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  1. You mean that ironic, but joking aside if Jakks Pacific ever recognizes the truth that this technology is still relevant today and would make some light gun plug and plays based on it they would earn a pile of money.
  2. While I understand your desire, your are not 100 % correct, Sir. There are IR reference light system based light guns (Wii like) for Xbox and PS2. Furthermore NES games can be patched to account for the screen lag of LCD displays which allows them to work with cheap guns which lack a frequency filter.
  3. Salut Mid December I finally received the PDP Mars light gun system and I played it a lot since then. I even released a full review: Very unfortunately the system wasn't able to hold it's promises. I write here because I would love to hear what you think will be the future of light gun gaming? I guess laser assisted systems will never make the cut, because they are too expensive and too sophisticated. As PDP showed us low price versions of it will lack the necessary quality. I have high hopes for Andy's Sinden light gun, but I don't know anybody (besides Andy) with first hand experiences... Personally I would love to see IR reference light system guns gaining back some attention. The Guncon 3 was great and the Ultimarc products still are. But their reputation was permanently damaged by shitty products (to which I count the Nintendo Wii).
  4. It arrived 18th December^^ Aaaaand I actually have an opinion on it:
  5. It's 19th november and I am still waiting for mine... they fucked up half of the deliveries it seems :S Many victims on facebook posted on the MARS site...
  6. You could take a look at Seeed Studio. They are cheap but don't have a terrible working condition reputation. And then you could try to make a shout out for other interest people. Making 5 of these is approximately equally expensive as making one. Therefore the cost of a single cart, would be five times cheaper if you managed to distribute the remaining four.
  7. It depends on where you print it (India/China/Europe/US) and how many of them you take (law of scale)
  8. Are you aware of the NESLCDMOD project? You can play many NES light gun games on modern TVs using patched ROM files.
  9. Thank you very much, but his is the Commodore 64 version 😃 For others: Meanwhile I have a unit, but I am not sure whether it works, as I didn't have the time to test yet.
  10. Yes. Yes, there is a mind blowing difference. But the difference isn't due to the motion plus functionality. The motion plus devices happen to be more accurate outside motion plus mode... I made a video about it:
  11. I am looking very forward to it! Light gun isn't dead^^ Plenty of ways to play on modern systems and new games are released every year.
  12. The wrote otherwise on Facebook! There they told it was Xbox one (I am sorry no clue how I wrote 360...) exclusive! Let alone the lack of information of their terrible website...
  13. Hello I was looking very forward to the PDP Mars gun. Sadly they stated recently that they won’t release Mars for PC. As of now MARS seems Xbox 360 exclusive and even worse: exclusive to North America... This disappointment made me looking again for alternatives and now finally I found a laser shot to mouse translator which is suited for gaming! I made a short video in which I show which emulators I got working! So far it’s NES, SNES, Saturn, Master System, Atari 8 bit computers family and 2600 console and the C64. https://youtu.be/NeVIKz9p4zY Please let me know what you think! Can you see yourself playing on a projector?
  14. looks lovely! Great job! Looks far less convoluted than mine^^
  15. That's really interesting to learn! thanks a lot, trapexit!
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