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  2. Hey there I'm looking for replacement supplies for a Commodore +4 and Commodore 64. I was going to stream some on twitch but what do ya know! All 4 of my power supplies are dead. Also just on the look out for a working sx-64 keyboard . Or any of the adapters made for it.
  3. How useful was a joystick on the zx81 ? Most things just seemed to use the keyboard
  4. Surprised how many people reply to statues. Anyone have a Silverstone Mlio series case?

    1. CPUWIZ


      I personally never reply to statues, they never have anything to say.

    2. retrorussell


      I used to think statues made cooing sounds at me.. until I saw pigeons sitting on them. And pooping. A lot.

  5. Follow up. Can the C64 keys fit on cherry stems?

    1. carlsson


      Perhaps you get more long lasting answers if you open a discussion thread instead of status updates. Though here are some links for you:


      MeC64 keyboard: https://deskthority.net/workshop-f7/mec64-keyboard-t4522.html


      Recent Lemon64 discussion: http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64057

  6. Has anyone tried sticking commodore 64 keys on a mechanical keyboard?

    1. carlsson


      A few years ago there was someone who rebuilt Cherry MX keyboards to C64. I think he charged $200 for the keyboard itself, but those who desire one probably don't mind paying.

  7. Hate to be rude but I was hoping to her what you guys think of some of the stuff in the scans? Heh The JK audio one is pretty interesting. Being able to control your home in the 80's with a Timex 1000!
  8. ANyone else around here an avid zx81 collector? I'm trying to get into it more but I don't have the money for it. The Timex and Sinclair is a really capable machine and I swear there is stories being used in just about everything... A very hackable little computer.
  9. Hey guys I just took some time to scan some catalogs I got with a TImex 1000 computer about a year ago! Some interesting stuff there .. well to me anyways! Enjoy! http://imgur.com/a/Veh6b http://imgur.com/a/8g5Cn http://imgur.com/a/I3hp7 Lot of interesting things in the catalogs! I don't think I've ever seen one of these before. And look at all those games man! I really want to get my real USA Zx81 games and TS 1000 games!
  10. I want to cut a hole in in the case of the T1000 so I can mount the new keyboard inside and lay the membrane against it. so we get the click of the buttons but the flush of the original keyboard. The last thing I need to replace is the voltage regulator. I want to go with a new more efficient one. to well drop the heat sink on that bad boy.
  11. Why is there a topic on Nudism on a computer forum... better question why did I read it

    1. cybercylon


      Standing in line naked will be a requirement for getting an SNES mini so topic is to get all used to the idea.

    2. GoldLeader


      And why were there no pictures?

    3. Bryan


      To be fair, I posted it in the Off-Topic/General Chat area so, why not?

  12. Yeah I did the Composite video mod so I could use it on a B&W security monitor I picked up. It looks really well but I'm at a stand still!. I'm making a new keyboard for my Timex 1000 with some actual buttons! I've got the buttons put in a way where they all sit right under the same keys as the membrane! Since I've already messed the heck out of this computer and I've got a working NTSC zx81 I was thinking about cutting a hole in the case to mount the new keyboard..... OR! Make it's on wooden case as a joke. like an Apple I!
  13. It's not that I'm bored... I just can't be bothered to drag them out of their boxes and set them up. I've got the original boxes for most of my computers and I like to keep em in there when I'm not using them. Pulling them out of the pink sleeves unwrapping the power bricks for both the disk drive and computer. Just a big chore. That and I'm slowly working on repairing the one I really want to play with... but I can't until I get it done! Woo.
  14. Really bizarre way to restore the tapes but I'm glad it worked out.! Never thought baking a tape would make them work better. hah
  15. Still looking for an SX keyboard on adapters.
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