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  1. This is a continuation of a thread started in the Emulation section about RetroArch that morphed into using ReShade with Altirra. I am trying to get ReShade Home (reshade.me) to work with Altirra in one of the DirectX modes. I can get it to work using OpenGL when installing ReShade and selecting OpenGL as the only api in Altirra. The problem is that OpenGL is too slow on the Atari VCS. I cannot get it to work if I install it as DirectX 9 or DirectX 10, 11 or 12 and selecting the corresponding DirectX in Altirra. Youxia was able to get it to work with DirectX 11 by somehow installing ReShade as OpenGL and then swapping to DirectX 11...but this method doesn't work for me. ReShade is working with Stella and DirectX so I'm hoping there is still a way to get it to work in Altirra.
  2. Sure, I'll start another thread. I can't get any version of DirectX to work...even with the method you describe.
  3. Well it turns out that OpenGL is too slow for Altirra on an Atari VCS with Windows 10. Wish there was a way to get ReShade to work under DirectX 9 or above.
  4. I'm having difficulty with round corners. I can get them to show in Window mode but when I put Altirra in Full Screen mode, they're not visible on the Atari image. They are near the monitor's bezel. Since the Atari image is much smaller and in the center of the monitor... they do not show.
  5. The problem with the RetroArch shader being off-center is fixable by adjusting the screen size and frame size in the crtgeom.fx settings. I'll need to play around with it to get the best settings for full screen viewing. Is that 320x192 set for both screen size and frame size? I like this ReShade. I have been looking for a front-end like RetroArch that launches the various emulators and has shader support that will look identical from emulator to emulator. The RetroArch Stella core doesn't support Atari Paddles...so that is out. It looks like Attract-Mode will be the launcher with the various emulators for the different systems... and ReShade to give me the authentic CRT look. Thanks for pointing this out!
  6. I think when you added DX11, Altirra was still in OpenGL mode so it appeared that it was working. Upon restarting Altirra, it switches to DX11 mode and then ReShade fails. That "appears" to be what's happening here. I did try the RetroArch shaders but the display went off-center when I turned on crtgeom.fx. I'll have a look at that one again.
  7. Thanks youxia. I got OpenGL to work but it is slow. Would like to try DX11 but not having luck. Did you uninstall ReShade OpenGL and re-install it as DirectX 11 before you changed OpenGL to DX11 in Altirra display options?
  8. ReShade isn't a package that get manually inserted. After I asked the question, I found this... How does reshade work? - ReShade Forum It installs itself into the games program directory and applies shaders that are not normally available for a game. It works fine with Stella.
  9. Thanks for this info. How does ReShade inject itself into a program when the program is launched? I see some files get added to the program directory along with a folder that has the .fx files... but how does the program know to call ReShade?
  10. That link is working.
  11. I'm trying ReShade with Altirra but I can't get it to work. Have you tried it with Altirra?
  12. It already does. Tool-Options-Settings
  13. When I launch a 5200 title, I sometimes get the Select Cartridge Mapper dialog. The option labeled as (Recommended) normally works. Is there a way to automatically run the (Recommended) option? I'm aware of being able to save a new version of the firmware with the option I choose.
  14. For me, it's not a matter of sensitivity. The stick is a much smaller diameter than a paddle knob. It just doesn't provide a good "feel" for control.
  15. Yes...and it doesn't cut it. It works but twisting that narrow stick is too difficult for precise control. The original Atari Paddles were great. I'll always use a set of real Atari paddles unless/until we get a new paddle with the same specs as the originals.
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