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  1. That would be telling! The GameXchange in Searcy is a little better, but they don't have much more than just commons anymore. Since I've been going there, they've wizened up about what they have--and I've had a hard time finding anything good since. I strongly suspect the owner of the place hand-picks out all the good stuff that people sell to the stores. There's also a fairly new used video game store in Searcy called GameCrave. They tend to have less Atari stuff than GameXchange, but occasionally you'll find something other than a common. As with anything, you have to go and visit these places as often as possible.
  2. Yes, I'm certain. Since the Junior didn't come with a power adapter, I used the one from my Vader system. I had read that an original Atari power supply would also work with the Junior. My Vader system continues to work with this power supply, so I'm certain that this isn't the problem.
  3. I picked up a 2600 Junior for only $5 at a flea market this weekend. After bringing it home, I found that it wouldn't work at all. No power, no response at all. I took it apart and couldn't find anything obviously wrong, so it must be something electronic--which puts it beyond my ability to fix. So, would it be cheaper to buy another one or could I get someone to fix this one for me? I'd hate to throw it away, since it's so small and cute compared to a regular 2600 system. How much would an electronic guru with experience of these systems charge for repairing it?
  4. They're all about the same size: roughly 2 feet high and 1 foot wide. I'll pick up the rest of them this afternoon.
  5. I paid about $3 each for them. He has a number of duplicates, and he's holding onto the rest of them for me. I'd be willing to sell the duplicates if anyone is interested.
  6. I found some nice store display posters at my local flea market today. They're made of thick, almost cardboard-like, paper with punched holes in the top to attach a string for hanging. They're also double-sided with the picture you see mirrored on the back. Any idea of their worth?
  7. Don't forget Tac-Scan by Sega.
  8. I hit the jackpot this Saturday. I found some CIB games at my local flea market. The real find out of all of them was Ram-It! (picture below) AA shows it to be a rarity of 7! Wohooo!!! It also happens to have the original warranty/registration card! I also picked up: Q*bert Ms. Pac-Man Bugs Pitfall! Frogger All of these CIB for $3 each. Between this and meeting up with old friend that I haven't seen for years, I have had an excellent weekend.
  9. Bid placed on Tapper. I've wanted it for a while.
  10. ARGH, no edit button. You wouldn't want the ATM letting potential theives know you're carrying a lot of cash by announcing it through a speaker. That's like saying: "Come rob me! I'm blind and I've just gotten lots of cash!"
  11. That's because you wouldn't want the ATM blurting out to everyone around you the amount of $$ you have in your account. Or even worse, announcing through the speaker how much cash you're getting out of the machine.
  12. On closer inspection, it appears two have two end labels--one placed exactly on top the other, with VERY little overlap.
  13. I came across the Sears Tele-Games Pong Sports today at a used video game store and picked it up. When I got home, I noticed the end label is upside down! I took a close look at it and it doesn't appear to have been done by a previous owner, but it could just be very well done. Has anyone seen this before? Is it a real label variation? See pic below.
  14. UPDATE: Galaxian has been traded. Star Raiders CIB has been spoken for. I have some duplicates I want to trade to fill in the gaps in my collection, each one links to a photo of each game so you can see it's condition: TO TRADE: Astroblast Ice Hockey Journey Escape Pitfall! SwordQuest: Earthworld Starmaster Video Pinball WANT LIST (for now): Crossbow Crystal Castles Dark Cavern Dig Dug (Atari) I have some CIB games for sale. The boxes are a little worn on the corners, but are otherwise fine. Each has the manual, game and catalog that came with it origionally. The games themselves are in near MINT to MINT condition. Make me an offer since I have no idea of CIB value. Each should be linked to a photo. FOR SALE: Basketball Blackjack Bowling Football Missile Command Night Driver Video Olympics Warlords
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