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  1. Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back Game: 16 A/ Score: 107 (I did manage 141.. but the score was cut off and I couldn't replicate that play through) Frogger Game: 3 A/ Score: 123
  2. Did I need it? No. But it kinda looks like the 2600, so in reality.... YES I needed it!
  3. Atlantis 1BB - 42,600 Bonus: Sun in Wabbit
  4. My least favorite of the NES Megaman games. Score: 28,000
  5. Same here. I find a lot of people wearing them have never touched an Atari in their life. I had a guy ask me about my Atari shirt when I was at the mechanic a few months ago. Showed him a picture of my collection and he told me about having a 2600 when he was a kid. Turns out he lives right down the road and has come over a few times (before the pandemic) and we had a few Atari, pizza, and beer evenings.
  6. Welcome to AtariAge! This is the greatest community on the internet! I hear the Epyx 500XJ joystick is nice and will probably the next controller I order. I kept breaking my CX40s so I switched to the Slik Stik which seems to work pretty well.
  7. No Escape! Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 1 Score: 1,972 Star Voyager Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: A Game Mode: Game 1 Score: One Chevron
  8. Subterranea Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 1 Score: 3,916
  9. Thanks for that heads up. I was taking a picture every time I got a chance.
  10. This is the first time in years I've played this game. Pretty proud of myself. Fun fact: This was the first Ninja Gaiden game I played back in 1991. Good times. One time I plugged the Game Genie in and was able to clear the entire roof top part of 1-1 with a single jump. The good ol' days. NINJA GAIDEN 2 - 188,200
  11. Game 1 BB Score: 478 Game 8 BB Score: 107
  12. Love this set up! My cats would knock everything off if I tried it
  13. Sauron. thanks for that bit of info. I was not aware of all what was going on and am sick thinking that there are people that are so toxic to the community... hell I've watched some of his Jaguar reviews in the past (wasn't overly impressed) but didn't know that he's a scumbag. As posted in the topic link you sent, it's unfortunate the reputable writers will suffer due to Kierens involvement. So looks like I'll be combing the AtariAge store as my birthday present to myself... there's still a lot of things I want to get there.. the only problem is.. what should I get this time around? Again, thanks for the heads up. CK
  14. While watching PushingupRoses last night, I saw a video about "The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games" by Bitmap books. Looking over their website, I came across a pre-order for "Atari 2600/7800: a visual compendium." Looks like I'm getting a new book for my birthday 😁 Atari 2600/7800: a visual compendium
  15. I've missed the last two (or three) runs of this. Is there plan to run these two again?
  16. After three years of waiting for it to be in stock, I was finally able to order this!! 😂
  17. Frankenstein's Monster: BB1 Score: 10 at game over
  18. I can't believe it's almost been three years since I started collecting..  the time flies.

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    2. ventrra


      I understand how you feel. I remember getting my first VCS cartridge that sent me down the collecting trail ... in 1979...

    3. GoldLeader


      I'd say 39 years or so for me...I wasn't really counting my first PONG unit, but starting with my VCS, which was either 1979 or 1980,...I generally think 1980 is when I got that...Yup...Time flies :)

    4. Rogerpoco


      About three years for me as well, as far as serious collecting, tho I've had a system or two around my whole life.

      I actually started "collecting" high scores first, then realized that the more "stuff" I had, the more areas I could compete, haha, so the chicken kinda came before the egg for me-it's easier to tell you what I DON'T have than what I do have now.


  19. I've woken up many times and wondered why I'm putting so much time and money into collecting. Then I buy another game or system and feel better about it
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