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  1. New Version is up! Bugs are fixed The score glitch was caused but too many gosubs. I'm glad that you like it. The bugs are dead. (Now to hope no new ones pop up )
  2. New Version is up! Bugs are fixed The score glitch was caused but too many gosubs. I'm glad that you like it. The bugs are dead. (Now to hope no new ones are up )
  3. This is super useful, keep going please!
  4. This is starting out to be very useful! Keep it up
  5. I get most of the code, but now why bne in this line stops when y=0. How do you tell it what bank to look at? bne minikernelloop ; goto minikernelloop unless the Y register now contains 0
  6. Oh, I'm probably not setting the 'high speed' bit to 0 when restarting. I'll fix that! So it starts at speed = 255 instead of 75. But you like the new speed? Is the ramp up good or should it be a bit slower? Currently it gets +1 speed for every bleep up to 510, starting speed is 75. (So if you don't slow down the top speed is reached at 435 points.) The top speed trick will only get you to 255 speed at the moment (so old top speed) I might fix that. A slowdown takes down 20, so it does next to nothing at high speeds. I'm thinking of making it 40 at high speeds, just to make it be noticeable. Less skilled players would have to use the slow down a lot. Which is not bad I think. Gives you a reason to come back. Thanks for testing!
  7. V0.19 is in the Bb topic, it has a graphics glitch so I won't post it here until that is solved. But Fire button has been implemented as a game starter, the speed can be twice as fast which outright kills me and some glitches are solved. I also switched game modes so that A/A is a multiplayer game that ends when either player dies. B/B is single player endless game. This was done to empathize that its a multiplayer game. (Javatari versions might stay the way they are, just to make it more accessible, but otherwise this seems more logical.) Damn you are good! I let him walk for 1000+ points on his own and he did not miss any dots. But I'll test it some more. If you have time, could you check if you can keep up with the new top speed? Its twice as fast as the speed in the last version. I can't survive without using slowdown. How do you turn that on? You mean frame back in the debugger or some other function?
  8. Glitches are fixed and Higher max speed, fire button starts game, flipped game modes to emphasize its a multiplayer game. THere is a small graphics glitch but it does not seem to be game breaking, so I felt OK uploading.
  9. I was actually thinking of how I could make the game go faster, as people seem to think that the max speed now is very manageable. At max _speed it goes 1 pixel per loop and going above that will be hard I think without getting jumpy. Or call the move routine when supercounter =1 and then the normal move to do it twice. The question is however how does one get down from this speed? because if its 1+50 and you go down by 30 twice it will be 1 + 245 instead of 0 + 245. I guess something like IF slowdown > _speed then supercounter = supercounter -1 ? Efficiency is important here as I lack ROM.
  10. Oops, I see why. Speed goes over 256 and the speed up works if speed > 0. So it stops at 0. I'll have a fix up later today.
  11. Saw it on the ZPH livestream. Very cool game!
  12. So I am not the only one! You can get a new one if you still have the receipt.
  13. Could not let the sound go lower as it would be off. But the color of the winner is now shown as the BG in endless mode.
  14. v0.18 has some more streamlining and now turns the background into the wining players color. (In endless mode)
  15. - Running out of space so have to prioritize. But that would be a good idea if it fits. - Uhu, its a bit quieter now. - Thats a good idea. maybe change the BG or something. I should be able to do that. (but it would take space away from point 1 ) I like this more though. In the rightdifficulty button A game mode the game ends when one player dies, so you still see lives of the surviving one. In the endless game mode there should be something. I'll try this idea. Thanks. . I'll try to implement it after work.
  16. -It used to start when you pressed the fire button, but I noticed that it often restarted after you died. (thus losing the chance to see the score, etc.) So that might be annoying for people who are going for high scores. its a good one to ask around for though! -I can make the sound quieter compared to the other sounds. Its already 60% vs 100%. Maybe 40% is better. But I would like to keep the sounds in, it helps me estimate how quick its moving. -I'll look into that. I agree that it looks weird.
  17. Once my r77 works again I'll try out my collection of pal games. Could I get access to the thread?
  18. Woow you just killed my record by a factor of 10! Want me to put you on the webpage? Also if you want more challenge, play in gamemode b for right difficulty. (So game ends when either player dies) and try to keep the AI alive allongside yourself and see how far you can get. You can remove the coconuts before they hit him and let him take points to heal up. (He doesn't chase them, but if they are on his path he will take them and if he has 3 he will use it to heal up. Oh and if he has two he will use it to kill the coconut if it falls)
  19. Yes the slowdown speedup is unintentional, the variable goes below 0 and then starts out high again. You should be able to slow it down again but you will need about 5-6 of them to get back to the start again. (The game starts at speed 75 and goes up to 250, every point adds one speed and the slow down subtracts 30) I can easily remove it, but this might be a good strategy to thwart others. What do you think? I could make the rocks a bit more rare, maybe only in the 1p mode. In 2p it's a lot more difficult if the other player also grabs them. It's very much designed for 2p and hacked to be fun for 1p I would say. What was your too score btw? Is it above 748? That's the current high score. And yes the coconut is supposed to die with the remove branch power. It makes it a lot more useful to carry around.
  20. That is useful! Thanks. Although that would require me to know what Fuchia and teal is. But I can look up the color hex in one and compare it to the other. Thanks! I admit that the graphics are the weak point here. But with the space (and knowledge) limitations it's hard to really up those in a meaningful way. I'll try to make a gameplay video soon-ish and hopefully that will enthuse more people.
  21. Newest version is up, now with PAL and NTSC version. See top post for downloads and images. There is also a Javatari link for online play.
  22. That makes sense. I have a bunch of NTSC games that work on my pal console (apart from the colors). Pal 60 is best then I think as people can compare scores between regions.
  23. Yea ok the game is pal60 now. That's perfect.
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