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  1. Yep.. that's the one. As far as the original PCB.. not sure.
  2. Full Size? Yep. I got it from https://arcadesmarket.com/
  3. Today I placed an order for a Berzerk Arcade Cabinet. I'll post a picture when it arrives (in 6-8 weeks)
  4. First time playing in over 30 years. Appears I've lost my touch. 11,740
  5. Argh! Just missed this. I'll race you
  6. Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back Game: 16 A/ Score: 107 (I did manage 141.. but the score was cut off and I couldn't replicate that play through) Frogger Game: 3 A/ Score: 123
  7. Did I need it? No. But it kinda looks like the 2600, so in reality.... YES I needed it!
  8. Atlantis 1BB - 42,600 Bonus: Sun in Wabbit
  9. My least favorite of the NES Megaman games. Score: 28,000
  10. Same here. I find a lot of people wearing them have never touched an Atari in their life. I had a guy ask me about my Atari shirt when I was at the mechanic a few months ago. Showed him a picture of my collection and he told me about having a 2600 when he was a kid. Turns out he lives right down the road and has come over a few times (before the pandemic) and we had a few Atari, pizza, and beer evenings.
  11. Welcome to AtariAge! This is the greatest community on the internet! I hear the Epyx 500XJ joystick is nice and will probably the next controller I order. I kept breaking my CX40s so I switched to the Slik Stik which seems to work pretty well.
  12. No Escape! Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 1 Score: 1,972 Star Voyager Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: A Game Mode: Game 1 Score: One Chevron
  13. Subterranea Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 1 Score: 3,916
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