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  1. I'm a small-time collector into original hardware--I have a very nice light sixer with 127 carts/tapes (incl. 6 homebrews) and a very nice NES with 22 carts. For awhile now, I've wanted to expand into SNES. I've been browsing eBay, on and off, for about a year. But I keep getting discouraged and giving up. There's a constant glut of SNES consoles listed of course, in various states of yellowness/brownness, and in various states of completeness. In many (most?) instances, sellers use stock photos and call their consoles--of which they have many--refurbished. 'Clean, but may show cracks, scratches, slight discoloration,' etc. Well, for me, that won't do. I like consoles that look and function as new. If I were a man of means, I'd shell out for perfect CIB. But I'm not a man of means. So I have to be careful. I dunno. Perhaps eBay is the wrong place to be searching. Maybe I just got lucky with my VCS and my NES. I'm a maniac for condition. But I looked and I looked and was patient and ended up getting cosmetically perfect, fully functional, complete consoles--apart from missing box and paperwork--for what I thought was a good price on each system. But the search for a nice SNES for reasonable money has got me stymied. So, I figured I'd ask here if anyone has a really nice, original SNES with original components, that HAS NOT been retrobrighted and HAS NOT been modded and that they'd be willing to part with for a fair price. If not here, is a retro gaming expo the way to go? P.S. I'm not exactly seeking anything fancy like CIB or a 1CHIP. I just want an unmolested SNES that looks and functions as new with all the rudimentary OEM stuff included. That said, I'd consider whatever you have that fits the above criteria and is priced fairly according to what it is. Thank you so much for reading all this! 😅
  2. MeatWithGravy


  3. I don't know how sincere or not this post is. But, he's not wrong. It could be done better.
  4. My top three redone wants... 1. GORF* 2. GORF* 3. GORF* *With support for AtariVox+ of course!
  5. I sure do hope this day is still coming.
  6. Ah ha! See? I was right. I'm a dope. April 2016 is the latest update then, correct? Thank you, retrogoober, for clearing this up.
  7. I'm a dope. So, I could be viewing this thread all wrong. But it seems to me that the "official" tally of votes--the Top 100 master list--is post #1. And post #1 hasn't been updated in over ten years.
  8. Whoa, that high bid on Pepsi Invaders. The high bidder has gotta be a member here, right? Which one of you guys is it?
  9. So, this is done Thank you so much to 8_is_enuff for reaching out and hooking me up! He's the best!
  10. I am going to pile on here and add that Dan is a total pleasure to buy from in every regard. In my case, he went well out of his way to make me happy. And his packing and shipping are, just as everyone above has indicated, unmatched. An absolute asset to the AtariAge community. Thank you, Dan!
  11. Hello. I need a Supercharger. It doesn't need to be boxed, as I don't collect boxed games or systems and am not looking to start now. However, it does need to be working and in excellent cosmetic condition--I'll pay more for a pretty one with original paperwork. That being said, I'm a man of modest means. I want to pay a fair price--fair to both of us. I see what some sellers are asking on eBay for Superchargers of questionable condition with one blurry photograph and minimal description and I'm like Thanks in advance
  12. I asked, but didn't receive. I did, however, get an eBay gift card. So, same difference. As for giving, no retro gamers on my shopping list--despite my best efforts. If my pockets were deeper, I'd start gifting systems.
  13. For me, using the old hardware is half of the appeal.
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