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  1. I hate Atari if for no other reason, Swordquest Earthworld. I'm still pissed they claimed it to be a sequel to Adventure, when it was really just a POS. They ripped off this 14 year old (and many others) of their hard earned money, for this garbage. I hope they're proud of themselves. Smoke in Hell!
  2. Rom Collector


    Pac-Man show the corporate greed that made Atari (deservingly) crash and burn. I quote Frank Zappa's album title "we're only in it for the money"
  3. A/V modded systems can still be susceptible to RF interference.
  4. He's also selling counterfeit money.
  5. That Max Headroom pirate is my hero. I wish they would make some kind of movie about it.
  6. I should have just said it's a stupid idea.
  7. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  8. Hallo. I'm not an Atari expert, and was hoping someone else would step in and help. Anyway, I would think something isn't grounded properly. Try using a decoupling capacitor between the connection you show and ground. Try .1 - .001 uf capacitor. Viel Glück!
  9. My guess is less than 1%. I find Easter eggs to be a big part of my interest in Atari. I found the Adventure one by glitching the system back in the late 70s early 80s.
  10. I'm no expert, but sounds like the voltage regulator may be overheating. Did you use good thermal compound between the regulator and heat sink? Also I might try a different ac adapter.
  11. You are correct sir.
  12. Does the TV have a "fine tune"?
  13. Try cleaning the cartridge connections on both the Atari, and the harmony cart. (Carefully with rubbing alcohol)
  14. You might also want to disconnect the second lug under the screw, to see if you get a better picture.
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