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  1. This actually worked for me today.. Had a similar screen.. was shocked that it worked.
  2. I really appreciate the help. Thanks again. Unfortunately the STalker link doesn't work and it's also only demo. I was hoping someone know where to get a working copy of it. Best Regards
  3. Thank you for the nice welcome. This is an interesting project and I look forward to trying it out. Right now I'm really looking for Terminal programs that support ANSI. I want to connect to Dark Force BBS.
  4. I recently received a Retro WiFi SI to serial adaptor and I'm looking for some help on locating some good terminal emulation software. I was able to find TAZ, however in ansi mode it gives me a headache with all the flicker. I've read that STalker and ANSITerm are both good to, however I can not find a version of either that isn't a demo ware. Happy to pay for a version of either, but it looks like they are abandonware. Also I'm looking for some Atari Telnet BBS recommendations. Best Regards
  5. Does anyone know how to tell if a computer is either PAL or NTSC?
  6. I think a service like this using modern computer technology we should be able to get the price down to $3/hour In all seriousness, it would be amazing to see a classic online service like this available for multiple systems. E.g. a C64, Atari, and a PC windows port.
  7. I tried connecting it to my LCD, but I used a RCA to HDMI converter box and I tried PAL and NTSC. Didn't work. Is there a way I can tell by serial number or something on the system tag that indicates if it's PAL?
  8. I purchased a NOS Atari 130XE from Ebay, I believe it's NTSC, but the seller was from Venezuela. I finally purchased a Commodore 1802 monitor and a 5 pin DIN to computer 4 RCA jacks. I bought the cable from http://www.best-electronics-ca.com The cable signal codes for the RCA jacks are as follows: White Luma Yellow Audio Black Chroma(not all XL) Red Composite I'm able to verify the monitor works as I've connected another system to it. I've tried connecting the NOS Atari 130XE using the RCA mapping above and I've even tried a couple other combinations. Unfortunately I'm not getting a proper image. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing. I'm looking for some suggestions how I should go about troubleshooting. I'm really bummed as I was really looking forward to getting back into Atari. I also feel like such a sucker buying a NIB machine for so much money without it being tested. My bad, live and learn. Best Regards, Dr.Woo
  9. This will be gone tomorrow. https://www.ebay.com/itm/162530093076 Atari ST 1040STe Complete System with Monitor
  10. I can not find any information about how to use it with CosmosEx.. Not sure if Taz does telnet natively either.. That's what I'm trying to figure out is how to connect to a Telnet BBS from a Atari ST.
  11. I'm just getting started and I have a CosmosEX mini with and STe.. My goal is to connect to your BBS via a real ST over telnet. What do I need besides a terminal program that like Taz or Connect95? Can I use sting with CosmosEX or do I need to buy more hardware?
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