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  1. Yep. Then I design, print a case and send it back to you. tell me in private message.
  2. Will design one as soon as I received mine.....Hopefully you'll be able to release this Gem ? Greatly appreciated that kind of development initiative. Great to keep our old computers alive. So if you need help, I'm here for casing.
  3. Hi, received mine today. Works great but only with original power supply on the console and dragonfly on separate PSU. Maybe my Dragonfly PSU meaning as it has only 500Ma. The screen is flickering, black, with sound in that case. Does the 500Ma could be the cause ?
  4. Hi friend, I'd like one Dragonfly + additional option, Pokey Max + additional option YM2151 module . Expecting news from you for payment and shipping. Great Job. Thanks. Phil
  5. Hi friend, would love to order one. is there any still available ?
  6. Hi firends, I'm a bit confused about downloading the Offline roms to the cart. I tried 2 methods without success. First of all, the card is well connected and online roms working great. Plustore Account is ok and well recognized by the card (Icon is full on upright side of the screen. I place a rom file in the Offline directory on the plustore app, in the card menu went to Download offline roms and the screen turn to blue with the (+) icon rolling. But after 30 minutes, still rolling... reset, then tried with a TAR file in the offline directory, no success too. What am I doing wrong ? is there anything more to check/do ?
  7. Thanks Al Nafuur. I use the Web client. gonna try with the App because can't do it by the web page. thanks for your help.
  8. Hi Friends, is there any way to reset the Offline directory on the plusStore website ? did a bad mistake and it's full and not possible to erase files/directory... sorry for that. Thanks
  9. Hi friends, I recently acquired this very good SIO2SD hardware. Working very well to launch disk (ATR, XEX) from the menu on Atari 800XL, and assigned from D1 to D8 some of my favourite games. But my question : Is it possible to lauch straight images of ATR/XEX attached to D2 or D3 or...D8... without launching the Sio2SD.xex loader ? Did try to choose D2 or D3 on the OSD, then cold or hard boot the Atari but still loading D1 attached image. Thanks for your help. ATARI 800XL SIO2SD firmware 3.1 RC2 ++ Phil
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