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  1. Yeah, there was no debug information in the management interface of the C64 Reloaded, because it doesn't really examine the CIAs. It does detailed checks on the 6510, VIC-II and SIDs, which were all working. Just a silly problem, and I should have noticed sooner. I'm glad that being installed backwards didn't fry my CIA. - Alex
  2. Yep, and this was the problem. I didn't notice, but one of the CIAs was installed backwards. Thanks for the suggestion, OLD CS1. You got me thinking in the right direction. - Alex
  3. Interesting. What do you like better about the TC?
  4. What do you mean? AFAIK, you don’t need to have a 1541 ROM on your SD card/thumb drive, unless you’re using a non-stock (not 1541/1541-C/1541-II) ROM. Am I wrong? - Alex
  5. Thanks, sm3. I actually managed to get the II+ to be stable, by reducing the PHI2 to ~64ns and disabling PHI2 edge recovery. However, I still get the “?FILE NOT FOUND ERROR” on all .d64 files. Also, I never see the access or error lights come on, on the cartridge, suggesting to me that the C64 isn’t actually requesting a disk. I seem to remember that the IEC port is controlled by the 6522 chip. The reloaded board doesn’t have a 6522, just the 6510, 2 CIAs, a VIC-II, and a pair of SIDs. I’m wondering if one of my chips is partially bad. I’d love to test with a real floppy drive, but I gave away my external drives, since the 1571 in my 128DCR works fine. I’m on the lookout for a localish drive, and I ordered an SD2IEC. - Alex
  6. All, I'm not sure that this would be considered a supported config, but I have heard that the 1541 U2/U2+ work on C64 Reloaded boards. However, this does not seem to be the case, with my Reloaded Mk2 board and my 1541 U2+. I'm running firmware 3.2, and have tried 3.2a, and both seem to work about 75%, as far as accessing the cart's config and loading menus. Sometimes, you get a corrupted screen when hitting the menu button, or other functions. Once you try to mount or run an image, however, no disk is seen by the C64. Loading "$" or any program on disk results in a "?FILE NOT FOUND ERROR", and neither the lights nor the sound are heard from the 1541U2+. Has anyone else here tried this? Is there any debugging information that I can collect, that might be helpful? I have tried 2 different 12VDC PSUs, so I don't think that's the issue. My 1541U2+ seemed to work perfectly on my 128D, last time that I tried it. Thanks! - Alex
  7. MacRorie, I would like 1 "Bareboards with a complete BOM-UNASSEMBLED" kit. Thanks! - Alex
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