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  1. This might work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-3-5mm-Plug-to-RCA-Audio-Adapter-Mono-Male-Plug-to-Female-Jack-Connector/392010819690
  2. Even back then it was taken as fluff, and not taken very seriously. I think we're getting off topic, so I'll just say, caveat emptor.
  3. "New and improved" would have been a better description for something like Pitfall II.
  4. "New and improved" was a commonly used sales term in the 1970's and 1980's.
  5. I remember seeing the original Gameline for sale at Gemco (discout store) in about 1983. I remember reading the box and not understanding, and thinking it was some kind of gimmicky BS. They had quite a few, maybe closeout or something.
  6. Looks like a person who's never held a 2600 joystick in their life.
  7. Not sure of your experience, but it would be considered normal to have a little noticeble jitter. As noted before, make sure the pins are clean. Resoldering the internal pin conecctions may improve things. However, again, I think U may B normal.
  8. Omegamatrix, I just want to say thank you for your effort in putting these together. One of the things I enjoy most about playing Atari today, is the amount of "new" variations, mods, homebrew, and other goodie options available now, that wasn't when I started more than 40 years ago. I appreciate the work everyone does that allows me to collect my roms at no cost to me.
  9. OMG! What a treasure trove! This is better than my Early Isuzu promotional collection. I hope these Activision pieces eventually make it into a museum, and not up on eBay.
  10. Yes, I know what a dial tone is. So you meant land line phone? In my 53 years never heard it referred to as a dial tone phone.
  11. I remember when this came out I was so impressed. I'm still impressed. It's a beautiful looking game. I have knocked Atari in past posts, but this game was superbly done.
  12. More likely a Driving controller.
  13. The 6 switch may have a dirty cart slot.
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