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  1. I like the new display options. Is there an option for round corner?
  2. Thanks. I think I meant to ask for the RSS feed for the home page news. There was one in IgHome but it no longer works.
  3. Is there an RSS feed for the new forum?
  4. I'm getting a confirmation prompt when I "Mark Forum As Read". Is there a way to suppress this?
  5. I never did DOOM 3 but I thought it was part of the "classic" line. With the development of this thread, I see with an image search that it is a "next generation" DOOM. With the release of Sigil, I started thinking about DOOM again. Wolfenstein 3D is another one I would like to see for the PS4/5. Does anyone know if the PS3 version has enemies that turn their back...unlike the Jaguar version?
  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I still wish we can get a PS4 port.
  7. I see the PS3 has DOOM 3 BFG Edition which has 1 & 2 and DOOM Classic Complete which has 1, 2 and Final Doom. Which would be the one to get?
  8. Yea... I wouldn't want a streaming version. Thanks.
  9. Is classic Doom available for the PS4?
  10. This was brought up before in the SDrive-ARM thread. Someone said they were writing a new loader to show long names. I guess it never came to light.
  11. Is the game play the same as the standard version?
  12. Still hoping this project will be completed.
  13. Great game but having to start from scratch everytime you get hit ruins it for me. The playing field is too large for this.
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