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  1. Albert is aware of the second account. I am sorry. I'll ask Albert to delete this account if it is a problem. I am mojofltr.


    ... edit


    btw, your feedback is nearly satanic! icon_eek.gif


    (I'm not into numerology... just poking fun)

  2. This will probably be the lamest post you've all read, but...


    Does posting in a blog add to your post count? I'm considering starting a blog and would like to do it under my former handle, but (out of pure silliness on my part) I want my old handle's post count to remain at 2600. Hahahah. My apologies for being a dweeb.




    I was thinking it might be fun to blog about the games I am making in batari Basic, upload photos and WIP bins, and get feedback.

  3. The room will be marked red if it is within two rooms of a wumpus... green if it is next to a pit. In the TI-99/4a game, it would show the map when a round was finished/lost. Unfortunately, this version does not because it is outside my ability... or at least I couldn't think of a good way to do it. :/

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  4. Without having the source open, I think it may be something like your code that I used.


    BTW, RT... Thanks for your help! Without your page as a resource, I wouldn't be having so much fun with bB. ;)

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  5. I hesitate to call anything finished. I prefer "playable". Haha. There's almost always a bug or two left behind. I have had games that I returned to a year or so after I thought they were finished and added or changed stuff. For example, I became frustrated with my version of Picross and stopped playing with it for nearly a year before I decided to make it an html5 game instead of an Android game.


    I don't know whether or not there will be any cartridges made of my bB games. I have been in communication with Albert about a Mine Dig cartridge and the prospects look good that it might happen. :)

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  6. Yes, it was intentional. In this version, the maps are quite a bit smaller. So I thought switching maps would better disorient the player. I might be able to throw in an option to stay on a single map, but I'd probably use the second difficulty switch... because, as I said above, my stinking Atari is broken. Also, if I recall correctly, I was never very happy when the bat dropped me in a pit or handed me over to the Wumpus. Haha.

  7. :D


    I just swapped that last binary with beta 03h. It has all the previous changes, a couple of graphical glitches are fixed, and a tweak to the title screen.


    I need to remake about 5 maps. If anyone is interested, I could upload the map editing tool I made and you could submit a map?

  8. wumpus beta 03f


    The "blindfold" mode works on real hardware now. Scoring is also implemented.


    There is a known bug where sometimes a stray pixel shows up on a map. I don't know why and I have no idea where to start to try to remedy this. It doesn't affect gameplay. It just makes me swear... a lot, but the neighbors have only called the police twice.


    Note: The "blindfold" mode is set using the color/b&w switch because I discovered that the difficulty switch is broken on my VCS... :C /me swears some more and flips the birdy at the Atari.

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  9. A couple of previous attempts have been made, but none ever made it to cart:




    The tunneling would be great for an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons clone. I'd like to do something like that, but I have no idea how to go about it. :)




    I'm going way off track now, but if anyone likes Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as much as I do, there was a very similar game for the Famicom called Dragon Buster II.




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  10. Ah, cool! :) I went and checked the manual and you are absolutely correct!


    I have some leftover variables; I don't think this would be at all difficult to implement. Maybe on the title screen, I could have the score display yellow for the number of wins, change to red for the number of times eaten, and then to green for the number of pits fallen into.

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