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  1. I added 6 extra custom font chars for the powerups. They are in the font under $a - $f Its those symbols. They come from the minikernel thats on the bottom. (That you turned off) You can download it in the top post, together with the font.
  2. I'll probably have to do this on paper to really get it, but I understand the principle. Thanks! Also does this mean that basically you never want to use PFread? Since most of that stuff can be done with bitwise, would that be faster? It freed up a lot of space at any rate. I'm now making a hybrid version between yours and mine to make sure I get all the steps. The draw screen in the loop seems to have trouble though as the glitching score number is back. (Which apparently appears if the code has too many compound gosubs to deal with.)
  3. Wow that's amazing! Could you explain what you did exactly with the branch destruction? You are not using PFpixel but how does this other thing work? Like how does this var0 = 15 : var2 = 15 equal pfhline 4 0 7 on : pfhline 20 0 23 on ?
  4. I assume that PDFs of the comics exist, so if you want to keep it small maybe design some patches for the prizes. On the other hand the solutions are probably also on the internet. So if you really want to do it well, you should do a new series.
  5. I tried this plus some rearranging and I think that it worked!!! I'm now trying it out to see if it still glitches, but so far so good. Thanks a million! The first one works the 2nd one does something different. (Hardly any branches show up) So I'm guessing that there is some kind of translation error. I know that bB does not like more than 2 &&'s so maybe it's the same for &'s? MonkeyKing_NTSC.bas
  6. They should have put on some paddle home-brews. Maybe thats a good idea for a next iteration? Make an announcement thread for paddle games, would also motivate people to make more games that work on paddles.
  7. That looks fun, maybe someone can finish it up and release it?
  8. It only happens at high speeds (so when _left_right{1} = 1) so I think that that running that twice + the AI is too much yes. But without it the game moves to slowly so I never really did much with that line. I tried to turn it off on certain PFpositions once but then the tree got very glitchy with holes in it and double branches, etc. The blink also usually happens when a block is made, but not always! So this probably also is a culprit. if playfieldpos = 1 then _left_right{0} = 1 : pfpixel 8 0 8 on : pfpixel 24 0 24 on else _left_right{0} = 0 And this one should stay on PFpos=1 because otherwise the scrolling of the tree is ugly. What does the first one actually do? The (_left_right & 6) ? _left_right{3} is also sometimes used, so you can't just compare it to a value based on the rest being 0. (If thats what it does!) And if it is I might be able to make the rest 0 and move the used bits to other variables. Same question with the other line. What does the single & do? (Not really easy to google for ). (Don't have my laptop on me now, so can't try it until later this evening.) Thanks for looking everyone!
  9. Moving the drawscreen does not seem to work either
  10. I tried that and it does need to be above the collisions yes, but other then that it doesn't seem to change much. Also moving the AI section to above or below it doesn't seem to help much. (Apart from the AI getting dumber when it's above ) I've tried just running it on certain pfpostions but it doesn't seem to solve the issue. And that surprised me because it still only happens when the pfpos is ~0. But turning it off all together does solve it. So that's strange. Perhaps I'm doing something very dumb, I'll keep looking. But if you manage to find some time that would be great too! I'll also look into the debugger, as I still cant get that to work properly.
  11. Ok so I've been fighting the scanlines in my game the last few days but to no avail. I've narrowed it down to it being the AI as its stable when in 2p mode and flickering when in 1p mode. (leftwitch to A) The flicker always seems to happen when playfieldpos = 7 or 8 (It depends on if the frame showing too many scanlines is the one on which its happening or if thats the frame after the overload.) However, turning off the AI at certain playfieldpos does not seem to work. Adding in an additional drawscreen solves the problem, but it also slows down the game beyond the point of it being playable. So I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to solve this. Is there a way to keep the scrollspeed high while adding a new drawscreen? Is there a way to know were in the script the code is when its overloading? Most sections are not timing critical within 1 frame, so heavy things could be turned off at a certain playfieldpos. Are there any other brilliant solutions that I am missing? The starting speed in this version is high because the blinking only happens at high speeds. That's ~100 in this build. Any help would be massively appreciated, as the grim alternative is killing the AI. MonkeyKing_NTSC.bas score_graphics.asm playerscores.asm
  12. That seemed to work a bit it now doesn't jump when the speed is below the 254. Once it moves into higher speeds and goes >1 block per frame it starts flickering like mad. But still always at the playfieldpos = 0 I think that it is flipping when it does a double jump at either 6 or 7, but I'm not sure on how to fix that. Here you can see what I do to make it scroll faster than 256 + some other stuff _left_right{2} = 1 if _sum > _speed then __skipscroll __scrolldown ;animate sprite _animate = _animate + 1 if _animate > 5 then _animate = 0 ; check if a new tree block needs to be made and then see if a branch should be made if playfieldpos = 1 then _left_right{0} = 1 : pfpixel 8 0 8 on : pfpixel 24 0 24 on else _left_right{0} = 0 if _left_right{0} && (rand & 1) then gosub __branch ;Move magic stones & ball & scroll screen missile0y = missile0y + 1 missile1y = missile1y + 1 bally = bally + 2 pfscroll down if !switchleftb then __AIscroll goto __AIscrollskip __AIscroll if missile1y > player1y && player1y < 82 then player1y = player1y + 1 __AIscrollskip __skipscroll if _left_right{1} && _left_right{2} then _left_right{2} =0 : goto __scrolldown ; speed up the tree _sum = _sum + _speed And here I increase speed to a preset maximum. if playfieldpos = 7 then __skip_new_row __skip11 if pfread(8,11) then gosub __sprite_color : drawscreen : _speed = _speed + 1 : pfhline 4 11 13 off : pfhline 20 11 28 off : score = score + 1 : gosub __bleep : gosub __sprite_color : drawscreen __skip_new_row if _speed > 254 && !_left_right{1} then _left_right{1} = 1 : _speed = 0 if _speed > 100 && _left_right{1} then _speed = 100 I just wish that it worked MonkeyKing_NTSC.bas
  13. Coolcrab

    RetroN 77

    Please ask them about the r77!
  14. So I am almost done with this game but when trying it out on real hardware I noticed that there still is a problem when playing with the AI. (So left difficulty to A) I don't know why this is happening as it only seems to be an issue when playfieldpos = 0. (Also at higher scores of 60+) I tried to turn off the AI when playfieldpos=8 but it doesnt seem to work. if !switchleftb && playfieldpos <> 8 then __AI It might have to do with it drawing the top of the tree at playfieldpos=1, I tried setting it to 2 and that worked until the speed doubled. I'm not sure why its doing this all of a sudden. Does anybody know a way around this? MonkeyKing1.0.bas.bin MonkeyKing1.0.bas
  15. Would also be nice to have a list of mini kernels.
  16. I do hope that they come back at some point. It should not be so hard to do this.
  17. I got my retron fixed and tried out my collection. Here you can see the list of working games and in the 2nd tab its sorted on what doesnt work. (Cleaning might fix some of them, so keep posted.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13TBTGmLPnamWaVA1IyYPO-GxwOrZ3-g40Yz1jOfYLFY/edit?usp=sharing It's not exactly in the same format as the original thread, does it matter that I didn't write down part number, manufacturer and cart type? I can add that at some point if needed, but not super soon. Hope that it helps!
  18. Any news from them doing stuff btw? They seem to be completely silent on the matter.
  19. Nice! I really like this tutorial. Keep it up. Also you forgot to edit the main page to link to be.4
  20. Thanks! It didn't fit but I change it up into this. if _sc1 > _a then __New_High_Score if _sc1 < _a then __Skip_High_Score if _sc2 > _b then __New_High_Score if _sc2 < _b then __Skip_High_Score if _sc3 > _c then __New_High_Score else goto __Skip_High_Score if score is xxyyzz then sc1=xx, sc2=yy, sc3=zz right? Or is it the other way around? Because it can skip the first two if's in the original code if they are not larger and the get triggered on the third. The new code seems to work better, but I'm still testing.
  21. New version up. Feedback welcome!
  22. I just noticed that my Highscore saving script does not work, mostly because it looks at the 3 score groups separately. if _sc1 > _a then __New_High_Score if _sc2 > _b then __New_High_Score if _sc3 > _c then __New_High_Score goto __Skip_High_Score __New_High_Score rem store high score _a = _sc1 : _b = _sc2 : _c = _sc3 __Skip_High_Score WIth this script 000085 will be seen as a high score compared to 002040 because 85 > 40. Is there a simple way around this that used 16 bytes or less?
  23. I've played the game with friends and family on my now fixed retron 77. Some bugs were found. The game would stop if speed=0 and p1 could move above the tree, etc. All these things are fixed. I also added a slight delay on resetting the game when dead so that you can see your score. I also made the AI a bit better so now he can live up to about 2-3k on his own. I think that it is very low on glitches now. But feedback still welcome!
  24. Yea that sucks! With Atari I'd hope that the community is small enough for people to notice
  25. I would feel bad for asking money for my games after all the help that I got creating them here on AA. I doubt that anyone is in for the money but I guess that letting the ROM exist online does make it vulnerable for pirating. (I would personally not be happy if people started to sell me games behind my back. Feel free to make you own cart for own use, but don't profit from it.) I would even go as far as to argue that sharing the source code is a good thing to do, as it allows others to learn and improve their skills.
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