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  1. Two for me (one for XL, one for 800).
  2. Just like an Apple is not a Panasonic device.
  3. Just a small removable black "i" will do. If incognito 2 ever appears you can use the red "i". But, being incognito it's best not to add anything at all.
  4. As Mclaneinc and others have said, as a starter who likes to type in games and eventually use a disk drive, you should get an 800XL or if cheaper a 65XE as they come with 64k RAM built-in and a proper keyboard. Also, I seem to remember the TI99 needed a Basic cartridge like the 400/800. Or was that just for a proper extended Basic?
  5. José, It's good that you had the courage to ask. Money sent with Paypal. No need of proof, just let us know from time to time how you are doing. I'm not able to work much myself anymore, but I was lucky because I had public and private insurance that came through in the end. Hang in there!
  6. I tried the India reprint route once, never received anything.....
  7. While waiting for the new run of the Incognito, I was looking for a matching printer for my 800. You can't find an 820, 822, or 825 for sale here in Europe. So I am glad I found this boxed KX-P1081 on Ebay. Back in the day I had a Panasonic KX-P1091i with my ST, so I know these are very reliable and Epson compatible. Just tested it and it works fine. Looks a bit patchy on this Ebay photo, but after some cleaning it looks fine.
  8. I have a CF-150b. The difference with the Tandy versions is that this has a backlight and only MSDOS in ROM, no Desk mate. It has a small lead battery (like in a moped/car). There is a provision for a RAM card inside (can be used as a Ramdisk). The 720k floppy drive has a belt that needs to be replaced as these have turned to gunk long ago. That's probably why things went horribly wrong when you attempted to use a floppy disc. A nice compact machine for some Turbo Pascal or Basic programming and limited grey scale DOS gaming (no monitor out). Still need to replace the battery and the belt on mine.
  9. Sounds like the Seikosha Unihammer system, as in the 1029.
  10. For parts: The Philips cm8833-ll, Commodore 1084s-p1, 1084s-p2 are equivalents with more connections.
  11. The board reads LM48001G. That points to the display being a Sharp LM-48001G. The specifications are display size 237mm x 70,5 mm, 16 rows with 80 columns, resolution 480 x 120 points. Available from the end of 1983. (Source: C't Magazine, december 1983
  12. Yes, two of them have the type 1 Alps keyboard. Both are PAL machines as you would expect over here. The third (very yellow) one is a type 2, that one has a non-working P key. It also has a channel switch, so it's probably NTSC. Rather rare to find one of those over here. No Lode Runner cartridge with this lot, but I used to have a boxed one.
  13. I'm curious to see how the book turns out now that it's funded. This topic has produced plenty of remarks and suggestions for improvement. Now it is up to the author to take these and make it a better book for the backers. In the mean time, following Fred_M's tip I bought The Atari Book, which is indeed a great magazine book. The second edition is available from https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/gaming/the-atari-book-second-edition/ .
  14. Picked up this lot to have some spares for my 800XL workhorse. Besides what's pictured here it came with some additional cartridges and a Best catalog and video cable. One 800XL is 100% working, one has a key not working and one has the console keys not working. Nice project for the summer.
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