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  1. Hi, Just a question: is it all right on NTSC television systems with the McWill (Game Gear) vga to scart video output?
  2. Hi I thought the screen was the same for all the Lynx II. So I bought a Lynx II thinking to change the screen with some broken pixels with a perfect one I've got. I opened the "new" Lynx and found it is a C104129-001 REV.2 (never seen before) While others I've got are all C104471-001 REV.A But on the screen (on both I mean) there is the same code: C104160 REVA Even if the little rectangular plastic sheet attached to the screen flat connector is white on the "new" one (I mean the C104129-001 REV.2 one) while it's black on the C104471-001 REV.A screen. But I repeat: the code on the two screens is the same: C104160 REVA Anyway, the screen of the Lynx C104471-001 REV.A (tested many times and also now) doesn't work at all on the REV. 2 So I tested again and that screen works perfectly on a C104471-001 REV.A And broken pixels apart, the C104129-001 REV.2 works with its own screen. Do you have any experiences about that thing?
  3. I talked with some electronic experts here in Italy. We compared the datasheets (for the Lynx expressly) and they told me that STD12NF06L is better than the original mosfet.... i've ordered a couple and I will try it...
  4. Thanks for your opinion karri...and off course the t4 to-252
  5. Hi, the original mosfet for the Lynx I & II, Motorola, cod. MTD3055E and ALSO its replacement, ST, cod. STD12N06 are out of production I found STD12NF06L mosfet. In production at the moment. Does it fit for the purpose, in your opinion? Here the datasheets: MTD3055E: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/168557/MOTOROLA/MTD3055E.html STD12N06: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/24013/STMICROELECTRONICS/STD12N06.html STD12NF06L: http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/24018/STMICROELECTRONICS/STD12NF06L.html
  6. Ah ok....but in my opinion that position is unconfortable to connect the VGA cable and play on a monitor...
  7. I don't agree with you...and the best place is neither on the back Even if, for me, between the bottom and the back position, it is better on the back (but in this case if you whant to use a SMS/Game Gear converter, you can use only a Nuby converter). But I repeat...the BEST position is not on the back and neither on the bottom...
  8. Thanks Unfortunately there was not an Atari controller good enough...I mean...used Atari controllers are expensive, they have few buttons (5 buttons are necessary for the Lynx) and so... I decided to use this kind of controller (it's not an original Nes one...it's a copy... unbranded...) adding more the pause button...
  9. Here we are with the video! Sorry...I'm a terrible videomaker!! And sorry also for my playing but it was impossible to watch the video recording phone screen and the monitor at the same time...
  10. Mine has all the functions, except for the three buttons on the left of the Lynx screen, so: ON, OFF, BACLIGHT which are unnecessary on an external controller. While it has all the other functions, so if you press together OPTION1 and II on the controller, you will have RESTART. Also if you press II and OPTION2 together you will have the FLIP function, so the 90° rotate feature you were talking about. Even if this feature is unnecessary playing on a monitor.... The aesthetic result is good, in my opinion. Also for the connector on the Lynx...
  11. Yes...thanks.... If you click on the photos you can see them in high resolution... On the external controller you can find: the thumb cross, option 1, otion 2, fire 1, fire 2 and pause.
  12. For pause I put a button at purpose...in the photo of the controller you can see it!
  13. Hi, I don't know if anybody did it before, but I've made a Lynx II with external controller. This starting from a McWill screen (thanks Marco for your great screen!). This thing allows me to play on a monitor with in my hands not the big Lynx as a controller, but a smaller control pad. So I've consolized the Lynx I think I will make a youtube video soon...in the meantime, I put here some photos...
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