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  1. Sure is! No problem, thank YOU for checking it out! See you on the other side! Ha...
  2. I can respect that.. and I'm sorry if the arrows bother you. Those are just the YouTube "thumbnail images" that you are seeing for each video (which are usually MUCH smaller when viewing on YouTube). I'm not the greatest thumbnail creator; I'm just experimenting. My channel is pretty new, and I'm learning as I go. There are a TON of channels out there (some amazing, some terrible), and it's not easy to be discovered in the vast sea of YT content out there. I try my best to be "different" and unique. In the end, I do it for fun.. to raise money for charity.. and to put a smile on a fellow gamers' face. I am so inspired by all the great YouTubers out there who have entertained me over the years, and I guess my way of "giving back" to them is to spend 30+ hours per week editing videos on my days off... lol. It's a lot of work, but I'm passionate about retro gaming! Anyways, note taken. Maybe I will stop placing arrows on my future thumbnails. Cheers
  3. To my fellow nerds who might find this interesting; here is a short, recent video that I posted to my channel for those interested in seeing me hook the Sega Genesis/SegaCD up to the PSVR using "Cinema Mode" : If you want to see my "tribute song" to retro consoles : If this kind of stuff tickles your fancy, and you want to see my other retro content, please come say hi! You can do that right here, or on my Eggzone Revolution Twitter, FB, or YouTube channel. Have any of you guys used the PSVR headset to play retro games? I am excited to experiment with it some more, although emulation is probably going to be the easiest option. I prefer real hardware though, so when I can afford to purchase a Retro USB with HDMI out, I def will! A Retron 5 would probably work well this way, too.
  4. Interesting. I didn't realize that there were two versions, one being more rare. I had a copy that came with a brown "leather" (?) case and plastic insert, plus large box... but I sold it many years ago.. unfortunately. I assume it was not the Pal version though, since it was purchased in the US in the early 80's. I agree with high voltage; it's actually not THAT terrible of a game, if you like Kaboom and prefer the humorous "theme" you get with this clone... it's a great game to bust out on Valentine's Day.
  5. For me, I think it's the 3DO system. I'll never forget how advanced it was at the time, compared to what most people were playing. No matter what console, I only collect games I truly love or "want" to play, or games that I had as a kid and sadly got rid of in the past. And of course, the games that I'm nostalgic for, even if they're "bad but good". The odd-shaped big 3DO boxes are fun to collect, when I can find them. I don't care about the shovelware, but man, that Road Rash is still the best version of that game ever! And all those FMV games.. a lot of the best-looking versions are on that system. I'd play Sewer Shark on the 3DO over the Sega-CD version any day, even though I happen to own them both. The early CD-era was a charming time. They were experimenting with different ways to use the tech, and as far as game music, some of the best was during that time. Especially Shmups... I was literally listening to the Robo Aleste sega CD soundtrack yesterday in my car. Wow, i'm a nerd.
  6. This is pretty sweet, for those that want a more easily accessible copy... I am a huge Shmup fan, and I agree, for Genesis, this is probably the cream of the crop.
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