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  1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Most beautiful graphics I ever seen. Not in terms of realism but style. Stealth emphasis that pays homage to Rambo, non linear gameplay that requires thinking just like the classic games. Nearly flawless. Spider-Man is definitely another strong title. Very fun to play and while the combat can be repetitive and flawed at times, it is very addictive. Dead or Alive 5 and 6. Very enjoyable fighters that I think no fighter this gen comes close to. Wolfenstein The New Order. Fun fps title. Skipping Young Blood though. Sonic Mania. How can I forget about this beautiful title. The true Sonic 4 fans demanded for decades. After so much disappointments and let downs, Mania is what redeems the franchise. Just a shame that Forces came out after. Mario Kart 8 gets last pick. Best racer I have currently played. CTR is fun but I find it to lack replay value.
  2. Recent update. I wouldn't make this up. You can get the mem cards by simply creating a save file. All you do is access it from the memory unit section and select ps1 memory card. The PS3 slim (not to be confused with the super slim) can play ps1 games, not ps2 like the original model. You could play the ps1 games on the slim model but it is not worth it. Small library. The only time you need to make a purchase is for the Tomb Raider games since they just do not run for some reason. I been on boards stating it has been the case since 2007. Anyways that is for another topic. Slim model is your best option for saves. I can provide proof or an example if you like. I own the slim model and indeed was able to save my ps1 games and even access the files saved.
  3. With the slim model, you can digitally download the ps1 memory cards without ever buying the adapter.
  4. Mortal Kombat 11, Battlefront 2, and Wolfenstein The New Order.
  5. Emulators with the joy con controller for Atari 2600, Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Dreamcast, and even PSP.
  6. My most anticipated game of all time. Traded in my Xbox One with 10 games for a ps4.
  7. Not trashing the Saturn nor do I want to start a weird console war. Just that the Genesis seems to have aged better than the Saturn even if you include ports such as Virtua Fighter 2 and Sonic 3D Blast. How could this be? The same can even be said with the sport titles. Is it just that the 5th gen in general has not aged well in terms of graphics or just that the Saturn in general was a pain in the ass to program for?
  8. Losing some old school fans,controllers that have drove them away to other brands, constantly showing Mario and Zelda or bringing up the past, and its slow turn to irrelevancy to the modern times. I don't know about you but I see a pattern here. First off, I don't hate Nintendo nor am I a fan boy of any brand because I just l like to play video games. My title is not click bait and please let me explain. Nintendo used to be the king of the video game industry from the mid 80s to early 90s. Atari was the king from the late 70s to early or mid 80s before the NES. Atari 5200, 7800, and Jaguar failed to recapture it's fan base because of bad to mediocre controllers, too much emphasis on old titles, unimpressive tech, etc (these consoles have it's fans but the fact is that those that love 2600 did not like the successors as much and the sales reflect that). Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wiiu have failed to bring it's fan base. Wii may have but it was a fad. As much as I love the N64 because it is my favorite console of all time, that console began Nintendo's decline because there was competition. Also, here is another comparison. Sega, is like the Intellivision and Colecovision, an old rival that eventually were forgotten to the majority of gamers and the only fans remain are the hard core fans. Atari's downfall began with Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo'downfall began with the Playstation. Nintendo was was described as the new Atari and the Playstation was described as the new Nintendo. When I say downfall, I don't mean that it started to become bad but rather it's dominance in the industry has declined. This post may have sounded stupid and I apologized. I just see a bit of a similarity and how Nintendo is on Atari's footsteps but the only difference is that Nintendo's systems actually sold decently after the Snes.
  9. This has been done many times before but I decided to add a twist to it. Instead of arguing over which is better than the other, I made this topic to hear your guys' opinion on which console had more of an impact on the video gaming industry. Which console had the better legacy? Which console is more important? These two consoles have changed video games and have saved it (Atari saved the industry crash of 1977, Nintendo revived the industry in 1985). No doubt, these two video game consoles are legends and easily the top 10 (or top 3 arguably) greatest video game consoles of all time. Again, which console has made a bigger impact in the video game industry. I don't want to know what console you prefer or which is better, I simply want you guys to debate (keep it friendly please) on which console has a better legacy, had mor impact on the industry, etc.
  10. Tangentg, post the rom. I will definetely give it a try.
  11. The first game I played was Pitfall 2 days ago. However, Centipede was really really fun. Sadly I never owned an Atari so I guess I didn't technically play the Atari 2600 because I used an emulator on my android phone. Nonetheless, Centipede is easily on my top ten favorite video games of all time. Even though I am 17 and mostly played consoles from the 5th-8th gen and played numerous titles like Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Mario, Ratchet & Clank, and many more you probably know of, I love the Atari. I played other games as well like Pacman Jr., Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong. I also have a 7800 emulator as well and Ms. Pacman is fantastic on the 7800 (the best home console version in my opinion). I will admit, even though I own the Xbox One, I prefer the Atari. I would trade the Xbox One for an Atari 2600 console, no questions. I kind of feel like I don't belong in this forum seeing how the 2600 will be 40 years old next year and how I didn't play the official console, but the 2600 emulator plays exactly like the console itself. Granted, it is not better than the real console of course. The reason why I could never get an actual Atari 2600 is because my area does not have them. The only game store near me is Gamestop and they only sell new video games. I know you can purchase one online but I don't trust buying things online. It is one of my fears honestly. Plus, you need an old tv to play the console and no store in my area sells them. This is why emualtors are my only option. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a 2600. If I had to choose a model it would be the one that has wood because I find that to be unique among video game systems. Anyways everyone, hello. This forum has an excellent community, probably better than any other forum I know of.
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