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  1. I recall that I saw pictures of overlays for all three games at the links they provided.
  2. Will Gorf use the Intellivoice for the robotic voices? CollectorVision didn't mention it on their site, so probably not....
  3. I only have access to my CollectorVision Phoenix so I haven't tried the new power supply with an actual ColecoVision console. I'm looking to buy a replacement ColecoVision console since my old one was damaged. But the old one I had wasn't modded. The power supply I bought from the eBay seller was so I can hook up the Roller Controller to it and play Slither, so I know it works with that at least.
  4. I bought that exact one from that seller and it works great. I can now use the Roller Controller with the Collectorvision Phoenix. I haven't had any problems.
  5. It's kind of neat to see my name in the list of backers in the latest video footage posted on Kickstarter. Congratulations on meeting the funding so quickly.
  6. I backed it. Looking forward to the cartridge.
  7. arkhamh7

    SGM 5th run

    I was probably one of the last to order the most recent run of Opcode's SGM. I received my invoice for the remaining portion this morning. i ordered the beige/Adam color.
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