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  1. The wrote otherwise on Facebook! There they told it was Xbox one (I am sorry no clue how I wrote 360...) exclusive! Let alone the lack of information of their terrible website...
  2. Hello I was looking very forward to the PDP Mars gun. Sadly they stated recently that they won’t release Mars for PC. As of now MARS seems Xbox 360 exclusive and even worse: exclusive to North America... This disappointment made me looking again for alternatives and now finally I found a laser shot to mouse translator which is suited for gaming! I made a short video in which I show which emulators I got working! So far it’s NES, SNES, Saturn, Master System, Atari 8 bit computers family and 2600 console and the C64. https://youtu.be/NeVIKz9p4zY Please let me know what you think! Can you see yourself playing on a projector?
  3. looks lovely! Great job! Looks far less convoluted than mine^^
  4. That's really interesting to learn! thanks a lot, trapexit!
  5. Dear AtariAge forum Recently I found out interesting 3DO stuff. - In some Japanese 3DO FZ-1 theres is a single SOP44 ROM chip which does contain BIOS and Kanji fonts on the same package. The second ROM slot on the board is left blank. - SOP44 3DO ROM chips can be read as if they were 29LV160 chips (eg. AM29LV160**, MBM29LV**, MX29LV160**, ES29LV160**, HY29LV160**, the asterices being any letter) - BIOSes can be written on to AM29LV160DB and AM29LV160BB. Probably on the rest of the afore mentioned chips too. - The RSA check can be removed from the BIOS by changing the two occurrences of 000313A0000111A0 into 000313A0000011A0. It is important to leave the 000213A0000111A0 as it is. - Without RSA check all arcade games and unlicensed games will run on home console 3DOs - M2 games did not run on such systems yet and probably won't Member Tajigamer was a invaluable help during these explorations! Keep on preserving stuff, kind community! Ben
  6. No it has a Madame and Clio. Anvil would stop me from using burned discs, right? I can use burned discs.
  7. Good to know =) The rest I did as you said, but it didn't work... the screen stayed black
  8. Please tell me the libretro version is the same as the RetroArch^^. I was now able to test in RetroArch. It won't start my BIOS... I guess it is confused by the preceding Kanji part... As a reminder: Phoenix did pick up my BIOS. I was just too stupid to figure out how to load disks and or how to make the emulator eat disks as even genuine panafz1.bin were not accepted.
  9. This is so typically me =) Thanks trapexit. I might try the libretro version some day. Probably next I will try with real chips.
  10. I have tried that. While it did not work for me, I am fine =) I will test real chips on real hardware instead as soon as they arrive.
  11. It still says: The bios file "path\name" failed to load. Please choose another. The only SAOT ROM I ever saw was located at the Kanji space
  12. It isn't picking up the BIOS file.
  13. 4DO refuses to load the SOP44 BIOS (both vanilla and changed). Maybe because it doesn't know it. I am thrilled though that Phoenix "comes as far" with the SOP44 BIOS as it does with the SOP32 one =)
  14. Hm Phoenix does use my SOP44 BIOS ROM, but won't find disks (starts though). I just included my BIOS. I don't have to select a "FMV-ROM" and "FONT-ROM", right? And "CD-ROM" is presumably the game. EDIT: No, I clearly make something wrong... Phoenix won't allow me to load games even with stock FZ-1 SOP32 ROM.
  15. I am sure "someone" will give you the bios at some point inofficially Before I show mine to any people I complete my experiments though. I hope you understand. it would be sweet it 4DO would support it. 3doplay did not use it. It runs all my stock BIOS and the ones I hacked. But I doesn't make use of the SOP44 one... both vanilla and hacked.
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