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  1. Id be interested in an adaptor. I have an Arcadia thats beat to crap. I brought it back to life but the controllers are in shreds. Keep me posted.
  2. OK, so last week, I got an intellivision, 15 games, voice, and manuals/overlays for $50. BSOD. So I've researched this page and used all of your troubleshooting guidelines. Sanded, polished cartridge port, cleaned games, recapped entire system, reseated chips, cleaned switches, checked voltages...broke cable, made new cable. Finally looked at the miscolored board near the twin transistors. Replaced them and boom, it works.
  3. Both now working. Holy crap what a feeling. Second one had a bad lead from line 1 on controller IC to line 1 on second controller IC. Learned alot about these old machines. Now on to Super Action Controllers. Anyone know where to start on these when they wont do anything but make the guy go left/right?
  4. Troubleshooted the heck out of the newest board, the one that says CO...ON, and had a short on one leg. Wow. Came on, and worked like a charm after that. Still looking to get the one with the control issue to working.
  5. Im not getting the 5 volts on the one with bad display at my memory chips. Something like 4.45v, could this be the problem. When I check the voltage on the one that wont control, on pin 1 of controller chip one it freaks out the coleco...bad. Where does this lead go to? It may be a damaged lead. Thanks,
  6. OK, new Controller IC's installed, and still have the same issue, the blue player select screen skips and mario walks to the right w/o any input. This system also starts up at a black screen with a hum, and you push reset to get it started. The newest board now has all new sockets and memory chips installed. Attached is what it looks like. I can seem to place the display to the tech manuals display. Any more ideas?
  7. As ashamed as I am to admit it. Apparently they were both on Channel 4 output. I know Id tried that. See attached pics for what they look like now. THanks much for the help. The one with the clear Colecovision will not take ANY input from controller 1, is there a game where i can try controller 2, and yes Ive ordered a new controller chip for them both. The newest board is displaying badly. Which ROM chips do you believe I need to get, or get them all? Thanks so much for all the help. You guys are awesome.
  8. I have two ColecoVisions at my house that have bad displays. I have put the new switch mod on both, but seem to still be experiencing problems. The second image, 20.26.50, is what my oldest board is doing. I have found the R62 resistor to be around 1600 ohms instead of what is required. So I will start there The 19.46.23 image is what the newest board is displaying. Any ideas of where to start would be appreciated. My diagnostic tools are archaic at best. I do have a volt meter, but I do not believe it will check farads on caps. These are fun to tinker with as long as you're making progress.
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