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  1. I think the nature of his business is to hold onto stock as long as possible because the price goes up as it gets older. So there's a balance between selling too little and too much. I think there is a problem with retro vendors getting large orders then seeing the items for sale elsewhere, marked up substantially. I don't believe his employees are worked 12-14 hours a day 7 days. Who would work that? That sounds like slavery. There are laws preventing that, no?
  2. Sounds like a POKEY issue to me. Do you hear the farting sound? Maybe the socket is bad, since you said you tested the chip...?? Be sure you are using a known good power supply.
  3. A good read!! Was so inspired by the spirit of this post this morning... Today I threw out over seven hundred new old stock icd MIO 1MB's I had stored in a spare room here. Anyone want to see the video?
  4. Anti-static brush kit and IPO 99.9 pure anhydrous to clean the boards. You might consider ELECTROLUBE SAFEWASH 2000 (No it's not 19 years old) for cleaning. Wouldn't get it on my hands. Also some solder mask in a tube is good to have on hand if you need to scrape any off (you probably won't though unless there is rust or corrosion). Should be reapplied to protect the traces, etc. White vinegar is often suggested for corrosion/rust but apparently its hard on the copper traces. You might use it on your rusty RF shield, separately. Then some rust protection afterwards.
  5. Yes as Dr. Venkman says it might just be old surface corrosion on the chip legs. If you don't have contact cleaner on hand, carefully re-seat each chip ten or so times to wear off the corrosion. That might fix the machine. Use a chip puller, not a screw driver please. lol they cost $3.
  6. Make sure the modem DTE speed is set to 9600b or less and be sure your term program is set the same. If the modem is at 28.8 the Atari and the modem will not communicate. Yes you can use a 28.8 modem on the Atari as long as DTE baud rate is set to a rate the Atari can use.
  7. Yes. The XE's are not built as well (but are okay). No socketed chips makes upgrading and fixing (much) more difficult. Only composite video out. XL's it's not difficult to patch the chroma line for s-video. XEGS footprint is large with the keyboard. The XEGS keyboard is mushy. Maybe 1/3rd of 800XL's have a great mechanical keyboard. The case styling is very different. The XEGS function keys are awkward to use comparatively. Joystick ports have more difficult insertion. Cart slot doesn't have dust cover. XEGS advantage is the detached keyboard and more console styled case more appropriate for living room. edit: beaten by SS!
  8. That orange/brown stuff sounds like solder flux to me. Yes it doesn't come off easily and sticks to the hands. Congrats on your new XEGS!!
  9. That's not an easy question to answer because of the many graphics modes, sprites colors and mixing of modes at the same time and more. AFAIK, A8's can display all 256 colors at once in a vertical rainbow. I believe Alternate Reality: The City in a practical gameplay sense, having about 128 colors on screen at once was the most colorful across the whole game. See here. And as far as the C64 having 'better' sprites, I'm not so sure they are as fast or as flexible as A8. I'd love to see a technical breakdown and in-depth performance comparison. My guess is that A8's sprites are much faster, if that even matters to gameplay. Also all A8 sprites can be re-used on the next row while I really doubt C64's can dream of that. Also A8 sprites combine colors when on top of each other and in this way can be multicolored, at the cost of losing a sprite or missile.
  10. Yes, using a null modem cable and an RS232 interface device like the 850. Works great!
  11. Thank you for rescuing them! I'm sure someone here has replacement leafs or Best Electronics will have some. Send them an e-mail.
  12. Awesome. Thank you Curt!!! I love this new attention for these unrealeased machines. RS232 port > 300b modem 80colums > voice synthesizer
  13. Yes, just the SIO2PC-USB by itself should work with atr's. Post a video of what you are doing?
  14. Congrats on it working! One of the problems with 800 keyboards is the ones with yellow plungers are reported to be more brittle and prone to cracking at the corners. I have one with white plungers that was stored poorly in a hot garage for 25 years that also has cracked plungers. Its keyboard still works, for now. Check the two 'wings' inside each plunger to see their condition and that they are touching when the plunge is depressed. Another possible issue is the mylar.
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