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  1. I thought there were only two. The "void" one was legit? I thought that was just someone's joke.
  2. But back then, most purchases were done with the box in hand... or a catalog showing a screen shot and a small description. You pretty much knew what you were getting.
  3. I have been trying to disable secure boot but I can't get past the password prompt. I tried the one above in post #254 and the original Piano... one but no go. What gives?
  4. Is there a way to "fit" the mazes to the screen... so the entire maze is visible?
  5. Nice! I'm looking forward to this and the Jaguar GD. Thanks.
  6. Yes, I am using Attract-Mode. An .ini parameter would be fine. I also will use a 2600-daptor II with official Atari joysticks...either the 2600 or 7800 joystick. Thank you.
  7. No problem. Thank you for looking into it.
  8. No actually. MAME uses about 4% CPU.
  9. I'm sure my CPU isn't the best but it definitely does more than browsing and light work. The other 7800 emulators run fine as does Altirra, Stella, Phoenix Project, ColEm, ColCV, etc... and that's including running ReShade injecting shaders. A7800 is just more intensive than these others.
  10. I tried all those options but no change. The CPU runs between 41% to 44%. I'm using a Lenovo M90n-1... one of those micro PCs. Thanks for the info on the video option. Mine was set to auto but trying all the options and reducing sample rate to 22050 didn't make any change at all. This happens even with the black and orange bars without a game loaded.
  11. Thanks for that info. I think I'll stick with an emulator that I can run without dropping frames. BupSystem is nice but development may have ended and I can't get it to launch in full screen from a command-line.
  12. The A7800 causes my fan to run really fast... and therefore loud. Other 7800 emulators, such as BupSystem don't cause this effect. Is there an option in A7800 that I can try to prevent this?
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