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  1. I never saw the tread -sorry. I was even shocked all the twitter people that talk about the MiSTer all the time have not said anything (at least not in the circles I see). Also like I said I think the MiSTer people/group are way more about function over form, which I understand, if you are just about playing games accurately and on the cheap, NOTHING even comes close. There is a learning curve to the MiSTer (and MiST for that matter) but there are a ton of great resources out there. I think what you might have messed in the video/presentation is that for NEW to the MiSTer that setup is actually cheaper than buying the stack unit. So to me it brings the best of both worlds a console like device and amazing arcade cores on the cheap. Oh and on a personal note I kinda like the "pancake" it is ver reminiscent of the Neo Geo CD top loader (or the CDz) both of which I owned in the past.
  2. First let me state I am not really into the MiSTer, I do have a MiSt and it does what I need (be a better Amiga then any actual Amiga). One of the reasons I never got into the MiSTer is that it just looks terrible, wires coming out of every side and things hanging off it. Dont get me wrong I am truly impressed by what is being done. With that said I am still so shocked that when I finally saw a consolized version that looked good and well thought out no one is talking about it: Retro Man Cave Consolized MiSTer did I miss something as to why no one is interested?
  3. The Consolizer is not that hard, getting the kit was the hard part, if you can handle basic soldering you can do it. There are two kits (I have done both, the 'face huger' and the full kit) I did the face hugger first but sold it off so I could get a full kit. The Unhinged is again pretty easy, only catch there is you can not use the original SP buttons and directional pad, you have to get the billet buttons and the kit is designed around the IPS screen, so the cost goes up a bit, but trust me you have never seen an SP with that amazing of a screen. It even beats the 101 screens. There really is no 'hackery' there is one wire to solder (and you dont even have to do that if you can forgo the 5 brightness settings), now there is some special work if you want to do the headphone and USB-C jacks but again those are optional. The original SP charging port is still there and still works if that is all you need. But I would say the headphone jack was the hardest part, as there are several wires and a jack to make sure it does not move around. I would be interested in a DMG if you have one that is in garbage shape to do a conversion to an IPS screen for a friend that loves the original, been looking for a really cheap one. but I am too lazy to do the yard/garage sale thing to get one. The Bondo GB Macro's are just gross looking, and actually harder to make as you have to solder a very tiny 330Ohm resistor in there and you only get MONO sound (one side you have to pick). With the Helder Macro Mod Amp you get mixed audio and no tiny resistor to worry about as it is already on the board.
  4. If it is any consolation I put the parts not used on eBay so someone can get them cheap and repair their machine.
  5. I have these boxes of 3.5" Disk, I dont want or need them so if anyone wants them you pay the shipping cost and they are yours, I should be able to ship media rate in the US for like 5 or 6 dollars.
  6. I actually a little new to the GBA scene, I bought the original GB when it came out back in the day and every week when I got paid I bought whatever new game came out(as only one was coming out a week in the beginning). Then one day I walked into TRU to see what was new that week and there was 6 new games, so I bought one, then next week I went back and it was like 10 new games. So anyway I ended up buying pretty sparingly at that point. I did continue to play with the GB, for a long time, I remember getting a GB Pocket at Burdines (a Florida based store that is no longer around) that was Tommy Hilfiger (it was yellow and had the Tommy logo on it) when I bought 2 pairs of jeans or something. I later picked up a GB Pocket Light in a Hong Kong TRU, that thing was amazing compared to the original screen. Anyway enough back story. By the time the GBA was out I was not really playing handhelds (or very many consoles) anymore, as life was not leaving much time for that. I recently got re-introduced to the 'retro' handheld market and the GBA, and there are some amazing advances, so I ended up building a few GBA machines, and I would like to share them with a couple of photos with you guys. My re-introduction came in the form of the GBA-Consolizer kit, it was/is neat but I then decided I wanted some to play portably. The first was just a GBA SP - I re-shelled it with a translucent blue case that also glow in the dark, I added an Atom sticker to the inside of the case cause it looked a little plain (and well why not) installed an IPS v2 Screen, changed the charging port to USB-C. Fresh Rechargeable Battery and a Omega Cart. Then I found out about the Boxy Pixel 'Unhinged' kit, I was like wait what there is a billet aluminum GBA, (being a car guy and an engineer) I was like I must have this in my life. So I ordered a kit. I built it with the IPS Screen, Headphone Jack, Higher Rated Li-Po Cell, USB-C Charging Port and a Everdrive Cart. This really is an amazing setup to see first hand. The latest one I built and have been using the most lately is the Gameboy Macro. I have been wanting a Gameboy Micro and we recently went to the Classic Game Fest in Austin TX and I did not fine one there and really dont want to buy one sight unseen as they seem really ease to beat up, also they seem a little small for my (old) eyes, so it really would be more of a novelty. I had heard about the GB Macro kits created from a broken DS Lite, I have never had a DS and had no interest but the slightly larger GB conversion was interesting. So a black DS Lite turned up on my local Fb Market place for 20$, I contacted the seller and ask if it worked the girl said I dont know, I dont have the cables. I told her I would go ahead and roll the dice for 20$. I picked it up and the damn thing was near perfect, just no cables, stylus or cart cover. I almost felt bad taking it apart, but did it anyway. So here it is now a GB Macro with a Boxy Pixel Aluminum Front, Helder's Amp Circuit and a Clear Shell Back. I got another Omega cart for this as they come with a shell to make the GBA cart fit flush. So there you are my GBA collection.
  7. I also got it working on the MegaSD, I did not have to make any changes to the ROM file but I did need the newly release Bios/Firmware from TerraOnion for the MegaSD to get it to work.. Now if they would just send me my cart, but I ordered really late in the offering, and I got an email to a update link the other day and they seem to have temporally halted shipping to make changes to the cart/circuit boards. So might be a while before I get mine - still I bet I get it before my Xeno Crisis for the Neo Geo MVS (Doh!).
  8. My understanding is EVERYONE that buys physical game and Steam online version gets the ROM. Also lets be totally honest here if you need that ROM you will be able to find it, I am not condoning not supporting the developers but (as they say) it is what it is. Another side note for those of you that a Twitter users (I am not big on the platform but need to use it to see when new runs of things will be offered for sale) there is a bunch of people complaining about the design of the circuit board (Bob from RetroRGB (who I trust) and Voultar (who I think is talented but can be a little weird and overbearing) are complaining about how the cart producer / designer is handling the 5v to 3.3v conversion and the beveling at the connector edge. Personally I dont care, it has been stated that it will not harm the genesis/megadrive and to be honest I will most likely use the the downloadable ROM on me MegaSD for general use. But some of you might and I wanted to let people know so they can come to their own conclusions.
  9. Yes - it might but I am super glad that it is shipping. Thank you for posting this. Now if Full Set and Bitmap Bureau would get the 2 titles they are to ship for the Neo Geo going I would be super happy.
  10. Yes - I read all that, and saw the pictures. Hence the reason for the quotes around the Special Chip - with an FPGA I would assume someone would just have to program the core to do the same thing, but note I am not a FPGA programmer or engineer. But I do know that what he states as it being a special chip is bunk and it is an off the shelf chip so it would be ease to get documentation for if some one wanted to do so.
  11. I agree the price was/is a bit high, but they are going to sell a digital only version if you have a Flashcart. I would think they might offer a sale on it once sales slow a bit, most of these Genesis/Magedrive carts tend to be out for a while (ie Tanglewood and Xenocrisis) only one that went crazy is Paprium, and I bet once someone figures out how to program the "special chip" into the flash carts, that price point plummet like a rock in a lake.
  12. Ha I nailed it when I said the photos showed the box and the case but that did not mean that the boards are in the case - clearly they were not:
  13. According to their page it works on all three generations of the US Genesis.
  14. According to the Twitter Post the game is done and ready to ship - they say they are waiting on one thing (but dont say what it is) but in the photo you can see cartridges and game boxes. Does not mean there is a circuit board in the cart but I think it will ship really soon, and I am looking forward to it. Now if only Bitmap Bureau - would ship the Neo Geo Cart of Xenocrisis (I already got the Genesis version) Did you get Tanglewood? I passed on it, but might get a Digital version.
  15. I just found out about this today, even though it seems to have been in the works for 2 years. Demons of Asteborg There is a Downloadable demo that you can play on a Flashcart or in an Emulator? I was pretty impressed, so I ordered a physical copy, not cheap 97$US shipped but what are you going to do looks like a better game then Papprium and not nearly as expensive as that. Youtube Video of the game play
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