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  1. Any 5v DC XL/XE psu's can go bad, but the ones with the XL styled case (black or white) are serviceable. Since you have a fully working 800XL one approach is to swap chips from the known working into the non-working machine. Yes first do all the RAM chips at once, then if you rule that out, swap the custom/primary chips one at a time. Use a chip puller. A screw driver that will bend the legs. Good primary candidates for the symptom you are seeing is GTIA, CPU and Antic (in that order). First fully inspect the bad motherboard to be sure it has no physical faults like a dry solder joint or burned area or blown cap. Otherwise some deoxit and cleaning of the chip legs may help. You can check the chips from the non-working in the known working as well to rule them out.
  2. BITD 800's with >48K were very rare from my experience. As in I never knew anyone with one. 256K XL's were mentioned in discussions but never saw one of those either.
  3. Oh! Looks promising. However I'm more interested in a better ribbon and connector that will fit in the motherboard. Not looking for a 1:1 replacement. Something like an IDE cable...
  4. Some sort of configurable keyboard scanner that installs in between the keyboard and the mobo could be a nice alternative way to switch ATRs instead of modding the power tunnel and lights. So something like CTRL-break could be the sequence. I love the stock power LED's. Reversing the HDD activity LED so that it blinks off when there is activity would be nice to retain full LED brightness with the stock LEDs. Is there a simple circuit I could buy to do either?
  5. Welcome back!! It's 50GB download and I'm on a slow connection here. I'll send you a link with some logons you might try. This might be the right software download page or maybe not. heh http://fpgasoftware.intel.com/19.3/?edition=pro&download_manager=dlm3&platform=windows
  6. This is the wireless video XE. Yes it has 80col EGA output AND it can read any 3.5" laying on top of it.
  7. What do you use to try to strip the insulation to make the new connector? How about a razor blade? I too have an alps that needs the same repair. I'm interested in your progress. I believe FJC replaces the cable and installs a new paired mobo connector, as a standard practice.
  8. An AVG cart is much cheaper and far more reliable than using a disk drive and you'll have a much bigger software library from which to choose. With 16K you won't be able to use the disk drive much anyway. However it's valid if you refuse to use modern tech, but with a limited budget that is not very compatible with using a disk drive and hoping to play very many games. A 16K 400 is not the best choice as a primary A8 machine. Regularly check your local craigslist and ebay for 800's and be patient.
  9. The 400 is awesome. Note the keyboard is smaller than standard so it's not just the membrane issue. I would not want to play a keyboard heavy game on a membrane 400 like Ultima or an infocom, etc.. The 400 is a very unique design and super retro. They are very cool but IMO not a first first choice for a primary A8. So yes, the 800 is better first machine but if you are waiting for an affordable 800 and have the budget go with a 400 or an XL/XE. The stock 400 only has RF video, too. Also the 800's can have cracked plunger issues with the keyboard.
  10. Okay good to know. Did I imply otherwise? No. For clarity I did NOT say I tried running the PAL vers on NTSC machine.
  11. ?? Altirra can't emulate a PAL machine? Right now Altirra isn't working for any game so I need to reinstall. No problem.
  12. Great news! Would it be possible to have both music and sound effects at the same time by utilizing 2nd pokey, please? I can't play it right now since Altirra isn't working, no idea why yet. No PAL machine here either.
  13. In the past week two mint condition NTSC 400's sold on ebay. One unopened went for $500 the other opened box went for a little over $400. However there was a third unrecognized by the seller that was mint. The single poor quality low resolution photo didn't help. That is the one I got and saved ~$350. Works %100 so far as I can tell. No box though. His grandparents bought it for his uncle and it was stored in a closet for many years. Judging also by the included NOS power supply still being coiled by Atari except for one 10cm of the barrel end of the wire removed from the still tied (by Atari) twistie tie, I think it was used once and put away. There was some black gunk from the cart shield adhesive that made some mess (but not in the cart tunnel thankfully). Cleaned the gunk up as well as I could without spreading it everywhere and re-glued the shield. The spacebar has a tiny bit of black remaining (see photo) which may yet clean off. I thoroughly clean A8 acquisitions but this one didn't need it, bar the tar gunk. I had no idea he would accept my low offer so I 'bought now' on another 400 which is yellowed and well used but has an undamaged case.
  14. Yes there is a big difference. They are all wrong. The US version has a tomato chip. The UK version has a tomato chip. The UK version sometimes came with a leather case, the US version came with a leatherrrr case.
  15. Because many of the original 400/800 designers did not work on the 1200XL? Genuinely asking. Was the 1200XL rushed to market? Seems so, in order to stay competitive. Atari was losing massive amounts of money by late '82. They couldn't afford to wait to work out all the bugs is my guess. edit: OMG ctrl-z for undo on THIS forum and lost my entire post!
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