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  1. Frankenstein's Monster: BB1 Score: 10 at game over
  2. I can't believe it's almost been three years since I started collecting..  the time flies.

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    2. ventrra


      I understand how you feel. I remember getting my first VCS cartridge that sent me down the collecting trail ... in 1979...

    3. GoldLeader


      I'd say 39 years or so for me...I wasn't really counting my first PONG unit, but starting with my VCS, which was either 1979 or 1980,...I generally think 1980 is when I got that...Yup...Time flies :)

    4. Rogerpoco


      About three years for me as well, as far as serious collecting, tho I've had a system or two around my whole life.

      I actually started "collecting" high scores first, then realized that the more "stuff" I had, the more areas I could compete, haha, so the chicken kinda came before the egg for me-it's easier to tell you what I DON'T have than what I do have now.


  3. I've woken up many times and wondered why I'm putting so much time and money into collecting. Then I buy another game or system and feel better about it
  4. Same here. Mailing list or anything for updates?
  5. Today (or maybe it was really late last night) I bought a copy of "Driving Crazy" from the AtariAge store
  6. It came in the mail today. Clean working great, two games with it with overlays and everything. And all for less than $60 Very very very happy with it! Thank you all for your advice and insight! Please keep 'em coming. Got a lot of interesting games I need to get. I'm looking forward to hours of fun on yet another system.
  7. I made the plunge and grabbed one off eBay this morning. 😁
  8. Well first, thank you for your service. Though I've never owned an Intellivision, it's very painful to hear that the system suffered such a terrible fate. If they're built anything like the 2600, it would be working like it's brand new today if it were still around. Very very painful
  9. Good afternoon (at least here anyway.) I've been collecting Atari consoles (and computers) for a few years now. I've been looking at expanding my collecting at an Intellivision (and ColecoVision.. but one at a time.) To All the InTv collectors here, what do you like most about the system? What do you like least? Is there anything I should look out for when purchasing a system or collecting for it? (I know I could google some of that, but figured I'd get more accurate and truthful answers here.) Thanks!
  10. Tutankham - 60 Can't seem to get the hang of this one.
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