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  1. Thanks! This is good info. I'm going get into this in the next week or so and will connect back to confirm resolution or otherwise. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all - I'm surprised there is not more info. out there on this cause there seems to be a substantial cult following and Ebay seems to command lofty prices for it. Anyway - I've got one here that I'm eager to get going with my young kid in the near future, and if I recall from my testing(sorry, right now I've got to repack everything between plays), everything seems to be functional except I have to wrestle with the controls to get some directional functions to activate (I believe if I push hard enough, then all controls function, but I'll check again soon- Also, the fire buttons both shoot if I recall). Just curious if there is a problem here anybody has experienced and/or a solution to? Do I just need to start using it to loosen these bad boys up? I may reach out to Rob Mitchell soon as suggested. But, since he last posted in 2006, I thought I'd see if he's interested first and/or anyone else has thoughts. Sort of at the beginning on this here. But, thought I'd see if anyone had thoughts or has had any experiences with the controls being spotty. Again, I sure hope it's just that it needs some good hard playing to get it back up to speed.
  3. Sorry Saint, I'm always late to the game around here (Though that is to be expected being age affected as I am and having a young kid focused on tearing my brains to pieces from 7AM-9PM every single day{especially here on lockdown as we are}) - Anyway, I unknowingly sent you a (nice) pm/email about about a month ago inquiring about wait list status. In case that noise took me out of the STRONG supporter column, please put me back in. I'm all caught up now. Got myself on the AA waitlist. Be sure to take and/or keep taking care of yourself. THANKS!!! 🙃
  4. jatari87


    Well, it is a VecFever topic. So it stands to mention $561 and counting(?). I'm tempted to drop a bid just to be a part of the insanity. But my better half would kill me if I accidentally won.
  5. Thanks. I didn't even think to suggest it might be his console. Though he seemed determined to return it, and God forbid I provoke a negative feedback by suggesting my as described item was as described. I'll have to give Centipede a try with it to see how I enjoy. I'll try to report back on it soon, but I'm confident it will be fine.
  6. I like the perspectives. I'm definitely gonna start shifting to Ebay as more of a sidelight and continue to look for alternatives to buy and sell any extras. And definitely make more of a focus on getting into the wild and finding my way to expos, etc. to see what others got going on.
  7. Well Keatah, I don't rule out that it may be realized in the end that Ebay is the best gig in town despite its problems. The buying end is not too bad {or even good I guess}, save for the high prices sometimes, and as long as I remain willing to fight the good fight against the occasional scammer or person just trying to unload their broken or near broken junk without saying as much in their listings. But, on the selling end, it just gets tiring {and I've had a few too close together recently} when I've just got to accept return(s) on items I know are perfectly functional and/or exactly as described, paying shipping both coming and going, because a buyer either didn't read the listing or didn't do their homework on the item they bought. The one that really got me was a buyer opened a return because something wasn't included that I specifically said wasn't included in the listing, and the Ebay rep basically said they take the buyers word if they say something is missing. Shipping was 1st class. So, it wasn't worth it to call another rep to fight harder or verify whether the rep was lying or not. The laugher of that one was that the same buyer {already blocked at this point} contacted me to ask if I wanted to strike a "package deal" on these very same items. As to the Adventure Vision, Zap, I bow to you. I believe your purchase may have been the one I was thinking of when I wrote this post. I'm truly happy for you, but I do believe it may have been the last one sold through this site, and I seem to recall it was on the long end of a few years ago at this point.
  8. So, I'm really kind of sick of Ebay, and want to cut them off {or more precisely, be willing to not care if I tick them off or violate one of there rules and get myself suspended or de-registered or whatever it is they do to bad guys}. BUT, where else can I realistically get something like an AdventureVision or some other obscure thing or system that I don't even know I must have yet? I'd like to think this site could be a place, but it sure seems hit or miss, and the wait to catch harder to find items {like a REAL Eli's Ladder perhaps } might be prohibitive. Goodwill's sight seems to be a total fail. Etsy shows minimal promise. Craiglist - doubtful. But, beyond that, I run dry. I even think I may finally be willing to sign up for Facebook if that site offers real promise as an alternative. I sure would like to hear if there is/are some place(s) that I'm missing, because I sure would like to be ready and/or willing to cut ties entirely from their platform real soon. And, I'm sure tired of playing nice in many aspects over there. Regards all.
  9. Just a small further additional comment- Also - not to mention - why is Centipede the only game that you are playing on the 5200?
  10. I'm probably just venting here - but, has anybody here ever successfully played Centipede for the 5200 with a Wico joystick? I just sold one to someone and he's claiming it defective because it doesn't work right in Centipede (the only game he plays). Lot's of questions here - like - Why a Wico for the only game you play that is Centipede? If it's the only game you play, I would think you would have discovered the ... Trackball!!! by now? I don't have a manual handy for Centipede, but don't they recommend the Trackball right in there? Thank you. I feel a little better now. I think?
  11. First of all. Thank you very much for your response. I did wiggle the daughterboards a bit tonight. But, since I sensed I saw a "ball?" moving and definite paddles, I decided to stay pretty basic for the time being & just kept messing with all the little pots under the lid. And...Well ... Voila!!! I'm never 100% certain about what I'm saying with any of this stuff, but I'm using the word "pot" and hope I'm right. There's definitely still more work to be done on this, but my wife's up grinding her teeth cause she needs me fresh tomorrow. So, I better pack things up. I've tried to photo the pot that was the magic knob that brought the "vert hold" (or whatever it is) into focus in case it helps anybody in the future. Thanks again for the help & ideas on fixing/making this better in the future.
  12. Hello all, I posted this inquiry over at the O2/Videopac board, but figured it wouldn't hurt to check here: I got myself a beautiful system recently (Run1), but, unfortunately, before I noodled around, the only thing I could get was a sliver of video compressed at the bottom of the screen and kind of shifted (when I used Cartridge 1). When I pressed the reset buttons, I actually saw something that looked like a ball move through the compressed area. Also, there were markings that were clearly the paddles and the center line. Unbelieveably, when I popped the top and adjusted the cartridge in its slot along with some of the other "pots(?)" with my screwdriver, I was able to get a screen that had a large center line and the two paddle dots, but it seemed super magnified, and I could never get the "ball" to appear. On one of the other cartridges, I got a dot I could move around a bit (which could have been the game I guess! LOL). BUT, all this was fairly short lived, and by the end of my testing I was left mostly with the compressed video image that was noticeably shifted (i.e. smeared like)- and at best I could get that repeated over and over again throughout the whole screen. I can maybe get some photos out on this soon, but any thoughts? Similar situations that were conquered? Words of encouragement? Bearings of bad news (i.e. something important is fried)? Info. on someone who may be able to help solve? Sorry ran out of time posting. But any thoughts/info. will help and be appreciated. It would be a shame for this to reside in the hopeless pile of my collection, because it is otherwise quite stellar in appearance. And, I can't just display items (They MUST work!). Thanks for any thoughts/help.
  13. The answer to your question lies in the question itself (phrased differently of course) - "Does anyone know who I can get to install a McWill screen for me?" The answer: McWill himself. International shipping may be intimidating, but don't let it, and now it can be mostly tracked at USPS both going and coming. Plus - if you can keep the weight under 2 pounds and don't mind limited/no tracking - International 1st class is quite cheap. I am sure there are many fine vendors out here though, but the quality of McWill's workmanship can not be bested(actual customer here - not a paid spokesperson). Plus, its a nice conversation piece to be able to say (or at least believe) that your McWill screen replacement was done by McWill himself.
  14. Always nice to revive a good topic (hopefully). I've picked up a nice one (cross my fingers - will test the console tonight - seller said the picture wasn't clear). Bought it mainly for the box, inserts, power cord, etc. But, my plan is to cobble together a complete console. Does anyone happen to have some pictures of the original paperwork, TV switchbox, the actual cartridge, cartridge box, manual that was included, and controller that was included (looks like the paddles have already been shown & for the controllers, maybe it would suffice if someone would confirm if the Sears hexplate was always present). The more I type, the more daunting this task seems. But, if I get it completed, at least I've got the Telegames display case ready to go. Thanks for any help.
  15. There's a couple left on E-bay right now. Very affordable. Great seller. type - "Vectrex spin" - be sure the search is worldwide.
  16. jatari87


    So - I thought real hard before posting this. Mostly, because there are a lot out here on the outside looking in, and less so due to the shame and indignity it took ($$) to get where I am today. But, I figured the possible benefits that may be reaped in letting Thomas know the joy his game(s) can bring to the arena and the nutty lengths people will go to to that end would outweigh the sadness that this post may bring to some. For, maybe if he knows, then he will be further swayed to produce that next run that so many (including myself) desire. Today, I got to taste Robot Arena in cart form (but a mere piece of VecFever), and it has proven as enjoyable as I would have hoped. With such a limited distribution I feel an initial review of my first few play(s) is not called for or even fair, but I will share one take: Beyond the obvious Robotron comparisons, I couldn't help but additionally sense at least some small comparisons with Minestorm. Particularly, the prioritizing of the attack plan on screen opening. Minestorm on a clock. Just another nuance blended in with the other great features of this game. Today was a good day. Receiving this game made my other acquisition of the day {finally tracking down a working Turnin Turbo } get shoved into a storage container to be "enjoyed" at a far later time.
  17. Hey, that's right. D'you want to buy one? hehe, just kidding, but I did bid on them. I ducked out in the high end of the early half of the 100's maybe as high as $160. I actually was viewing them as a potential collectors item {glad to here it was Atariguy1021 which was what I was hoping/suspecting} or a resell. If you haven't checked lately or ever, Masterplays have been selling through the roof lately. Probably/Possibly in no small part because Atariguy1021 has disappeared from the scene. I wonder where he has gone?
  18. Well - Thanks all for the info on Spiders. The pic was a great help & Sly informed me that additional screws are under the Spider marquee as well {I hope/plan to get in there shortly}. Captain-my solution to that Basketball problem might be get a new game {just PM me if you want one-I got an extra that only needs its battery connector re-soldered} but, of course, that may be no fun {If you figure it out though, let me know, I've got a Tudor Football with some blown "pixels" that might be nice to fix}. And, on that note, to return to topic, mine was Football Electronic Game {apparently by Sears}. Many a night I laid there playing this thing after being sent to bed wondering what Santa Claus was thinking when he gave me this. It was lame even by the standards of the day, and its only real entertainment appeal was trying to score a touchdown in one play and trying to drain as much of a quarter as possible in said play. Fortunately, my friend {who obviously didn't buy his own batteries} would rent me his Coleco Electronic Quarterback for $1 a night. Needless to say - I don't remember who had the honor of throwing the battery away the next day.
  19. Sorry to piggyback off this topic, but this is the closest topic I could find for my inquiry {I'll likely start a new ASAP} 1st- these old Entex handhelds are the "coolest". Also, a bit obscure, it seems, and they've really been distracting me from my console play. BUT - does any kind soul know how to open Entex Spiders??? I really don't want to just break it open, but I'm about ready to. Thanks. p.s. - by the way Captain, sorry I lost touch with you back there a ways, but how's that Wico Intellivision treating you?
  20. I just want to add {In a non-complaining kind of way of course }, that because I read here about the right place to place want ads, I placed my want ads in the right place. 2 want ads - zero views, zero replies for the one & zero views, zero replies for the other. Granted the items I quest are quite unique and not likely to be obtainable by this means, but I can certainly understand why people may try more creative ways to pursue an item they desire.
  21. I have a feeling this game does does not get the same appreciation from others that I have given it over the years. Hopefully, the O2 board has some nuts for it like me.
  22. I hope you do or did get to try it over the Holidays & aren't to turned off by the random kills by the Starship or the nonsensical gun that I think puts off many a player.
  23. I'd like 2 as well if it's not too late to get on board. Thanks.
  24. Thanks for verifying! Somehow the two companies merged, at least in my mind over time, since Coleco named their system Gemini. Thanks again.
  25. Hello - Does anyone know? Did the original Coleco Gemini system get shipped with a Coleco power supply or a Gemini power supply? I'm pretty certain it was a Coleco power supply, but I thought I'd try to confirm 100% if anyone out there has a system they bought new in the stores, etc. Thanks.
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