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  1. I have had so many negative interactions with this group, I can't be a part of it anymore. Albert, please remove me from AA, and everything else associated. Here, I will just give you a good reason and tell the group how I feel: Dear AA group members; GO FUCK YOURSELVES! YOU ARE ALL OF A BUNCH OF TIGHT ASS, PENNY PINCHING, MOTHER FUCKERS. I DONT EVEN LIKE ATARI ANYMORE. ATARI SUCKS DICK! I CANT TOLORATE THE SHITTY GRAPHICS ANYMORE. i'M GOING TO SELL ALL MY ATARI CHEAP. WHAT DOESN'T SELL I'M THROWING AWAY. IF IT DOESN'T SELL QUICK, IM GOING TO DESTROY IT ALL. I HAVE A GOOD SLEDGEHAMMER THAT WILL TAKE CARE OF IT! I'LL KEEP MY NINTENDO STUFF AND BE VERY HAPPY WITH THAT. YOU GUYS CAN ALL SUCK ON YOUR ATARIS, YOU FUCKING BABIES. P.S. Crazy Climber, you're not included. I always liked you.
  2. Well thanks Shawn. Nice to meet you too. Try to find what I have listed on eBay for less. There are other Cuttle Carts and Stella GNB, and all of them are more than mind. Forgive me for being a Capitalist with prices lower than anyone else on eBay. I thought I would cut the club a break. $375 isn't written in stone.
  3. Listed this on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254800326954 Will sell for $375 for all if purchased through Atari Age and not eBay. Paypal only. Free shipping to USA. Shipping elsewhere possible, but be prepared to pay much extra for the cost and hassle.
  4. Back before shopping malls got real popular, our family would go to Sears almost every friday. My father would hang out in with the tools, Mom in the clothing department. Me, I was always in electronics. I loved checking out the stereo's. Then I saw my first VCS. I was hooked. I received one for Christmas that year, I think. Man, almost everything my family owned came from that store. " There's more for your life... at Sears!! "
  5. This might work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-3-5mm-Plug-to-RCA-Audio-Adapter-Mono-Male-Plug-to-Female-Jack-Connector/392010819690
  6. Even back then it was taken as fluff, and not taken very seriously. I think we're getting off topic, so I'll just say, caveat emptor.
  7. "New and improved" would have been a better description for something like Pitfall II.
  8. "New and improved" was a commonly used sales term in the 1970's and 1980's.
  9. I remember seeing the original Gameline for sale at Gemco (discout store) in about 1983. I remember reading the box and not understanding, and thinking it was some kind of gimmicky BS. They had quite a few, maybe closeout or something.
  10. Looks like a person who's never held a 2600 joystick in their life.
  11. Not sure of your experience, but it would be considered normal to have a little noticeble jitter. As noted before, make sure the pins are clean. Resoldering the internal pin conecctions may improve things. However, again, I think U may B normal.
  12. Omegamatrix, I just want to say thank you for your effort in putting these together. One of the things I enjoy most about playing Atari today, is the amount of "new" variations, mods, homebrew, and other goodie options available now, that wasn't when I started more than 40 years ago. I appreciate the work everyone does that allows me to collect my roms at no cost to me.
  13. OMG! What a treasure trove! This is better than my Early Isuzu promotional collection. I hope these Activision pieces eventually make it into a museum, and not up on eBay.
  14. Yes, I know what a dial tone is. So you meant land line phone? In my 53 years never heard it referred to as a dial tone phone.
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