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  1. The title of this thread says FIXED. What was the fix?
  2. I have one of those 2-in-1 adaptors with the y-cable for the main unit and the CD unit. It's output is DC 9V - 3000mA max. Is it safe to use this on the main unit even when the CD unit is not attached?
  3. Thanks SainT. I saw that but I thought it could only be used to create the files. Can I also use it to edit an existing file... just to change the name within?
  4. That explains it. Is there a tool which will allow editing of the .mrq file?
  5. I notice that some titles show the extension .rom or .jag while others don't. Also, Iron Soldier 2.j64 just shows up as Iron Soldier... without the 2. Some titles do not show [ST] in them while others do. How can I correct this?
  6. Also with Windows 10, you can install Altirra and run all the 400/800/5200 titles with the available roms... and the paddle controllers work. Paddle controllers don't work in Retroarch. I use Attract-Mode. Use Bubsystem in Windows 10 and run all the 7800 roms. Not sure what you can do on the Series S.
  7. Can you take before and after pics?
  8. I don't think anything will work well. Some products may reduce the appearance but you'll always be able to see them.
  9. How much free space did you have after the flash?
  10. I asked because the links only showed a Windows 10 version and an Android version with no mention of an 8-bit coming.
  11. I thought there were only two. The "void" one was legit? I thought that was just someone's joke.
  12. But back then, most purchases were done with the box in hand... or a catalog showing a screen shot and a small description. You pretty much knew what you were getting.
  13. I have been trying to disable secure boot but I can't get past the password prompt. I tried the one above in post #254 and the original Piano... one but no go. What gives?
  14. Is there a way to "fit" the mazes to the screen... so the entire maze is visible?
  15. Nice! I'm looking forward to this and the Jaguar GD. Thanks.
  16. Yes, I am using Attract-Mode. An .ini parameter would be fine. I also will use a 2600-daptor II with official Atari joysticks...either the 2600 or 7800 joystick. Thank you.
  17. No problem. Thank you for looking into it.
  18. No actually. MAME uses about 4% CPU.
  19. I'm sure my CPU isn't the best but it definitely does more than browsing and light work. The other 7800 emulators run fine as does Altirra, Stella, Phoenix Project, ColEm, ColCV, etc... and that's including running ReShade injecting shaders. A7800 is just more intensive than these others.
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