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  1. rayr

    Starglider II

    Fantastic. Always loved this title. Will you up the resolution?
  2. rayr


    This is great stuff. Thanks to all involved in creating Jag Studio and Raptor. I can't wait to start programming. Please let me know if I can donate to the Jag Studio and Raptor teams. I really appreciate all involved.
  3. Sign me up if I'm not of the list still. Ready to buy!
  4. Sign me up for one please. I'll put money down to hold my place in the pre-order.
  5. Good bye Curt. You will be missed. You help boost the Atari community to a new level which I got to benefit from. I donated to Curt's Gofundme.
  6. Loved Star Castle. It's an iconic game and what I consider something not just a game but classic game art. A visual light symphony.
  7. Great stuff Curt and fascinating reading. Anyone going to attempt a FPGA with this generous info. That would be incredible.
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