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  1. It's a safe guess that the answer is yes that poor design and build quality contributed to higher sales figures. My C64 friends at the time told me stories like how a blown fuse would render the computer useless to those not knowing it even had one.
  2. Yes Allan's Archive.org postings are great! Thank you so much for archiving and selling the collection to keep these out in the wild and not in a landfill.
  3. Great to hear it's working! FYI there are some who much prefer to do the supervideo upgrade to the 1200XL since that will utilize it's unique color enhancing circuitry that is absent on all other A8's. Your choice of course. Yes trying an application that requires more than 64KB is a good test, as well. ICD hardware is highly regarded. My first 1200XL had poor video quality as received. The second has flawless output. Not sure why it varies. Maybe since the second machine is barely used.
  4. Congrats on your new 1200XL acquisition! The R-Time-8 is great, too. You can boot the machine to test the toggle differences with RAM. Attached are a couple utilities that may or may not detect it. I see corrosion on the legs of U21 and the chip next to it. Suggest you clean that and apply some deoxit. The board probably needs a full cleaning/inspection/etc.. eXtended RAM test v0.21.0 (2003-09-16)(-XI-)(SK)(en)[128k].txt eXtended RAM test v0.21.0 (2003-09-16)(-XI-)(SK)(en)[128k].xex SysInfo v2.25 (2015-09-05)(Kokoszkiewicz, Konrad)(PL)(en).atr
  5. Awesome.. I hope it arrives intact! Noticed a big uptick in 800 demand+prices with the new Incognito run while 800XL prices dropped. Two or so years ago NTSC 800's were going for $50 untested which was approaching dumpster 'not worth selling or keeping' price. Picked up a good condition Alps 800XL a month or so ago for ~$75+shipping in original box/styrofoam. Works %100.
  6. Don't think I've seen it before, thanks. Was the TRS-80 an inspiration for this design?
  7. That's a beautiful 800!! Yes the GTIA is suspect. And just because you tried two different TV's doesn't preclude them. The 800 and 65XE do not output an identical video signal. Have you tried a CRT? Modern LCD's interpret the signal and they are often not very good at it, especially more recent displays are apparently not prioritizing composite signal quality since those devices are becoming more and more uncommon.
  8. Yes it could be another chip or the PSU. I strongly recommend using a USB charger as a power supply, as long as it provides at least 1.5A. Yes the black rectangular PSU's are known to be better but they can still fail and it's a very good idea to fully service them before put to use. Keep that PSU. It's valuable and collectable. They are uncommon to say the least. The caps you photographed look okay at first glance but check underneath them for leakage. If you can remove them and test them that is good.
  9. Their vergence exercises could be done with player missles! Good find and a good price for a great condition 65XE. Congrats.
  10. CX85 keypad. With YES and NO keys you can rule the world. A PAL monitor A couple 800 keyboards that work well (not the yellow plungers) MIO either variant Happy 1050 / 810 XF551 Indus GT (had one BITD, bro still has it)
  11. Congrats on your pre 80's 800! The home computer revolution was barely starting and such a device was a mystery to %99+ of people.
  12. This was great I enjoyed it!! Thank you! Surprisingly hadn't seen all the levels so I watched the gameplay intently.
  13. For composite only I like Best Electronic's cable. For s-video I got this one off ebay five years ago... It was not marketed in any special way there but it introduces no artifacts so it's great.
  14. I'm going to pull a Bill Lumbergh here and disagree. I think it's the Lotharek video cable. I have the same problem with two of the same Lotharek cables here. They are built very well but give very strong veritcal bars. I don't know why.
  15. The first suspect is a bad keyboard mylar. Some conductive paint might fix it. You'd need to disassemble the keyboard from the aluminum backing. New replacement 800XL mylars can be found online. The install mod doesn't look like it's related to your keyboard issue. The brown stuff you photographed looks like factory solder flux and should be okay.
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