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  1. Geosteve, that's exactly what I'm looking for -- if anyone has any more (preferably easily downloadable) let me know
  2. I know this is an old post but... I ran a RatSoft board back in the day (single line) -- I do remember a lot of the door games though (some are on the Grove): Dark Lords Castle trilogy (a friend wrote it, gotta give him props) Final Frontier SEE (Space Empire Elite) Cows Assassin Conquest Galactic Empire Did a web search and blam: http://bbslist.textfiles.com/707/ 707-485-1135 UKIAH, CA The Continuum BBS (1994) Ed Salisbury
  3. I've been looking around on the web for a repository of disk and box art scans for the 8-bit - anyone know of a good source? Unfortunately MobyGames doesn't have atari 8-bit stuff.
  4. Oops - didn't read the top -- I didn't have an 800 (only a 400 and 130XE), but I had a friend that had this.
  5. Dang, I was hoping someone had or had pictures of a kiosk. I'm working on a project that will basically be a virtual Atari museum, in 3D. The kiosk is to hold the atari 800 model I'm building, which will allow users to select the game they want to play. I found a rip of the laserdisc that was used for the kiosk (score) -- now I just need the kiosk. Also, does anyone know of a good place that has box art scans and/or disk scans?
  6. Yeah, I remember the supercart. It was good for backing up carts to disk, but you needed the supercart to play them from the disk You also needed an 800 because it went into the right cartridge slot.
  7. I'm looking for pictures of a kiosk that atari used for the 800 (or any other machines actually). If you have any, please respond or email me at [email protected] (remove NOSPAM). Thanks!
  8. Here's what the model is looking like these days: Can anyone tell me what the image on the side of this real kiosk is and where I can get it? It looks like a catalog cover, but I couldn't find it: Thanks! [/img]
  9. Yes! I will be releasing this to the public domain -- use what you wish. It's not complete yet (need to add the yellow touch up around the panel and the joystick ports, etc.), but when it's done I'll put up a link for people to download the model and images. If you have any requests of a certain view or even color, let me know and I'll try to accomodate you as best I can
  10. I got the images, thanks a bunch! I didn't realize that it had the line, I didnt' see any other images with it. I'll be able to get into finer detail now So, I'm guessing that the heavy sixer is what most people are interested in seeing?
  11. I still need to finish the back, but I thought I'd post some pics... And then just for fun... Thanks to Atari Troll and Paul for info/pics -- Max-T, I could an image of the back, as well as a upclose view of the switches/cart area.[/img]
  12. Hey Troll (and others), Whats the name of the font you guys use for those fake cart images? I need it Thanks!
  13. YES! thank you thank you thank you! I looked high and low!
  14. I'm building a 3D model of a 6-switcher, and I need a good image from the side of a 2600 with the original form-factor (not the Jr), if someone could take a picture of their 2600 and post it, I'd be very appreciative I need a photo (or even a diagram) of the unit from either the left or right side, but it needs to be perpendicular from the top of the unit, not at an angle that most pics are at. I need this to be able to make an accurate model. Thanks!
  15. I used to love Mr. Robot! I'm gonna have to fire up an emu soon
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