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  1. Oh, this is great! PM forthcoming!
  2. I apologize for resurrecting an ancient thread, but didn't see this elsewhere. The MilkMan hasn't been active since last August. Can anyone point me in the direction of a PDF overlay for a 6-switch, please? 🙏
  3. I'm hoping to attend the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo this year. I've never been to a con or an expo or anything of the sort. Wait! Not exactly true. I attended Pinfest in Allentown, PA back in 2016. Sadly, I didn't come home with a pinball machine.
  4. I was surprised to receive a really nice looking Atari tee this past Christmas. Problem was, "L" fit like a tent. I wanted to exchange for an "M" but the seller didn't have any. So I had to go with a refund. Long story short, I don't wear any video game apparel. But I would.
  5. I don't know the first thing about the internal stuff. Maybe the scope of this question is too vast, but here goes. Shawn, your modded CX40s, how do they differ--in simple terms for a guy who's never taken a controller apart--from the ones that Best sells? I've been curious about Best's for years. Only reason I haven't purchased is all the strange stuff I've read on AA about ordering from that guy. I've actually got two stock CX40s that are in great working order and are cosmetically perfect so I'm happy with them. But maybe they'll begin to fail one day? As a general rule I'm opposed to modifications to original hardware. But maybe if I knew what I was missing I'd be singing a different song? Again, not trying to hijack your FS thread.
  6. What's the length of an original standard issue Atari CX40 cable anyway?
  7. Bump. Well, there's a gaming expo--the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo--happening here in August. That's only six months away. I've never been to a gaming expo. I'd imagine that I'd find what I'm looking for there? Anybody been? It would certainly be great to see merchandise in person as opposed to squinting at a few blurry photos taken in low light on eBay.
  8. I concur on Defender. Stargate is miles better. I have not yet got my mitts on a Defender Arcade. I'd sure like to though. Stargate sitting pretty at 282!
  9. I was going to hop on this if it were still around next payday.
  10. C'mon. I know you guys have stacks of these in your collections. On second thought, extra points for a 1CHIP! I'll gladly pay what it's worth! I just don't want to get taken for the proverbial ride! Have you looked at what's on eBay??
  11. I figured I'd ask here if anyone has a really nice, original SNES with original components, that HAS NOT been retrobrighted and HAS NOT been modded and that they'd be willing to part with for a fair price. P.S. I'm not exactly seeking anything fancy like CIB or a 1CHIP. I just want an unmolested SNES that looks and functions as new with all the rudimentary OEM stuff included. That said, I'd consider whatever you have that fits the above criteria and is priced fairly according to what it is.
  12. MeatWithGravy


  13. I don't know how sincere or not this post is. But, he's not wrong. It could be done better.
  14. My top three redone wants... 1. GORF* 2. GORF* 3. GORF* *With support for AtariVox+ of course!
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