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  1. New Ben Heck guy made a 2600 game genie. How hard would this be to produce in larger quantities.
  2. I wouldn't mind taking a look at the code if you want. Can't promise anything as this is more advanced than my stuff, but I'm relatively good at spotting errors.
  3. Amazing! Do they also dump from cart or just SD card? Also I was wondering if there was a sum that could make the Stella people fix the retro to the newest Stella? It's not ideal and hyperkin is going to steal it, but I'd love to donate to people who deserve it. No idea how much time this needs, but if let's say 1k would be enough we might make it with a go fund me.
  4. I love Hamburger Havoc! Might be able to help with levels of you want. PM me with details.
  5. Is it correct that this is NTSC only in the store?
  6. Awesome! Also you should edit the main thread as it says that its not working.
  7. Can't find any errors so I'm declaring this game complete!
  8. rc6 now allows the losing player to 'keep playing' as a ghost when they lose in 'keep going mode'. Idea Suggested by Fluxit and Karl G in bB forums.
  9. Added a ghost function in 'keep going mode' that behaves as a normal monkey but does not interact with any objects. As suggested by Fluxit and KarlG
  10. Having similar inclinations now. Will work on that this weekend.
  11. The ghost was not intentional, I changed the BG a bit and forgot the players. But it could become a feature as a controllable monkey that does not collide with things to keep the loser entertained in keep going mode. I'm glad that you like it though!
  12. Yea but that doesn't mean that their work ethic is OK.
  13. Monkey King is an endless runner with a strategic twist. Made for one or two players, played with the joystick controllers. It's been featured on the ZeroPage Home-brew channel a few times and I now consider it 99% done. Any feedback or thoughts welcome! Play online: http://javatari.org/?ROM=http://pietrow.net/atari/MonkeyKing.bin ---Backstory--- You are a monkey prince, one of two children of the Monkey King. Your father is old and wants to retire, but not before a suitable successor is chosen for the throne. The king, like his father before him, obtained the crown by participating in an ancient monkey ritual, the climbing one of the two sacred trees. No-one knows how tall these identical trees are and if there is a top at all, but the top of the tree is not the goal. The goal is getting higher than your competitor. During the ritual two royal candidates run up one of the trees while avoiding its many branches, running faster and faster until one of the two bumps their head once too many. On the tree the monkeys can find magical stones that can be used in their advantage, or their competitors disadvantage. Only one monkey can be the Monkey King, will it be you? MonkeyKing_NTSC_rc5.bas.bin
  14. Koolaid man does not work on the Jr. You need a 4 switch to play it properly.
  15. They stoped caring after it turned out that more work was needed. They are a horrible horrible company. I like the console, I really do and it would be great If they put some more work into it.
  16. New version out that covers all the glitches that were found in last months ZPHB stream. Unless more mistakes are found this should be final. Comments welcome!
  17. RC5 has the sound glitch fixed and I think is basically done now. Unless people find anything terrible.
  18. About the console, interesting developments. I have no idea that the game band guy was behind rjis
  19. That could be made into a cool maze game! Maybe pacman 1st person?
  20. That would not be a good game I think
  21. How exactly? the PF blocks are huge.
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