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  1. I'll be there... blue Intel hoodie, jeans, and classic black adidas sneaks.
  2. Is there a specific stella core that I should point to in retroarch to get this working? The Stella core it defaults to, seems to give wonky graphics.
  3. "Demo" wow Truth be told I have never been a big fan of Galaga. It just wasn't a machine I liked growing up and I wasn't good at it and didn't really care to improve. That being said, I love this game and it is an instant buy soon as it comes out. I really enjoyed playing it with an Atari joystick controller. Maybe it's because it's an amazing shooter on the Atari, maybe it's because I assumed this couldn't be done, or maybe I'm just older and recognize how good a game this is... maybe just maybe I'm becoming a Galaga fan. Thank you for building this!
  4. it's Baby Pacman. You need two carts, two TVs and two Atari's. One is a cart for the pacman maze and the other cart is a hack of video pinball. They daisy chain via the cable connectors. You can daisy chain a third Atari and a save key for your high scores. I'm psyched for this!
  5. I would personally fund the commissioned art work if this becomes a possibility! As a resident of Portland OR... and considering the PORTLAND expo... pretty pretty please Champ Games?
  6. It's Othello... the pieces are finally round! I personally wish it would be Timber, but I know that isn't it. I'm hoping it's a release date for Zoo Keeper.
  7. I hated having to vote for this... that was tough.
  8. I just finished this game. It's incredible from beginning to end. It also has moments of old school frustration gaming. The kind where you hate the game until you finally get it and then you're hit with that punch of accomplishment. Honestly, I haven't felt that in gaming in a long long time. Well done! There are moments where you get mad because the controls are so tight and you end up moving a block where you shouldn't or worse. But even in those moments, you want to be mad at the game... But you know it's your fault. This game had me spouting obscenities on the final level! I was so frustrated and it took forever to complete the level/boss... And as angry as I got, it was the "it" factor that just isn't in gaming anymore. And when I got through it... Woooooooo it was like the first time I beat a video game in 91' This isn't a great Atari game... This is a great game that just happens to be on the Atari. I know it's listed as a WIP but I have no idea why. This game is more complete than most cart games I own. I'm ready for a physical cart release! Edit: A Few Notes After Completing 1) I honestly believe anyone who says this game is too easy hasn't played it all the way through. The start of the game teaches all the ideas in the game and lulls you into a false sense of easy. But if you play it all the way through... you'll find out you are thankful for being able to start at where you died. 2) A timer would ruin this game. In levels where timing is everything... a timer would suck the skill and thoughtfulness right out of the game. 3) The Atari needs more games where the score is not the goal. Not every game needs a score for it to be a challenge, this is one of the few. The game's difficulty ramps up so much that the replay factor is in fewer restarts and speed runs. 4) ANYTHING BEFORE LEVEL "E" IS JUST PRACTICE. Seriously, I've read some of the suggestions here and I get the feeling very few have played E and completed F. E and F are the actual game. F8 by it's very nature will average 30+ minutes once you understand what you need to do. And about 1,000,000 restarts. 5) The teleport function was amazing and it's a shame it was only used in one level. It was a really smart mechanic. 6) After G-1 the game should kick you into x-1 mode instead of looping back to the start. H.E.R.O. does this as well. 7) It would be nice if one of the difficulty switches could mute the music like in Moon Patrol and if the other switch could bank between the two songs. it sounds weird but since this is a monochrome game, it would be nice if the B/W switch worked. Some of the colors can be harder to see than others and the B/W mode would help. 9) Extra life after the first boss battle would be a nice reward. 10) In the end, this is a bomberman style game. It's based on pattern, memory, and cleverness. It's replay factor is through the roof for people who are into this genre (like me). It breathes really well from easy to fast to confusing to near impossible (that's hard to do well). Please don't change the game select function, having that option for level practice is what will make this a game players will come back to again and again. 11) sequel
  9. How? How is this even possible? This is like a modern indie game that is trying to pull off a retro asthetic but its by asthetic only. This doesn't seem possible. That aside, the game itself... This is the most addictive game I have ever played on the Atari. Hands down, this is the most addictive, compelling, and fun game I have ever seen on the system. Homebrew or not... Somehow you managed to make a great NES game and squeezed it into an Atari. I grew up with a grey 1st Gen Gameboy, and this monochrome puzzle game took me right back to those long car rides for family vacations. In short, this might be the best game I've ever played on the Atari IMHO. Amazing work. You should be very proud and I hope this gains mega popularity. This is the type of game that could bring flocks of new people into the Atari Homebrew community.
  10. keebz


    How does this work exactly? Is the final rom not the rom on current carts? Will newer carts get the final rom? I had this same question for the game ladybug since the video on the cart page shows an older rom than the one posted public.
  11. Is it possible to have the music playing during game play? And maybe use a switch to turn it off, like in moon patrol? The music on the title is great and playing to the music would be a lot of fun. This game came together very well!
  12. Everything said above sounds amazing. That's a lot of changes! I really liked the option to use a joystick or paddle... I hadn't seen that in a game before and I thought it was super cool, but if you need the space, a paddle only game is probably best IMHO. I'm pretty excited about this now
  13. I played this a while back and it was fun. It's interesting because its really hard with a joystick but almost too easy (for the first 3 loops) with the paddles. I'm curious as to what this update will bring on release because it sure seemed finished to me after the b/w switch update.
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