on all video streaming services supported on the legacy hardware. " at this link: https://www.neowin.net/news/nintendo-will-discontinue-all-video-streaming-services-on-wii-after-january-31-2019/ So Nintendo Discontinued it 7 years ago - the fact that a third party is making a game for it that they are also making for at least 4 other systems and releasing it for the Wii also does not mean it is not a discontinued system. There are third party / independent publishers making games for the Atari 2600 is it not a discontinued because someone is making a game for it?
  9. I agree and maybe that is why like stated above it might be time to create categories based on system generations, instead of classic / modern.
  10. Yeah I can not wait to get it all put together, still waiting on some of the parts (controllers and SCART cable) to arrive. I plan to do a a full hack and use it so I can play Wii and Gamecube games, I might do the SNES Emu on it also as I dont have one of those systems and really dont need or want a physical SNES. There really only seems like a handful of games for the Wii/GC that I will play (maybe 12 between both machines) and I am sure that those are pretty much the same 12 that everyone plays and wants. With maybe the except being Ikaruga for the GameCube. I will start with straight up hack and download all the games, We were just at Retro Game Con in Syracuse and you could get Wii & GC games for 3 to 5$ all day in the dump boxes, we are going to go to the Classic Game Fest in Tx in July at that time I will buy physical copies of the games I do like so I have complete original copies (obviously never using them as the games will already be on the machine, but as you may have figured out I am a little quarkie like that). As to getting hung up on the Modern vs Classic I am not really, in my view the system is more of what maybe should be called 'Neo-Classic' as it is not a new and supported system, it is a complete generation behind (and maybe 2 if we are about to roll into 9th generation machine). But at some point I think that 2 categories is just not going to be enough. Wikipedia currently list 8 generations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_home_video_game_consoles I think this might be a better way of having system seperated on a discussion forum like AtariAge. I always also found it weird that some systems get a dedicated section and other get lumped in with the general 'classic' Example Sega Genesis gets its own section but TG16/PCE & NeoGeo get shoved to the general population area. I am not saying that everything should get its own, like if you have an Amstrad well I dont think there is enough there to warrant a dedicated section. anyway all of this is most likely about my need to compartmentalize my whole forum reading pattern.
  11. So I recently (like just a couple days ago) bought a Wii console (an early one with the GameCube ports). I have never owned one of these but they have gotten cheap enough, incredible ease to hack with no physical mods, factory SCART is available and games a literally dirt cheap to free. So since I have bought one and am accumulating all the associated controllers and parts I decided I should look here on AtariAge for information about the system, I am shocked to see it listed as a 'Modern' system. It was discontinued something like 7 years ago, it does not have native HDMI out, all online DL's and streaming have been shut down, so why is it considered a "modern" system? Maybe its time to move this one to the Classic category. This will be the newest system I own and I am not sure how I feel about having a system that is considered "Modern" I think also as part of this discussion maybe we should figure out what qualifies any system as Modern - is that done by its generation with no regard to whether its still produced. My understanding is that the Wii is considered a 7th Generation system so does that make it modern? As time goes on maybe we should move to categorizing these discussion categories by generation and not Modern vs Classic. Just my 1.5 cents (as its not even worth the full 2 cents) but I look forward to hearing other peoples thoughts.
  12. So an update was just posted from Prof. Abrasive and he states that he has 20 completed prototypes, this is great news. Progress seems to really be going in the right direction and at a good pace. I am not going to post his whole update as that would not be fair to the people that are paying to support the project (and therefore pay for the updates) But I had to rip off this photo and post it, cause well completed prototypes!
  13. The mod work does not scare me at all, I did the GDemu on my Dreamcast as well as the Fan mod, Blue Led Swap and battery socket all at the same time. I also installed one of the remote SDcard 3d printed setups that makes it so I dont have the ugly well, I will post a picture later, I am currently in London and I dont have the photos on my laptop.
  14. I am not above a mod myself but my Saturn is a Japanese Skeleton version so if I can get by with any mods all the better.
  15. I have in the Hunt also (a copy) and the only way to get it to work is to boot it without the controller connected, then plug it in after it boots, have you tried that?
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