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  1. I would get an SIO2PC-USB and try that. No idea yet what the problem could be but ordering another whole motherboard seems excessive and pure guesswork and I'm doubtful that will fix the issue. That $44.95 price you quoted will not include the pokey. LOAD"D:program.bas" or RUN"D:program.bas" Or type DOS followed by enter key to try to load DUP.SYS Even if there isn't a dos it will look for it.
  2. It would have sold for more if they had used START.
  3. It is advised to use a wire keycap puller. If you want to pull it off with your fingers (difficult to do) then be sure to carefully pull it straight up, perpendicular to the keyboard's angle.
  4. Congrats on your XEGS! Your LCD is displaying the signal better than or different from than a CRT when showing the bars. A better video cable or some internal modification (not recommended) could improve the display quality. Another idea is to try another LCD. Older LCD's from the 2000's tend to display composite signals better than modern LCD's. However that may end up making the bars worse. Hard to say. It's not an exact science so it seems.
  5. It's often luck of the draw for the seller when two or three bidders willing to pay more than usual for an auction. Stimulus also, as was said. There was a good joystick and good game included. Sold as as tested working is a little unusual. Was not in excellent condition IMO. There are only, what, about 500 documented to exist. Be ready to see many or all prices rise as they've promised to keep making trillions more digital dollars out of nothing. The Keynesians have been in charge for a long time.
  6. Sounds like a hardware issue. Or rather it doesn't sound like a hardware issue 😃 since it's not making the cassette blurp sound. Time to start swapping chips to diagnose the issue. I hope you have a way to desolder and some sockets to install.
  7. What do you mean 'boot screen'? Do you get a READY prompt screen with only START on powerup?
  8. Oh his NOS 800 keyboard auction shows a yellow plunger variant, which seems to be the worst keyboard made for the 800. He may have other variants and he just uses the yellow plunger keyboard as a stock photo. I would ask him first with the ebay 'contact seller' feature so the conversation is documented in ebay.
  9. One of the main problems with the yellow plungers is they crack and keycaps will fall off/out very, very easily. However that the keys do not return when pressed seems to me to be a springs issue. Are the lesser used keys behaving the same as the heavily used keys? Inverse for example...
  10. By 'pole' you mean the plunger under the keycap? There is only one keyboard type for the 1200 and no other XL uses it. It's a Mitsumi. First I would try to super glue it back together. Then if that fails then you'll need to find someone with a spare 1200XL plunger. Since there were so many extra 1200 keyboards made and sold at radio shack, someone must have a spare plunger from their original keyboard they could share. I don't have any spares sorry. How about @bob1200xl he might.
  11. To answer your original question, iirc, it's a rather tall LED that is soldered into a PCB. Should be an easy install.
  12. There is someone on ebay who has been replacing them with gaudy super bright blue LEDs. He might have saved some of the original red ones. I think he is probably a regular here. 😃 I have two non-working Stackpole machines I could grab an LED if no one has one already removed. Pretty sure you can get a modern LED that will work, too.
  13. Congrats on your find! What model is it, please?
  14. 4161? You mean 4164? Shipped via the Red Sea? Might be a while, unless you are on this side of the pond.
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