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  1. I recapped my MK1 lynx and this improved the ghosting to a point its hardly noticeable unless you actively look for it. Before the Re-cap it was very noticeable even on a busy screen.
  2. Ahh, interesting. I understood it that the reason the GG and TG etc. had failing caps was due to a worldwide bad batch in the early to mid-nineties and the Majesco was immune to this because of the 200-2001 year it was produced. I also had considered doing the LED conversion but after reading and seeing a lot of the outcome on the internet leaving a very uneven lit screen and an overly blue tinge. I may recap it then, the caps are cheap and fairly easy to do anyway and see where that puts me. what are my options for LCD conversion then? I know you can get a Mcwills, but seem fiddly to do and pricey if I mess it up. Plus I quite like the older feel of the original LCD, but would be nice to improve it. Plus, I don't know if its just me, but my GG on new industrial Duracell's gets a good 5-6 hours of play. I recon it would out last the GF's Nintendo DSi with a brand new battery, I swear that only lasts 4-5 hours at best.
  3. Hey guys, I've been collecting GG stuff for only about 6 months now. I, like many, bought a used one on ebay, the screen was barely visible, no sound and screen lens scratched to hell, so, after a full strip down and clean, recap and new glass lens we were back in business but ive always wanted a better quality screen without having to get a mcwills. So...after months of trawling the internet, managed to find a working Majesco game gear. when it arrived, bar a scratched lens, it was pretty much mint, but the screen seems worse than my original recapped gamegear?! I was under the impression that these weren't plagued with bad caps like the originals so recaps weren't needed. If i bump the brightness up all the way, it doesn't get any brighter past 3/4's on the dial and you can still make out the picture, yet on my original, full brightness is blinding and you cant make anything out. Plus the colours have a kinda yellowy tinge to them. Only advantage i can see, is that there is pretty much no vertical ghosting at all. Is it worth doing a recap on these? or is it just a myth that the screens were of a better quality and gave a better image, because from comparing the 2, my original GG wipes the floor with it interms of clarity, colour and contrast.
  4. In the last 6 months I have started collecting both systems, have bought and recapped both handhelds and I prefer the Lynx as a collectable, it feels more iconic and quirky. The game gear does have better games though. Both are cheap to collect, game gear probably more so but be aware, if you get a game gear that's not re-capped, your going to have to do it because they were produced with bad batch of caps and nearly all are failing. One more thing I feel I need to throw my 2p in about, people mention the GG has a higher resolution screen, to me it just isn't as good, the Lynx screen always seems sharper with more readable text and better to play, everything I play on the GG just seems to be a bit blurry. oh, im a Lynx mk1 owner, I never liked the looks of Lynx 2.
  5. similar thing happened to mine, I would suggest not turning it on until you replace the ZD and Mossfet. brought mine back from the dead and didn't fry anything.
  6. I may go for it then, are these only available through Mcwills or do other people buy sell them on his behalf? Also any idea of cost?
  7. Sorry to hijack a thread, but does anyone in the UK fit these? I have a Lynx 1 and have replaced all the caps, diode and Mosfet myself but am kinda bottling it at the thought of paying the cost of a screen and messing it up.
  8. I don't mind holding the Lynx sideways, but its the viewing angle that annoys me, with the lynx horizontal I can get a decent viewing angle easily, but with it vertical I find myself trying not to move at all so I don't lose that 'sweet spot'. Has anyone come up with a good way to store and transport games easily? I have the pouch type lynx case that holds a few games, but now ive got a few more games that lets face it, that will only grow, i'm pretty much maxed out on storage on the 2 front pouches.
  9. I need to vent over this game. I admit, i'm fairly new to Lynx and when I first bought my lynx a few months ago I went hunting for a game or two and instantly was drawn to Gauntlet. it was fairly cheap and I hadn't seen any reviews or anything so bought the game. Its just such a disappointment, even the artwork is misleading showing the typical elf, wizard and warrior, only the wizard is in the game and its basically not even gauntlet. I have since read that it was another game rebadged after they bought the rights to Gauntlet, but still, the lynx was capable I believe of bring a full blown Gauntlet game. I played it again last night and just makes me sad over a missed opportunity. I'm even considering selling it even though its only worth £5 or so. On a separate note, I have just invested in electrocop, warbirds, Rampage, Stun runner and Zarlor Mercenary, all of which im really enjoying and seemed to be a decent investment and it was worth researching for further purchases. Other games I own are California games, Ninja Gaiden, crystal castle 2 and slime world. All of them I quite like too.
  10. I currently have 2 PAG-201's and both look quite different when viewed using the same game. One has had a full recap and ZD1 replaced, the other to my knowledge has never been opened up. You would expect the One that has had work done to be the best but its not, its LCD colours and contrast are no where near that of the other, although it does have significantly better picture when it comes to vertical line shadow. Is the contrast anything that can be improved? or is it just a case of one LCD has seen more use that the other and so has lost the ability for the crystals to produce colours aswell as the other? I cant believe that Lynx's would vary like that when they came out the factory in terms of LCD build quality tolerances.
  11. well...seems after all it was the Zenner Diode, replaced that (thanks Cowdog360) and it worked perfectly. Amazing really, I would have put money on something being fried after Mikey was red hot.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I think what you have suggest has happened, I had another look at the lynx earlier and noticed when I power it up within seconds Suzy goes red hot, so I guess that's that fried now!? I'm new to the Lynx and wasn't aware they could basically kill themselves like this, normally they have sacrificial components that prevent frying main internals, so I guess its my fault for keeping turning it on trying to isolate the problem. I guess this is what the 5v mod I have read is about.
  13. Hey guys, Some of you may have read my thread about my lynx not working, it started off by being a bit funny with batteries, working for a short period on an old set of batteries, then slowly having to turn up the brightness to continue play and eventually got too washed out to see and the sound died. Originally I thought it was just dead batteries but when I switched for a new set, it didn't boot at all, just backlight but it would not adjust with the dial. when I switched back to the old batteries, I got full fine gameplay again, but then fizzled out as before. If I used a combination of batteries, new and old, it would work for longer but with a brighter screen than it should on the lowest brightness but after a time, would do the same as before and fizzle out over a period of 5-10 minutes. Now I cant even seem to get it to boot up now matter what battery combination I try. So... I got advised to do a cap kit, which I have just done, but has made no difference sadly. Can anyone suggest anything to help? I have a diode and MOSFET coming through the post from Cowdog (thanks for that), but now im abit concerned its something more sinister. I don't want to spend more time and money changing parts if its something more terminal like screen or processor, if that's the case I would probably just get another and swap my case over but id rather keep my original board. Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Hey, I have actually just bought a cap kit for it off ebay, but no Mosfet or Zener, could you supply them 2 or give me a link to somewhere I can get them please? I normally get my components from RS for my pinball machine, but the postage and quantity you have to get wouldn't be worth it for 2 items. In your opinion which cap(s), if any, do you think would solve the issue? its sounds like i'm being really lazy, but i'm not sure if I want to invest in this unit at the minute other than just get it working OK, the case itself is mint, but the more I look at the board, the more issues i'm seeing. Spotted that the LCD ribbon has actually been pulled off the board, cut down and soldered directly on, its been done quite neatly but its been secured with a bit of tape to prevent movement and if you move the ribbon, it effects the screen output. So i'm actually considering buying a new unit and fixing that one up and keeping my casing. Also, is there anywhere that gives a breakdown of the areas on the PCB (i.e. sound, power)
  15. Yeah use Novus by the bucket load on my pinball plastics. I actually have a new lens, but its the LCD itself that bothers me and i wont risk using novus on that. I have seen eBay sell the kits for about 6 quid, so ill grab one and take it from there i think. Cheers
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