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  1. 9 minutes ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:



    After many attempts yesterday I was able to finally get the Astronomer patch with 22 points! I switched from the paddle controller to the joystick and increased my score by quite a bit due to the single click precision of the movement. Although there was some time lost in being not able to whip around to the next star each round with the paddle, it was more than made up for in being able to keep the star in the precise beam of the telescope with the joystick.





    Congrats! I'm so glad to see that people are still going for the patch. :)

    Welcome to the 'Astronomer hall of fame!' http://pietrow.net/atari/astronomer/

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  2. 52998010_2102894513078967_67597292018818


    This weekend they also went to a retro game expo and did not even show the R77 on their banner as far as I can see, so I think that they dropped the console like the retron 5.


    I've asked Hyperkin multiple times about them updating their software, they usually ignore the question but answered once asking what games don't work exactly. I gave them a list of 50+ and again no reply.


    I personally lost hope in them fixing anything, so I really hope that the community can update it to a better stella. Ofc the down side is that many carts will never be readable. I really hate the shoddy work that they do and the lack of support. -.-

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  3. Whew. This was a long game.


    Congrats! You are the new world champion in Astronomer!



    You must have been very lucky to not get any wasteful stars / clouds. Technically there is no limit to the score, but the more of the 'unobservable' stars you get the closer to death you are. I'm happy that I randomized this to be fair, as it really allows for ridiculous high scores.

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  4. I reached a new high score of 28. :) For a while there, I was questioning whether anyone could get past 22. This proves you can.


    I'm going to stop playing for now, as this took several hours of playing without interruption.


    Thanks or making this game Coolcrab. :thumbsup:


    attachicon.gifAstronomer New HS_28 Video.MOV


    attachicon.gifAstronomer New HS_28.jpg attachicon.gifNew HS_28 Close Up.jpg


    New record posted! http://pietrow.net/atari/astronomer/

    Thank you. This game is perfect for the 2600. Highly addicting.

    Thanks! I'm glad that you like it. :) I'm still working on my second game that should get an AA release. You could give that a go too if you want. (see my signature)



    Of course you can get higher scores. There are still 4 leading zeros!!


    Congrats on your score. I have a boxed version on the way. Can't wait to play it.

    Hope you get it soon!



    Thanks, Your gonna like this game. :)


    BTW, I don't see anyone reaching 100,000 and if someone does, they deserve a special patch.


    10,000 is a bit optimistic I think. 30 would already be very impressive!

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  5. So the game randomizes the star positions, it took me about 2 full evenings of grinding to get past 20.

    My strategy was starting with a star thats well observable and really stocking up on time. When you lose one due to it spawning low you reset.


    The 2nd game mode could help because the clouds are random, but I did it in game mode 1 as I could predict the clouds.

  6. Still trying to get this patch... dont know how possible it is on the physical version can you guys tell me if anyone has gotten it without an emulator?


    I got 22 on the atari portable, same rom though! Just gor the cart last week so did nit try that yet. How high are you getting?


    Did you get the boxed or lose cart version?

  7. I didn't even realize I was on this one! I'm glad that people like the packaging so much.

    The design was by me, based on traditional Atari game boxes but the insert and goodies (magnet/flyer) were David's idea.


    I got the box in this week and I very happy with it!


    Anyway, tough competition. Good luck all!

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