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  1. My guess is less than 1%. I find Easter eggs to be a big part of my interest in Atari. I found the Adventure one by glitching the system back in the late 70s early 80s.
  2. I'm no expert, but sounds like the voltage regulator may be overheating. Did you use good thermal compound between the regulator and heat sink? Also I might try a different ac adapter.
  3. You are correct sir.
  4. Does the TV have a "fine tune"?
  5. Try cleaning the cartridge connections on both the Atari, and the harmony cart. (Carefully with rubbing alcohol)
  6. You might also want to disconnect the second lug under the screw, to see if you get a better picture.
  7. I used the TV channel switch since my unit no longer puts out RF.
  8. Two questions: 1. What % of Missile Command carts produced did NOT have the RF Easter egg? My guess is less than 10%. I have been collecting, and tested others, and I have never come across one out in the wild. It's usually the first game I go to test a system, This leads me to question 2. 2. Would others consider the Missile Command egg the easiest of the 2600? For me, it's oh too easy to end a game with less than what, 50 points or so.
  9. Galaga, Bagman, Elevator Action, Dragons lair, Lunar Lander.
  10. Get a couple. Hopefully it's as simple as a bad cable.
  11. I have. Honestly though, I like Journey, but not my absolute favorite. I had this in mind when I wrote that. Not my video.
  12. Not normal. Doubt it's a impedance mismatch. Try a different feed line (coax cable). What happens if you connect the Atari to the VCR, then the VCR to the TV?
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