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  1. Atari was too busy counting their money, and doin' blow.
  2. Telescope,....Bowl of night,.....WTF?
  3. Make sure you didn't install any of the electrolytic capacitors backwards.
  4. "Play it once, or own it forever" "25c" Damn! Sign me up. I did the record club thing, and also remember the Littleton coin company.
  5. My favorite. Not my video 7UP Pac-Man Commercial (1982) [BEST QUALITY]__1080p.mp4
  6. Typical unscrupulous behavior from Atari.
  7. More info: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254515610085
  8. Call it a banana if you want. Swordquest is a blatant example of how greedy Atari was. Anytime I see a company (random example McDonalds, Coca-cola, etc.) with a game or contest, I consider it an obviously gimmicky attempt for fame and/or fortune. I loose some respect for an otherwise upstanding company. But Atari wasn't an upstanding company. Their greed caused Atari, and most of the video game market in America to collapse. BTW, Swordquest isn't fun. It wasn't fun in 1982, and it isn't fun now. Just a bad memory. Thanks for listening to my $0.02
  9. "Warren Robinett's 50 year old "masterpiece" Isn't it 40 years?
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