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  1. There are reasons to practice skepticism regarding what is in the news. Let's wait for them to have their day in court and verify that it's a fair trial. Are we now to the point of guilty until proven innocent? Notice how they use the loaded phrase 'watershed moment' meaning "a critical point that marks a division or a change of course" aka, advocating socialism. @E474, just because YT censored a channel doesn't mean it's legit. They hire and work with known partisan organizations. This is well known. The censoring is biased. Please take some time to research this and please don't take YT as an 'authority' on truth. Only 'approved' opinions and thought are allowed on YT. They selectively censor to silence (snuff out) opposition to a particular world view while citing vague safety excuses to deny debate and different viewpoints.
  2. Yes limited play area presumably due to the BBC micro's limited draw rate. Looks like it is CPU driven?
  3. Maybe the copy to disk didn't work. Try another drive? Try another disk?
  4. A word of warning about leaving 65XE's and 130XE's out in the sun. It seems the sun is bleaching the color out of the entire badge, including the grey, but most noticeably the red ATARI is now faded. Maybe it's just age and not the sun but not willing to test this theory on another machine. Covering the badge may be advised to avoid this! Two machines shown, XE on right has never been out in the sun or retro brighted.
  5. A few great deals of the new month of August 2021. Hurry. $1200 tested Vintage ATARI 800 Computer + 810 Disk Drive All working Nice condition $300 untested Vintage Atari 130 XE And Atari 1050 800XL Compatible For Parts/ Repair 1050 doesn't work and the finale $2500 4 New old stock unopened ATARI 800XL's HOME COMPUTER in FACTORY BOX The extra ~$1000 in markup is from the shipping box with matching serial #s, obviously. Ultra paranoid customs staff will slice into it for you with razor blades. That adds resale value.
  6. The NCD program is on fujinet.online/networking/n-handler.atr Several more N utilities there too.
  7. @Peter Rabitt Indus Master with Super Synchromesh.atr That disk has the drive RPM utility and more. Be sure to test RPM with a disk written by a drive known to have correct RPM like a retail game or Atari written disk. You can't accurately test RPM with a disk written by the drive from which you are testing. edit: yes the file I attached earlier called indusrcutil.zip does not work here either. Ignore it.
  8. @Peter Rabitt I found the disk. ATR attached. CPMTOOL.COM is there and works. GL HF. CPMTOOL_DD_MyDOS.ATR Edit: This is only for testing the RAM Charger, not the drive's RPM. That's another disk. E.COM and F.COM are the CPM terminal application.
  9. There are instructions here http://atariprojects.org/2021/06/20/run-the-cp-m-operating-system-on-your-atari-8-bit-computer-using-an-upgraded-indus-gt-floppy-drive-30-60-mins/ And bottom of this page: http://trub.atari8.info/index.php?ref=sramcharger_en There is a CPMTOOL.ARC download on the second page under last section "Testing the extension with CP/M TOOL." Attached here as well. You'll need to unarc it. I have it unarc'd here and on a floppy but can't find it now. Apologies. A couple arc utilities are attached which may or may not work for that file. Convoluted process I agree. Frustrated that I can't find the floppy. I'll keep looking and post this in the mean time. SuperArc! v2.4 (1989-01)(Puff, Robert)(US)[128k].xex SuperArc! v2.4 (1989-01)(Puff, Robert)(US)[128k][a].xex Arcmate v1.0 (1987-09-19)(Caroll, Wm)(US).xex CPMTOOL.ARC
  10. Thank you. The site was in my mind but had lost the url. The new picture Lost in Kyoto is fantastic, too. W.A.R. is great fun! Every new or ported A8 title makes A8 look that much more attractive to the retro community, imo. Thank you very much @Fandal and @Poison! Great music and gameplay. How much work was it to port?
  11. Looks great!! Where can I get it?
  12. Yes there is an Indus utility disk that will detect and test any upgraded 64K RAM module. I think it's the indusmaster.zip file attached. If not try the other one. indusmaster.zip indusrcutil.zip
  13. Indeed it does look slightly different from production models. There are two production model badges variants. One is more bold than the other, however this preproduction one is a little different, more bold and the zeros are more round?. Good catch. With regards to the texture on the Stackpole XL's here is Perifractic unboxing one that is clearly rough texture at about the 11:07 mark.
  14. If you have other machines that you mod and upgrade then I'd say keep the 400 original, especially since you have a personal connection with it being your first A8. Can still be used as it is.
  15. Yes one can type reasonably fast on real hardware. There is a one keystroke buffer if the computer is not yet asking for input. I think PC's back in the day had a six keystroke buffer and would beep if the buffer tried to overfill.
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