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  1. To my knowledge, Pine-Sol does not have ammonia in it. At any rate, I figured since I just used it on my vinyl flooring it was a pretty safe bet to use on the outside of the controllers. I probably should do a post on how I do my "clean-up" details. Thanks for the warning at any rate!
  2. I saved a couple CX40 controllers from a landfill destination. They were even going to toss 8 games too. I had no idea they would wind up being the nicest controllers Ive seen. The cord ends looked like they have never been plugged in, the side of the button didnt even have a scratch on it. The second one cleaned up just as well. I felt good about this. I switched up my cleaning method and I think Ill stick with it from now on. Pine Sol. It takes so little of it to clean and man did these things shine when I was done. No residue afterwards either.
  3. Flawless transaction! Fairly priced, packed and shipped well (at his own expense) and very well communicated. From the first message to the box on my doorstep, bfstats wants nothing but satisfaction. He got mine.
  4. Another great transaction! He went out of his way for just six games shipped to me. Even threw in a very nice freebie for me. Top notch guy!
  5. Such a great guy to work with! Courteous, quick and communicates perfectly. His stuff is clean, exactly as described and shipped well (packing and on time) I keep trying to find more excuses to deal with him!
  6. The captain of atari cart trading. Phenomenal shipping, super packing and perfect communication. I would love to do more business with him!
  7. I've never played an online game. I seek out video games to avoid people, not to interact with real people. I can guarantee I am not the p1 audience that modern designers are catering to. I'm playing goat simulator and pac-man championship edition. I'd rather show off scores on a leader board than interact. I also can't fathom watching someone live streaming their playing a game. I'm old apparently.
  8. 2 4switch woodies 1 jr. Short rainbow 1 7800 1 colecovision w/converter 1 intellivision w/game changer My jr makes all the rest of them look ugly on screen. It may be a cheap turd, but it sure looks pretty on the screen. In all fairness, the 7800 is hooked to a plasma, so it may not get a fair shake.
  9. I went with pure numbers on this, because I feel like I could justify all (well, most) of them. 1- 2600 The first video game I ever played, Video Olympics with my cousin. He had pitfall, but I wasn't old enough to appreciate it, but we got really competitive with Pong. I was 7 or 8 he was about 5 years older than me, and he got so mad at me. I still remember him getting his mouth washed out with soap a few times. I'm currently a little over 200 into the collection, and it's getting harder to hunt for. 2- With about half of my 2600 collection is the N.E.S. This is where I cut my teeth with the whole neighborhood gang. We would do weekend marathons of super mario, zelda, castlevania and whatever we else we could rent. I can't believe how much money my folks shelled out for this stuff. We were as broke as anyone could be and not starve or lose the house, but I never had time to see it or know it. We had quite a few "power outages" that my friends didn't have. Mom worked her tail off in a meat packing plant, dad was a trucker and all I ever had to worry about were my shoes and video games. They were magicians at painting rosy pictures. When the world is as big as your living room, a bank repoing three beaters in a few years (as you later learn) is just normal maintenance. My mom was one heck of mario master, by the way... 3- ColecoVision Probably my favorite without any sentimental ties for a console. It's got such an arsenal of great arcade ports. If the controllers were a little more friendly it would more mileage. (4)- Wii U It's just such an orphan system that I have to adopt it. I think it's got a great library (especially when you figure in backward compatibility). It's somewhat inexpensive to collect for the best thing is, my kid is really good at a lot of games and he likes most of the games I don't, which is good because one of us will play about anything we can find. It is optical though...
  10. I didn't see anyone mention the VG Collection Tracker app yet. I use it for inventory and for high scores and completed games as well. The way I do it is to snap a pic of the screen or just scribble it down and then just jot it down to the app. It depends on what game I'm playing. Speedy games like Fast Food and Yar's Revenge tend to lock me into scribbles more than not.
  11. /\/\/\ Is a very good post. Very introspective even if those particular rules won't fit my "strategy". Seems like I gravitate more now to the systems that cater to my personality. Atari 2600: My short attention span, easy gameplay, difficult to master. N64: For the racing games. NES: For the puzzle games, the platformers and the variety. Sega: For my shmup cravings. Colecovision: It's just timeless to me. Inexpensive, and those arcade ports!!! It took me collecting to gain the insight to see what consoles excel at what and how that relates to me and my personality. My Xbox one is a 4k Netflix player that I play cupbhead and Mortal Kombat on.
  12. Popeye on the nes has the speed, but misses some of the movements and/or movement accuracy the colecovision and the arcade had. I think the colors are too saturated too. Having said that, it's probably my favorite port of it, but I do love my coleco...
  13. Adventure Island Excitebike Felix the Cat Fire 'n Ice Gun Nac Popeye Rainbow Islands R.C. Pro-Am SMB (insert number here) I love them all. The Legend of Zelda My close followers that had to get edited to ten... Adventures of Lolo Bubble Bobble Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers Contra Dig Dug DuckTales Kid Icarus Krusty's Fun house Mega man (3) Solomon's Key Tetris Tiny Toon Adventures
  14. I never look at their website. It just seems, well... icky. I frequent several others but theirs just doesn't work.
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