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  1. EDITED TO ADD: These are all sold! Thanks to everyone who responded! Merry Christmas! ************************ Hi everybody, A friend of the family passed away recently and while cleaning out his shed we found seven Texas Instruments TI-99a that were out of the box, and one that was in the box and looks rather new. Also a bunch of cartridges and some books. And a few cassettes. No joysticks though. We might have had floppy drives and such, but they were not labeled and several boxes of old 5.25 floppies and drives were donated to the local Goodwill. The one in the box has the cords, but we only found three other power cords. Again, there may have been some that got donated. Is anyone interested in buying the whole lot? I've taken some pictures and will attach them. Or should the we stick them on ebay? I figure y'all will most likely use them. I have no way to test them, my tv is newer and does not have rca jacks on it. Thanks! -Mike "gandalf23"
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