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  1. Operative word being "complaints". One wonders if it had any actual effect on the activity. Could have made it worse. No way to tell, really. Ebay bidding policies: How to sow discord, anxiety, and jealousy, engage paranoia, confound collaboration, fracture communities, inflate prices on dismembered machines, blackhole history yet claim credit for salvaging it, thwart archival and emulation progress, and squander long-term markets, all in one fell swoop. Syllabus listing, Entropy 101 Used to be Ebay let you use your email for your ID. They stopped that because of "bidder collusion", side deals, and "depriving Ebay of fees". Instead of doing the sensible thing and incorporating a broker's/finder's non-refundable fee or deposit into the billing for the listings, they broke a useful feature and pretended to sellers and buyers that they were helping them. Hey, it's for business. Nobody ever said it had to make sense.
  2. Ebay's enlightened, consumer-friendly bidder masking at work. Honestly, I'm going to start using forum marketplaces and such more, and get cracking on my blog like I should have long ago. Need to do that anyway.
  3. Just think, if it WAS someone here, or anywhere else, and they posted a copy here, or on whtech or some other repository, they might, just possibly, get a few people to help out with what seems to be a rather extravagant expense. Of course, that might impinge on the ability of the selfless and noble Ebay seller to garner bids on his new listing of another copy of the emulator. So, no, by all means, don't do that! Please!
  4. OK, I think I'm getting how it worked now, to have a 911 mode it would have to go through a terminal/channel controller on the other end of the line, probably RTS installed on the 990. Had to put my thinking cap on for a minute. You can see I was coming at it with my second option above. BTW, this is similar to other minis and mainframes of the day. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Thanks, jbdigriz
  5. Furthermore, I'm wondering how there wouldn't have been additional hardware needed to interface the emulation. The 911 VDT is kind of a strange duck. It is almost purely a CRT display, plus an attached keyboard. Most of the circuitry is purely analog. The encoded keyboard output is serialized by a UART in the VDT and passed on to a controller board in the host 990. The VDT controller generates a composite video signal displayed by the CRT, and the audio as well. The 911 itself performs none of the terminal logic or display generation functions. The most obvious 4A implementation would be a small interface on the expansion bus. You could keep it simple by using the PEB or standalone RS232's UARTs. All you'd need then would be an interface for video and modem audio signals. There are also audio oscillator and terminal ready lines. You'd need some custom cabling, of course. The block diagram on pp. 1-25/1-26 of the 911 VDT Depot Maintenance Manual shows this maybe a little better. I'd post it here but it's a 2M+ jpeg and very slow to load, so I'll just give the link to the whole manual: http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/ti/terminal/crt/945424-9701_911_Terminal_Depot_Maintenance_Manual_Feb79.pdf Possibly you could fake this with a purely serial interface and use the 4A's capabilities to generate the screen and sound, but that would take modifying the 911 DSR's on the 990, rather heavily. Add a software emulation passthrough layer in place of the VDT controller board, and redirect to a serial port, basically. Not too appealing if you ask me, feels like a kluge, but doable. Not hard to figure out why TI would have kept this "internal", though. Probably netted a lot more for a 911 than a 4A. 🙂 But if I'm right, there should be some hardware to go with this software. Now that I think about it, you might be able to talk the Video Controller interface into thinking it was talking to a VCR instead of a 990. Have to look into that. I dunno, gotta be something, though.
  6. Not I. Real 911 here. No 820 yet. It's interesting to speculate what 911 terminal emulation looks like on a 4A, though. And the keyboard layout.
  7. Semi-OT but from the same seller from the same haul of Wilson's stuff: https://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-3-Toshiba-TC571001D-EPROM-Chip-Integrated-Texas-Instruments-CB-Wilson-Estate/193901363127?hash=item2d256bffb7:g:uysAAOSw6phgLwTU Any guesses what's on these 1M EPROMS from '88?
  8. Um, I was just explaining my vote. No need for a recording, here. I would assume significant developments would show up here in due course. I'm not totally averse to live presentations and conferencing, either. YT is tolerable for example. I just don't zoom. Don't expect anyone to make any accomodation for it, though. HOME AUTOMATION, I was refering to serial port bridging (to telnet, in this case) with the MAME 9640 emulator, if that was the area of your confusion. The VICE emulator of course is for a non-TI machine, but the -v switch in tcpser works with the geneve emulation as well. Cheers, jbdigriz
  9. Sorry, I just don't ZOOM. Don't post on FB or twitter, either. I do some Discords. With reservations. Not real happy with AA because it's scraped by search engines and I make too many typos. 🙂 I've got MAME 9640 emulation working on Fedora half-a** with tcpser (FOZZTEXX fork) using that prog's VICE switch. No hardware flow control for file transfers, as of yet, tho. When I get that done I plan to put a 9640 BBS up. Is 9640News down? I'm using 9640news.ddns.net but it doesn't resolve.
  10. But again, DO NOT mix VPU and TM990 hardware!!! In either chassis. Do not put VPU boards in a TM990 or vice versa. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Some TM990 software should work on a VPU with some hacking, though. Basic, Forth, assemblers, etc.
  11. Right, I was going to ask if you had used one of those handhelds. I see them on ebay occasionally. Those are some really oddball drives. Double-sided, 17 sectors per track, 160 tracks, 192 tpi. The manuals refer to either 2.78 or 3M, but apparently it's capable of 3.3M, but that's maybe unformatted capacity. More storage for more ladders than standard drives, anyway. A common upgrade was to install 2 standard 1.44M 3-1/2 inch floppies. Nowadays the hot tip would be an HxC or similar device: https://torlus.com/floppy/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1019 I have a couple of those that I'm working on, 3102's. Yeah, the 3104 will program 5TI's too, it's just not covered in these 560/565 manuals that go with the one I listed above. It would need the 5TI software version, no doubt. https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/attachments/17515236/560-8102-4.pdf?download=true https://cache.industry.siemens.com/dl/files/939/17518939/att_110681/v1/560-8102-2.pdf Doubt you need those, but maybe others following along will, and they need to be archived. Corporate support pages tend to be ephemeral. The second manual above covers interfacing to Silent 700 printing terminals and 810 printers through the aux port. Those instructions should apply to the 3102 as well. To use either programmer as a terminal or standalone computer you would need to make a different software disk with TXDS, various utilities, and terminal emulations, plus maybe some development tools. With some tweaking it should be doable relatively easily. The Siemens manuals aren't going to cover this, but thankfully bitsavers, Dave Pitts, and Stuart Conner have made much 990 goodness available. There may be more stuff on the Siemens site, but I don't see a lot of things that used to be there when I was looking some years ago. Maybe somebody who used to work at the Johnson City plant for TI or Siemens, especially in engineering, will run across this and has more they can share. I hope so, anyway. https://www.cozx.com/ti990.html https://bitsavers.org/pdf/ti/990/tx990 https://bitsavers.org/bits/TI/990/TX990/TX990_TXDS_2.0 See Stuart's TM990 link a few posts back, also.
  12. The -3104 version that uses the weird 2.78M/3M drive is used on the 560/565 series, right? Other than the software and the drive, is there any real difference? There's still a 5TI port on the 3104 even though it's not used. 2 3102's for $200 ea: https://www.ebay.com/itm/VPU200/252825294898?hash=item3add8fd832:g:d5YAAOSwGIRXatR0 Hard to tell what condition. Local pickup only, Franklin TN. Possibly software and manuals? Hardware manual for 3104: simatic_vpu2003104.pdf Intro to ladder logic for the uninitiated following this: https://library.automationdirect.com/understanding-ladder-logic/
  13. It has a 100-pin backplane like the TM990 series, but don't make the mistake of plugging in any TM990 boards. Pinouts are NOT the same, and bad things will happen. Don't ask me how I know. I wouldn't do anything that dumb. Srsly. It's actually useful as a general purpose intelligent terminal, though. Runs TXDS, will connect to 990's, etc. Sometimes you can find one cheap, but usually they go for TM990 prices. Much easier to find though than 990's or Silent 700 terminals with similar capabilities. Get it if you can, and thwart the keyboard ghouls. I'm told they've taken an interest, sadly.
  14. Unless you guys have other plans, I'm going to suggest that this would be an ideal final repository for any originals you don't plan to keep.
  15. Woops, almost forgot. Bitsavers has purchased those boards and will be doing dumps of the PROM monitor and FDC ROMS, so that will be a big help. So, support bitsavers by following his scan recommendation, currently 600dpi, 1-bit scans, iirc. Deskew if needed, etc. There are guidelines on the site. Reminds me, I need to get cracking on that 990/1 stuff....
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