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  1. Is it possible the card is in incorrectly? I seem to recall it needed to be upside down (contacts facing upwards) when inserted.
  2. I like to unplug devices also. Keep the adaptor plugged in the 5200 but unplug the side in the AC outlet. Or, you can get a switch on the AC outlet side and just turn on/off as needed.
  3. Network... meaning for multiple players only?
  4. The site doesn't have any information. What does it do?
  5. Sounds good. Thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to getting this.
  6. Yea, it would have been nice if they included those and Sigil.
  7. I seem to remember one of the AtariAge members converted all of the 5200 games? He had them on ebay until someone questioned his legitamacy. I was hoping to hear about these again because supposedly they were more accurate than the Glenn conversions.
  8. Thanks...and wouldn't you know it, I recently purchased Doom Classic Complete for the PS3.
  9. I like the new display options. Is there an option for round corner?
  10. Thanks. I think I meant to ask for the RSS feed for the home page news. There was one in IgHome but it no longer works.
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