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  1. This 2015 thread https://atariage.com/forums/topic/241337-ti-994a-beige-consoles/ has some info and tables members put together of all the variants out there, U.S., E.U., Argentina, et al. Also discussed (can't find the link) was the production change over period ~ August 1983 - basically assembling whatever parts were available as assembly lines switched to the cost-reduced or beige and/or QI. The OS is strictly dependent on GROM 0 (CD2155NL or CD2155ANL) - later on they were not socketed making them more difficult to change out. The monitor port pin variations are at http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/pinouts.htm. The boards were designed to go either way with shunts based on a different crystal, VDP installed 9918A/28A vs 29A, and supplied modulator/adapter. Granted, it's odd with your copyright screen info that you can't use 3rd-party command modules. Of course only the case was serial numbered, so even with week/year production numbers, the parts were so similar the factory or even subsequent users could mix and match boards in cases. My half dozen consoles or so (lost count) are all beige QI, blue power switch stripe, NTSC, non-V2.2 GROM 0 (some socketed) with cases stamped LTA 4083 through 5083 if memory serves.
  2. I haven't tried with Nano or PEB yet ... should have mentioned since they are both in the pictures. Crossing one bridge at a time, minimal hardware only first until stable.😅 Though I am aware once I'm stable, that I'll have to open back up the speech synth and jumper TIPI's 32K "off" since Nano has 32K native and my PEB has a 32K card.
  3. Yes sir. PI Zero W at least that's what it said it came with from store listing. Doug
  4. I don't have a lot of time to put into this (and there's like 6 posts after your first ask for dimensions). Doug EDIT: 3rd photo added but not a bunch of helpful information, perhaps positioning.
  5. Are there QI (non-V2.2) compatibility issues? Backstory: I've spent the better part of two weeks, time permitting with my new https://github.com/jgparker/tipi/wiki. The micro-SDHC image never worked OOTB, so I located Etcher and put tipi-sdimage-buster-1.43.zip on it. That install worked long enough to get my SSID/PSK entered (took a wpa_supplicant change to find my hidden router); finally pulled an IP. Grew the file system per https://github.com/jgparker/tipi/wiki/tipi-32k-installation. Backed up the 8 GB SDHC via Win32DiskImager (7,761,920 KB) so I didn't have to go through that all over again. When I got back to it a few days later, next (U)pgrade offered was V1.63. A tad more stable for slightly longer periods. Also backed up the entire image again so I didn't have to go through the V1.43>V1.63 all over again. Next several attempts over days through tonight have yielded (photo) when offered the (U)pgrade to V1.65. Longest run so far is just over an hour upgrade time in progress between QI lockups. >>> PI green light shows no activity after first minute and TIPI led does a 360 Hz busy flash like it is doing something. QI console is locked again. I've cleaned sideport contacts and all the normal stuff to give it the best chance of success Any help would be appreciated. Doug EDIT: Configuration B Having no luck with the above setup, I moved on to tipi-sdimage-buster-2.3.zip from https://www.jedimatt42.com/downloads.html. CALL TIPI from TI Basic immediately locked up the console (photo2) with version, DSR build blank, and a few other screen differences noted. CRU is now 2000? I'm open to troubleshooting either or all of these configurations if the herd has moved on to V2.3, but I'm certainly getting less far on this build.
  6. SOLD For Sale: Quantity 2 (F18A + VGA header set). LIMIT one + header each to two separate buyers to spread the wealth. CONUS shipping only. Boards new, still sealed in their anti-static bags (original receipt pic below to prove I'm original purchaser and V1.8 firmware). Not TI-99/4A-specific, but they do have the low profile pins. I never got around to opening them and installing into a console to update to V1.9 (latest version). History: I have been running three others purchased in the same 2017 frame in TI-99/4A computers with zero issues or had to return one for repair or due to DOA! No warranty or support; selling as is. Specific install application and any firmware updates fall to the buyer. I will photocopy the fact/install sheet so each buyer gets a copy. With the MK2 due out soon, I'm asking $65 ($57 each + $8 postage via USPS insured small flat-rate box). Sorry, that's what I have on hand due to the COVID-19 environment. Just trying to recover some on a previous investment to be able to afford new, future TI-99/4A gadgets. 😁 As this is my first listing here I'm going to keep it simple (for me) by asking payment via Paypal "friends and family" with verified address, subject to terms above and replies HERE to keep it above board as I'm not playing PM race the clock. First come; first serve ... then we can hash out details via PM with settled payment to hopefully get them out to y'all this week. Thanks in advance for your interest. Doug
  7. TI user courtesy heads up: Putting two new, sealed F18A V1.8 boards + VGA headers in MarketPlace forum today or tomorrow. Never used it or know the larger community over there, but I guess I'll see if I can muddle through it. Doug
  8. There's plenty of alternate packaging mappers out there. VLSI duplicated function/drive in their 40-pin DIP and PLC44 for the PC-AT memory mapper, VL82C612, if memory serves though those are now scarce. But I've been using the SN74LS612FN package for several years now when I don't need mutli-chip, e.g. HCT drive capability (such as Thierry's Super/Hyper AMS designs). $4/chip in quantity, but last batch of 100 I bought, seller accepted $2/chip. Doug
  9. https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/58F8A296A65A4C92AB8B8C1BB031D2004 is a folder on my personal webshare that I was able to do a point-to-point transfer, bypassing the Tomcat port 8080 server (normal http download was timing out). YMMV, but y'all are welcome to grab it from the link above as a second source (assuming that's okay with you, Berry). Once I got it, I brought it down for an AV scan (below) and was able to extract that using SQLite Data Wizard, but unable to manipulate further. 174.97 MB zip containing a single .pg4 file which I have absolutely no idea what to do with. SQL database? Protected? Doug
  10. As much as is thread is a "hey, go check out this" on Ebay, I think I'll start adding a few that I will be avoiding in the future as I run across them. YMMV https://www.ebay.com/usr/icexpress This is how 30 TMS9118NLs showed up today. So much for antistatic packaging ...
  11. I'm pretty sure this is what I based mine off of (your 2015/2016 post perhaps?). Good stuff and nice project! I would just caution anybody that doesn't know their way around a multimeter before modding, that I've found several QI motherboards that don't have their voltages marked correctly. Don't ask me how I know that 💣 ... it only took finding the first one! Never found any original motherboards marked incorrectly and that's the majority just about everybody has/comes across. Now, it isn't a big deal with TI factory power supplies, because they obviously knew and just pinned the molex correctly to compensate. So, like some errors on the schematics, don't necessarily believe what your eyes are telling you. Doug
  12. Realizing this is an old post, but I was able to dig up two models manufactured by them between 1980-83, a 14" and 19" complete with troubleshooting and schematics/parts listings. I know it's a shot in the dark, but I'm hoping with technology as it was back then even if the first isn't your model, there should be good similarity since same manufacturer? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To widen the topic some, here's the resource that may help out somebody else with other monitors: https://www.mikesarcade.com/arcade/monitors.html Doug Matsushita14.pdf TM202G.pdf
  13. Not really OT, but ran across these saved items while cleaning off a hard drive and turned them into PDFs. It's some historical stuff from/about Karl Guttag who I know has been partially covered in this forum because I remember some snippets. If they already exist, moderator, feel free to dump them. No copyright infringement intended and copied with all headers intact to the best of my ability: I know some of it was generated from this link (still active) - https://www.kguttag.com/2017/06/28/texas-instruments-994a-and-tms9918-history/ TI International Users Network Conference Transcript - Karl Guttag of Texas Instruments.pdf The Texas Instrument 994 World's First 16-bit Home Computer.pdf The Inside Story of Texas Instruments' Biggest Blunder - The TMS9900 Microprocessor.pdf
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