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  1. Yes, two of them have the type 1 Alps keyboard. Both are PAL machines as you would expect over here. The third (very yellow) one is a type 2, that one has a non-working P key. It also has a channel switch, so it's probably NTSC. Rather rare to find one of those over here. No Lode Runner cartridge with this lot, but I used to have a boxed one.
  2. I'm curious to see how the book turns out now that it's funded. This topic has produced plenty of remarks and suggestions for improvement. Now it is up to the author to take these and make it a better book for the backers. In the mean time, following Fred_M's tip I bought The Atari Book, which is indeed a great magazine book. The second edition is available from https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/gaming/the-atari-book-second-edition/ .
  3. Picked up this lot to have some spares for my 800XL workhorse. Besides what's pictured here it came with some additional cartridges and a Best catalog and video cable. One 800XL is 100% working, one has a key not working and one has the console keys not working. Nice project for the summer.
  4. I agree with the sentiment of this post. However, it is always a possible substandard product before it is released. On the subject of the book, valid concerns have been raised about the book and I'm interested in how and if the project continues. Also, to me, somehow, instead of only straight criticism of the book, this topic at times almost feels like a bunch of schoolboys ganging up on a bloke in a corner of the schoolyard.
  5. There are no modifications to a standard case needed with the new board. I received mine two weeks ago. It's great! Some photo's:
  6. It's been a while, but the floppy cable goes from the ST floppy port to the disk drive IN port of the first disk drive. Then a second cable goes from the OUT port of the first disk drive to the IN port of the second disk drive. Make sure the ST and the disk drives are off before you connect them together.
  7. If my memory is correct this is the PC Speed. It adds PC compatibility.
  8. I'm fine with one from the new run, knowing the risk and the price. Now if three more would jump aboard, we could have a run of 10.
  9. Back in the days I never got the idea that the ST was developed as a gaming machine. It was presented as a serious machine meant to compete on price and capabilities with the Apple Macintosh and IBM PC compatibles. A new breed compared to the 8 bit machines. And as such it did well in Europe, where PCs and Apples were much more expensive, and not as widespread as in the US. I believe in the US Atari also suffered from its gaming image and doubts about the future of Atari, as expressed in articles written about the ST at the time. It was only later that ST's and STE's were marketed as gaming machines (primarily in the UK with 512kb versions and game packs), competing with the Amiga and C64/C128.
  10. Any others willing to buy and help out with developing this? I had already asked to be put on the list. It's a quite special project with good enhancements as well as compatibility with existing peripherals. It would be a shame if development would slow down.
  11. That's too bad. Hopefully some development will take place and with enough interest a run can happen next year.
  12. Try this, you can see which buttons are pressed: https://youtu.be/iQT_Qjl3OQ8?t=3m30s
  13. Look here for instructions: https://retrogamesultra.com/2017/03/06/atari-sio2sd/
  14. Great! Just put my order in. I totally forgot about it.
  15. You can not use a TV for both hires and color modes. You can use some (VGA) monitors for that, but they have to able to sync down to 15 kHz line frequency for color mode. There are lists of compatible monitors (Google is your friend). In the Netherlands, you can order something like this which is on some lists: https://www.123pccenter.nl/nec-multisync-1970nx-19-inch-monitor Low res color and hires give the best picture on these.
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