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  1. Hey, Is there a good printable list of all the titles/carts for the 2600? Something I can print out and carry with me when out looking for games. I have a really old version from 98 that I have been using, but Im hoping for a newer version, or perhaps even in excel. I went out and found some new carts today and wished I had an updated list.
  2. Halo & Halo 2 Splinter Cell 1,2,3 Star Wars Battlefront 1,2 Forza Project Gotham 1,2 Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black Ghost Recon 1 IT and 2 Crimson Skies Rainbow Six 3, BA, Lockdown Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Phantom Dust Far Cry Battlefield 2 Doom 3 Burnout 2,3,Legends I have these and they are some of my favorites. There are a few more out there that are high quality that I haven't picked up yet.
  3. Driver and Enter the Matrix sum up Atari games as of late... TONS of BUDGET and HYPE but ultimately lacking in quality and depth. You would think that a game with the budget of ETM would at least look like a current generation game rather than a PS1 title...
  4. Ow, my freaking ears! JR 986311[/snapback] Sorry, but its true... You'de think with the bank roll of EA they would do more.
  5. SHould have had built in wireless ethernet from the factory...
  6. Drop the focus on movies for the PSP plain and simple. Sure its neat, but Id rather buy my media in one format that works everywhere, DVD Player, Laptop, Portable DVD Player, etc... Im not going to buy a movie in two formats. Ill buy it on DVD and then rip to a media card for the PSP. After that, ship more games. Lots of games. Lots and Lots of games. Oh and release and official tool to rip DVDs to the duo cards. Oh and THEY SHOULD HAVE SHIPPED IT WITH AN INTERNAL HARD DISK FOR ACTUAL STORAGE SPACE SO IT WOULD WORK AS AN ACTUAL MP# PLAYER.... my DJ holds about 20 times what a $100 add on 1 gig card does for the PSP. Hardly worth it as an mp3 player for me.
  7. Counter Strike isn't and has never been a clancy title. Ive got it right here.
  8. None right now for me. PDZ maybe. Hence part of the reason Im waiting to buy one. Maybe even waiting until Halo 3. Im waiting at least until the second revision of the console. Right now the devs still don't really know how to push a multi-core system and the games show this. Here in 6+ months the games will get much better graphics wise.
  9. Rainbow six or splinter cell. Ghost recon is outside not inside. CS isn't a clancy title either. RS3 RS3:Black Arrow RS3:Lockdown Splinter Cell Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorrow Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
  10. Halo and Halo 2 Great for co-op 2 players, probably some of the best gaming Ive had in recent years is 2 player co-op with Halo and Halo 2. Great for more players too. Yes, thats the textbook answer, but it really is some great gaming.
  11. That is typical EA treatment though. "Pimp my ....." That and shipping less than full sequels. Not much different between 3 and Revenge... Oh well something else will come along by someone else.
  12. Because most of the games are prized crazy insane, are utter garbage and sold by stores with a "no returns / no try before you buy" policy. 984010[/snapback] And simple updates sold as sequels yearly at full price..... You know the stuff we get on PC for free or half price...
  13. Oh my goodness the 360 melts discs... Wow, I need to get one....Must be the real next generation feature... Actually the fix for scratching discs is very easy. Found on llama and Id imagine all 360s once MS makes the change. Two small foam pads fix the problem very quickly.
  14. Burnout 3 is good, but clearly has EA touch for good or bad. Revenge is even better and deeper IMHO. If you get an XBOX/PS2/PSP its worth looking into if you like Burnout 2. Im a HUGE fan of burnout 2 and love 3 and revenge. BTW, EA pretty much took over after 2 so we can look forward to a new burnout every year. So far that seems to be the case at least.
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