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  1. You're hired! I do appreciate the encouragement. I might give it a shot, but my convictions extend beyond the location of the machine. It's too much machine for me. I'd rather have two or three bartops. While I'm posting a reply, I'll add for others' benefit: I'll consider offers.
  2. I'm a long-time member, long-time-ago logger-inner. If your parents had accounts here, they might remember me and vouch for my integrity in marketplace transactions. Anyway, I bought this in June: https://shop.xgaming.com/collections/arcade-machines/products/x-arcade-machine-cabinet-with-250-arcade-classics Mine has the "space race" artwork. See attached picture. I planned to put the cabinet in my basement, but the unit is 500 pounds. Now it's a semi-permanent fixture in the family room. That's great for entertaining friends. Unfortunately, there's a very low wife acceptance factor for the current location. Either I need to get a professional mover to professionally move the thing, or I need to sell it. I'm thinking I like the selling idea more. I just double-checked my credit card statement... with shipping I paid $3600. I don't want that much out of it. If you come over, load the thing into your truck/trailer, give me some money, and give yourself a good deal, I'm happy. Does $2000 accomplish that goal? I'm just north of Indianapolis. Let me know. Thanks. edit: added the fact that I'm north of Indy
  3. Nope. I sold those about four and half years ago.
  4. I bought a GameCube WaveBird. seanhq was an exemplary seller.
  5. I have about 1600 8-bit Atari floppy disks. They're all copies. They came from a former Milwaukee Atari user group. There are a couple hundred disks labeled as containing games. The remainder are utilities, printing stuff, graphics, and I-don't-even-know. I fit the disks (in their faux-wood cases) into two big boxes. One is 43.15 pounds, the other is 74.35 pounds. I can ship these via FedEx or UPS. It'll probably cost $80-ish for shipping. I'm asking $50 for the disks (well, plus shipping). I'm attaching some photos of the disks before I boxed them. PM me if you're interested. Josh
  6. Thanks for the PMs. I should have shipping quotes tomorrow evening for everyone who PMed this weekend. All of the pending sales are listed above. Some DS games that were pending this afternoon are available again.
  7. polite bump to say that there are still a lot of items I'd like to sell...
  8. There are still a lot of things for sale. Good things. Here's a bump since this post fell off the front page a couple days ago. I'm adding some A8 cartridges momentarily. By the way, I want to edit the title of this post, but the "full editor" only works about 15% of the time. The remainder of the time nothing happens when I click it. If anyone can assist, please PM me.
  9. This bump is to say: everything is priced, but I'll work with you if you buy a lot all items not listed as SOLD or PENDING are still available I believe I've replied to all PMs there are still a lot of things I thought would sell quickly
  10. Nope. I have some A8 stuff I'll be adding, but I sold all of my 2600 stuff last year.
  11. I started this list of items for sale several months ago. I posted it in September. There are still a lot of good things left. I've removed all of the sold items. There were some sales that didn't materialize, and I've added those items back into the list. I've tried to make collector-worthy notes. Check my reputation. I'm a long-time lurker with a lot of AtariAge marketplace history. My eBay ID is "joshuadrew". I have 444 positive feedback and 1 negative from a jerk who tried to rip me off and wouldn't accept a full refund for returned merchandise. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be from 46032. Payment via PayPal preferred. Send a PM with a list of what you want and your destination zip code. First-come, first-served. Nintendo DS Games All DS games are complete. Advance Wars Dual Strike $14 Animal Crossing Wild World $16 PENDING Bomberman (sealed) $8 Bomberman Land Touch! (Japanese) $10 Brian Age $10 PENDING Burnout Legends $6 Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow $15 Clubhouse Games $10 Contra 4 $12 PENDING Cooking Mama $10 PENDING Dig Dug Digging Strike $7 Elite Beat Agents $6 Feel the Magic XY XX (sealed) $4 PENDING Kirby Canvas Curse $18 Madden 2005 $2 Meteos $9 Metroid Prime Hunters $8 Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt Demo $8 Metroid Prime Pinball (includes rumble pak) $8 Monster Bomber $2 Mr. Driller Drill Spirits $5 Nanostray $8 Nintendogs Chihuahua and Friends $14 PENDING Pac 'N Roll $7 Pac Pix (sealed) $8 PENDING Picross DS $12 PENDING Polarium $5 PENDING Prince of Persia Battles $4 PENDING Ridge Racer DS $3 Space Invaders Revolution $9 Sprung $2 PENDING Spryo: Shadow Legacy $6 PENDING StarFox Command $7 Super Black Bass Fishing $11 Super Mario 64 DS (EB stickers on case) $13 Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll $8 Trauma Center Under the Knife (sealed) $16 Trauma Center Under the Knife $12 PENDING True Swing Golf $10 PENDING Wario Ware Touched! $14 PENDING Zoo Keeper $6 Sony PSP Games All PSP games are complete unless noted. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (original) $18 Sampler Disc Vol. 1 (in MadCatz case) $3 Nintendo Wii Games All games are complete unless noted. Animal Crossing City Folk (includes box, microphone) $28 Blast Works (scratch on plastic cover) $8 MLB Power Pros $12 Okami $17 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition $12 Super Smash Bros. Brawl $24 Wario Land Shake It! $19 Wii Play (includes box, no Wii-mote; Goodwill sticker on box) $10 Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros' Treasure $10 Nintendo Gamecube Games All Gamecube games are complete unless noted. Animal Crossing (includes memory card; player's choice) $10 Animal Crossing (non-player's choice, CASE ONLY) $1 Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance (stickers on case) $6 Battalion Wars (no instructions) $4 Donkey Konga (includes box, drum controller) $8 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles $12 Geist $6 Gladius (EB stickers on case) $5 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (player's choice) $10 Ikaruga (GameStop stickers on case) $30 Intellivision Lives! $6 Madden 2002 $2 Metal Arms Glitch in the System (GameStop stickers on case) $6 Metroid Prime (w/ Metroid Prime Echoes Bonus Disc; GameRush stickers on case) $8 Metroid Prime 2 Echoes $10 Midway Arcade Treasures 2 $10 Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (GameStop stickers on case) $8 NBA 2k3 $2 Odama (with box and microphone; box 7/10, Goodwill sticker on box) $7 Pac-Man World 2 / Pac-Man Vs. (player's choice) $10 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door $10 Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II $30 Preview Disc (Sonic DX Adventure, Splinter Cell, Viewtiful Joe, Billy Hatcher; GameStop stickers on case) $3 Prince of Persia Sands of Time (GameStop stickers on case) $8 Sega Soccer Slam (GameStop stickers on case) $8 Skies of Arcadia Legends (GameStop stickers on case) $18 Sonic Mega Collection $6 Soul Calibur II $8 Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (price sticker on case) $6 SSX Tricky $5 StarFox Adventures (EB stickers on case) $6 Time Splitters 2 (no instructions, price sticker on case) $7 Viewtiful Joe (disc only) $1 Viewtiful Joe (GameStop stickers on case) $3 Viewtiful Joe 2 (sealed) $5 Wave Race Blue Storm $7 Hardware Modem Adapter (in GameStop bag) $5 Nintendo Gameboy Games All games have been tested and are cartridge-only. PENDING Bomberman GB $2 PENDING Dr. Mario (marker on label) $2 Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters $7 Kirby's Dream Land $5 Mario's Picross $10 PENDING Nemesis $2 PENDING Operation C $3 PENDING Qix (corner of label folded slightly) $1 PENDING Solar Striker $1 PENDING Super Mario Land $3 Super Mario Land (2nd copy) $3 PENDING Tecmo Bowl $3 Tetris (nail polish? on label) $4 PENDING Tetris Attack $2 Hardware All hardware has been tested. Game Boy pocket (clear case, new screen, small crack in case) $10 Game Boy original (lots of scratches on screen, no battery cover, does not seem to work) $1 Game Boy original (in original box, complete except batteries, box is 9.7/10) $70 Game Genie (with codebook) $5 Nintendo Gameboy Color Games All games have been tested and are cartridge-only unless noted. PENDING Cannon Fodder $8 Nintendo Gameboy Advance Games All games are complete-in-box unless noted. Activision Anthology $18 Advance Wars $10 Boktai $18 DK King of Swing $12 Dr Mario / Puzzle League $14 Drill Dozer $6 Drill Dozer (sealed) $12 Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls $8 Final Fantasy Tactics $12 Fire Emblem $20 F-Zero GP Legend $4 Grand Theft Auto $12 Gunstar Super Heroes $5 Iridion II $6 Metroid Zero Mission $12 Namco Museum $4 Tales of Phantasia (sealed) $10 Texas Hold 'Em Poker (sealed) $1 The Hobbit $4 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (box 6/10) $10 Wario Ware Inc Mega Microgames $8 Wario Ware Twisted (box 7/10, Goodwill sticker on box) $8 Xevious $4 Hardware Action Replay Max GBA/DS (tin, USB cable, instructions, cart) $20 Gameboy Advance Wireless Adapter x2 (sealed; Goodwill sticker on plastic) $7 each SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color Games All games are tested and come with plastic case unless noted. Pac-Man (no case) $4 Puzzle Bobble Mini $6 Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket Adventure $6 Hardware Silver NeoGeo Pocket Color system (scratches on screen - don't bother me when playing) $20 Nintendo Virtual Boy Games All games have been tested. PENDING Galactic Pinball (corner of label missing) $8 PENDING Golf $4 PENDING Mario Clash (includes connector cover) $7 PENDING Mario's Tennis $3 PENDING Vertical Force (Japanese) $5 PENDING Wario Land (includes connector cover) $10 Hardware Virtual Boy (with stand, foam, battery and AC connectors (no power supply, SNES will work)) $45 Sony PlayStation 2 Games All games are complete unless noted. Fantavision $2 Finny the Fish and the Seven Waters $6 Guitar Hero (original with guitar, bought on release day; cat bites on whammy bar) $40 Jak II Video Demo Disc $1 Kingdom Hearts (no instructions, plastic on case gouged severely in 2 places) $4 SOCOM 3 US Navy Seals Demo Disc $1 Sphinx and the Shadow of Set Demo Disc $6 Sony PlayStation Hardware PSOne Dual Shock Controller (sealed in package, island blue) $8 MadCatz starter kit (contorller, memory card; sealed; Goodwill sticker on plastic) $3 Sega Dreamcast Hardware Tested. complete system with 2 controllers, 3 memory cards, S-video cable, A/V cable $22 (ADDED 9/6) Sega Dreamcast Mouse (new in box) $6 (ADDED 9/6) Games All games are complete unless noted. Crazy Taxi $2 Grandia II $10 NFL 2k (cracked case) $1 NFL Blitz 2000 (scratchy-looking disc, probably okay) $1 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (name in marker on disc) $1 Sega Marine Fishing (sealed) $2 Skies of Arcadia (missing disc 2) $6 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (cracked case) $2 Web Browser (sealed) $1 Web Browser 2.0 (cracked case) $2 NES Games All games are cartridge-only unless noted. I've probably tested all of these games at some point or else they wouldn't still be in my collection. I have 55 cartridge sleeves which I'll include with each cartridge until I run out of sleeves. I also have 15 hard plastic cases which I'll include instead of sleeves by request. PENDING A Boy and His Blob (Goodwill sticker on front plastic) $4 PENDING Arch Rivals $2 PENDING Baseball (5-screws) $2 Baseball Stars $6 Baseball Stars (Goodwill sticker on front plastic) $5 PENDING Batman $2 PENDING Battletoads $5 Bayou Billy $2 PENDING Bionic Commando (price sticker on front label) $1 PENDING Black Bass (Goodwill sticker on front label, gouge on front label) $1 PENDING Blades of Steel $1 PENDING Blaster Master (price sticker on front) $2 PENDING Bomberman $5 PENDING Bomberman II $12 PENDING BreakThru $2 Bubble Bobble (sticker on black plastic) $12 PENDING Captain Skyhawk $2 PENDING Castlevania $3 Castlevania III Dracula's Curse (Goodwill sticker on back label) $5 PENDING Cobra Triangle $2 Contra (Goodwill sticker on front label) $8 Double Dragon III $6 Dragon Warrior IV $25 Duck Hunt (5-screws) $2 PENDING Duck Tales $4 PENDING Faxanadu $2 PENDING Fester's Quest (Half Price Books sticker on front) $1 Final Fantasy (slight red mark on front plastic) $7 Golf (black box, styrofoam, no instructions, Goodwill sticker on box; box 8/10) $8 PENDING Gotcha! (price sticker on front plastic) $1 PENDING Heavy Barrel (masking tape on front plastic) $1 PENDING Hogan's Alley (5-screws) $3 PENDING Ikari Warriors $2 PENDING Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (price stickers on front label, torn back label) $3 Kid Icarus (price sticker on front label, barcode sticker on back) $7 PENDING Kirby's Adventure $6 PENDING Life Force (Goodwill sticker on back label) $3 Marble Madness (pen on front label) $3 PENDING Metal Gear (marker on front plastic, Goodwill sticker on front label) $2 PENDING Miracle Piano (looks like it's never been used) $6 PENDING Monopoly (sticker residue on front plastic) $1 NES Open Tournament Golf $3 Ninja Gaiden II $3 PENDING Ninja Kid (5-screws) $2 PENDING Paperboy $1 PENDING Pipe Dream (dirty label, price sticker on back plastic) $1 PENDING Q-bert (Goodwill sticker on front plastic, scratch on back plastic) $1 PENDING R.C. Pro-Am $1 PENDING Rampart (marker on back plastic) $2 PENDING RBI Baseball 3 $2 PENDING River City Ransom $8 PENDING Robo Warrior $1 PENDING Shadowgate (Half Price Books sticker on front) $2 PENDING Skate or Die $1 PENDING Skate or Die 2 (marker on front plastic, price sticker on back plastic) $1 Solar Jetman $2 PENDING Spy Hunter $1 Stack-Up (5-screws) $14 PENDING Star Tropics $1 PENDING Super C $5 Super Mario Bros. (5-screws, black box, foam, no instructions; box 7/10; Goodwill sticker on cartridge) $10 PENDING Super Sprint $1 PENDING T&C Surf Designs: Wood and Water Rage $1 PENDING Tecmo Bowl (Goodwill sticker on back plastic) $2 PENDING Tecmo NBA Basketball $1 PENDING Tecmo Super Bowl (scuff on label) $2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game $4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Manhattan Project (tear on back label) $9 PENDING Tennis (5-screws) $1 PENDING The Bard's Tale (price sticker on front label) $2 The Legend of Zelda (5-screw, gold cart) $7 The Legend of Zelda (gold cart) $5 The Legend of Zelda (gold cart, scratches on back) $4 PENDING Trojan (masking tape on front plastic) $1 PENDING Vindicators $1 PENDING Yoshi's Cookie (Goodwill sticker on side) $2 Hardware Vaus Controller (untested) $20 PowerJoy Navigator System (2 joysticks, Famicom slot, 2 multi-carts, 1 Japanese '93 Baseball cart) $15 (ADDED 9/6) Microsoft XBox Games All games are complete unless noted. PENDING Crimson Skies (no instructions, stickers on case) $1 Fable (stickers on case) $3 Grabbed by the Ghoulies (sealed) $6 PENDING Halo (game of the year, stickers on case) $7 Panzer Dragoon Orta (GameStop stickers on case, no instructions) $4 Psychonauts $12 PENDING Return to Castle Wolfenstein (platinum hits, stickers on case) $2 Microsoft XBox 360 Games All games are complete unless noted. Bioshock (includes cardboard sleeve) $12 Bomberman Act Zero (disc only in generic case) $2 Chromehounds (price sticker on case) $3 Gears of War (GameStop stickers on case) $15 Grand Theft Auto IV (small snag on plastic of case) $18 Halo 3 (black case from some special bundle I don't have the rest of) $15 Mass Effect $18 Super Nintendo Hardware Game Genie (with code book) $8 Games All games are cartridge-only unless noted. I have 8 covers for the cartridge connectors; I'll include one with each cartridge as long as they last. Chavez (stickers on front label) $2 Chavez II $5 F-Zero $4 Ken Griffey Jr Major League Baseball (box and cart; stickers on box; box 6/10) $4 Kirby's Dream Course $6 Lemmings (sticker, residue on front label) $5 Madden 96 $1 Mario Paint $5 Miracle Piano (Goodwill sticker on back label) $10 Monopoly $2 NBA Jam Tournament Edition $1 NBA Live 96 $1 Pieces (second copy) $6 Pilotwings (Goodwill sticker on back label) $2 Pocky and Rocky (price sticker on plastic) $8 Populous (price sticker on front label) $4 Sim City (paint flecks on front) $4 StarFox $4 Street Fighter II $2 Super Mario World (sticker on back label) $6 PENDING Super Metroid $10 Super R-Type (labels 6/10) $2 Super Tennis $1 Tecmo Super Baseball (lots of stickers) $1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters $4 PENDING Tetris 2 $3 PENDING Total Carnage (gouge on label, whiteout on case, sticker on back) $4 PENDING Wolfenstein 3D (price sticker on front label) $10 Hardware Cleaning Cartridge (Goodwill sticker on plastic) $1 Atari 8-Bit Software Fraction Fever (cartridge) $4 (ADDED 9/19) PENDING Wizard of Wor (cartridge, very faded label) $6 (ADDED 9/19) Hardware Atari XE Light Gun $20 Personal Computer Software VR Soccer '96 CD-ROM (sealed in box) $1 Airball 3.5" (complete in box) $4 Block Out 3.5" (complete in box) $4 Battle Chess 3.5" (complete in box, Goodwill sticker on box) $2 Lord of the Rings CD-ROM (complete in box, Goodwill sticker on box) $4 Updates 10/17 15:13 - removed all sold items 10/18 15:31 - updated pending sales 10/18 21:08 - some pending DS games available again, updated pending sales 10/19 06:12 - Space Invaders Rev DS and SMB64 DS available again
  12. I have a Wii controller that is a little squirrely at sensing some directional movement. PM me an address, and it's yours. Josh
  13. So, I listed this stuff on eBay, and it sold. The buyer never paid, and no longer has an eBay account. I sent a second chance offer, and it wasn't accepted. The whole lot's been boxed and awaiting shipment since the first auction ended. The box weighs 36 pounds, and is 16" x 16" x 13". Shipping is from 46032. If anyone wants this stuff, PM me and it's yours for $5 plus the price of shipping: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=150322687483 Here's the meat of the listing: Official Manuals Atari Home Computers: The Next Generation Catalog Atari 1025 Printer Owner's Guide Atari 1020 Color Printer Owner's Guide (x4) Atari 800XL Home Computer Owner's Guide (x5) Atari 850 Interface Module Operator's Manual Atari 410 Program Recorder Owner's Guide (x2) Joystick Sketchpad Instruction Guide (x3) Atari 1050 Disk Driver Owner's Guide (x4) Defender Star Raiders Atari Service Contract (x3) Atari Video Pinball Owner's Manual Ultra Pong and Ultra Pong Doubles Owner's Manual TRS-80 Color Computer 2 Operation Manual Books Atari ST Basic Sourcebook and Tutorial Atari ST Tricks and Tips Atari for Kids from 8 to 80 Mostly BASIC: Applications for your Atari (Book 1) Mostly BASIC: Applications for your Atari (Book 2) Third-Party and Photocopied Manuals BBS Express! 1030/XM301 and 850 versions, Orion Micro Systems Ramrod XL Features / OSNXL Operating System (x2) Inside Atari BASIC Archiver / Editor Users Manual PM Interface for ST Atari Plantetarium (8-bit) Micro Painter Smart DOS 1050 Disk Drive Field Service Manual 1025 Printer Field Service Manual 850 Interface Users Manual 130XE Reference Manual (x3) Atari 400/800 Basic Reference Manual AtariWriter Plus BJ Smartware Disk Doctor II (x2) Introducing Atari DOS 2.5 Print Shop Reference Manual Print Shop Graphics Library Speed-O-Disk for 810 Drive Mac65 Language Reference Manual Proburner Users Manual Strings and Formatting (x2) ZPROM-64K EPROM Programmer Technical Manual (x2) Space Coast Microsystems SCM-512 EPROM Programmer Users Manual
  14. I made some updates: January 6 updated pending and sold items lowered price on laserdisc player, S-VHS VCR, SNES Batter Up controller made Star Wars PC games a lot (and cheaper) I am going to try to add more items this week.
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