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  1. Did no one actually reply to this? Because my encore just did the exact same thing and I'm looking for a solution too.
  2. I mean, I wrote the question in english and I just assumed it would be implied that I was an english speaker. So yeah, english is going to be a requirement here.
  3. Title pretty much says it. Were there any text based adventure games made for the 8-bit line that was distributed on cartridge? Everything I seem to find is on disk.
  4. I just found a Letter Perfect 800 cart and when I boot it, it gives the Select (EADQ) prompt. I have no idea what to do to make it work though. I can get it to the menu if I press reset on me XEGS but from there, nothing responds other than the i key. Which allows input but the characters don't coordinate with the keys. Any ideas... also, HELLO from the year 2020, things are quiet different than we expected in 2014!
  5. Soooo I just came across this cartridge. Not sure how to get the data off, but if someone could walk me through it? Is it hard to come by?
  6. It's not on the store yet... it should be added really soon. SURPRISE!!!!! lol
  7. So far... CIBS: N.E.R.D.S. Chetiry Space Cactus Canyon HALO 2600 Aardvark Wizard Of Wor Arcade Galagon Mappy Space Rocks Draconian Medieval Mayhem Pac-Man 4K Spies in the Night Juno First Sing Carts: Synth Cart
  8. I really don't know why... but it's so simple that I really love it. I think it's great.
  9. What's the status of this? It's so freaking good! I hope it gets finished and a cart one day!
  10. Interesting, I'll play with that and see if that's the case. I felt like it was higher... but maybe not.
  11. keebz

    The Stacks

    Please keep going... please? or at least maybe let us play the 2016 bin? please?
  12. I can't tell, but I think you missed my point. There isn't a firm understanding of what is and is not acceptable cross over. We can argue about what the image is supposed to represent, but that doesn't change what it actually is... a top down 2D maze with a long sprite. So visually, it would be more player friendly to have some kind of way to tell what the "feet" are as you try to make out the layout of the timed maze. In the end, it's just a suggestion... the dev can do whatever they like. It's still one of my favorites
  13. @graywest Ok I think I know what happened. So here's a map I was presented with today. In a flash scenario you are looking for a path the character can fit through without hitting the walls. Now the character is skinny but tall, and in this maze, there isn't any logical solution. This is what I got yesterday. But there IS a path, by means of having to hit half of your body in the wall, which you can do. But this logic works against the players motive. Effectively saying... You have to hit the walls but not too much. That just doesn't work as the player IMO. It was very confusing. The only reason I figured that out was because I threw myself into a wall out of frustration knowing it would kill the character, then realizing that my character went way higher up than it should have before dying. I went back and I realize this is in the manual, but there needs to be a visual representation of this goal. So I've thought about it and I really don't know what the solution is, unless you put a belt/line/socks? I dunno, something on the character so the player knows their target space/limit? In my opinion this is a cool level that just needs a better mechanism but a simple belt and mention of the line/marker in the manual might do the trick.
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