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  1. My pleasure. I've managed to scan some more yesterday and FLMGR359_022081.pdf is now available as well, in the same place. I went ahead and did that one so Rich or anyone else can compare with 080680 for differences. Best I can tell there is only one version of the rest of the 359 files, but I'll look them over again tomorrow. jbdigriz
  2. I am of the firm belief that cats belong outdoors. This one has 3 3wk old kittens, though, and the yard is visited by possums, raccoons, foxes, hawks, owls, assorted reptiles, and the occasional dog with a badass attitude, bobcat, or feral hogs. So, Mouth and her brood are inside for the time being. Now, if I can only make time for coding, myself. 🙂
  3. Ok, FLMGR359 GPL assembler listing and cross reference from 08/06/80 is scanned. ftp://www.dragonsweb.org/pub/ti/docs/Product359/flmgr359_080680.pdf Some of the first pages are inconsistent vertical size due to a keyboard cat while I was away from my desk for supper. I'll rescan those few pages if anyone needs, but the main thing the file is out there now. Some of the pages are truncated on the right side by a print column or two, but that's the way I got them. Easy enough to figure everything out. More on the way, EXEC, PSCAN, EDIT, ALCS, etc. Also FLMGR from 02/81. HTH, and I apologize for not getting to this sooner.
  4. Great, thanks for the pics! Looks like project files for a construction company, right? I do see 2 or 3 candidates for a bootable system disk in there, particularly the last one. I looked up Piero's Youtube video on this machine. He says the FD1000 won't write due to write protect? Is there a tab covering the write protect hole or slot on the disk being written to? This is backwards from 5-1/4" floppies, but it needs to be there to write to the disk. Curious about that Gotek setup, too, does he have a web page for it? BTW, you probably know this, but Dave Pitts has a great 990 web page at https://www.cozx.com/dpitts/ti990.html Also, there are manuals for the 990/1 on bitsavers: https://bitsavers.org/pdf/ti/990/ds990 [update] Ok, I visited your website and see you have all those manuals. Hmm...More, in fact. later, jbdigriz
  5. I'm trying to get some done today. Will put them with the manuals I linked to above. I'll do the 08/80 FLMGR module first; that seems to be the big difference. Then pick up the rest, and it's quite a lot, so I'm looking at probably a week or so before getting it all done unless I can find a good ADF scanner cheap. jbdigriz
  6. I might be more impressed with myself if I had gotten this scanned in long, long ago, but...stuff happens, I guess. Lucky it still exists, in fact. It's at the top of the stack now, though. By the way, do you have any idea what's on those 8" floppies? Do they have labels? It's sort of off-topic but I just scanned in for someone on the Classiccmp Discord server this manual: ftp://www.dragonsweb.org/pub/ti/docs/2262571-9701B.pdf Thats the "Series 700 Intelligent Terminal Systems Communications Verification Test Procedure" which applies to the 990/1 as well as 770 and 771 terminals. Among other things, it mentions PN 2262553-1601 "DS990 Model 1 Communications Verification Test Diskette". Just wondering if that's one of the ones you have. jbdigriz
  7. Thanks for the reminder, RXB, I knew this had been done, but it's been so long since I had a 4A running, I couldn't remember who. That's very useful. CALL IO in particular. Visions of a GPIO or geek port, though that might take another 9901. WRT to the typing in you did, referenced above, what book was that from?
  8. I see I was in a hurry and didn't notice, with the viewer I was using, that Ksarul's pdf was a container with subsection pdfs. Yes, it's all there. BTW, I actually made a pdf skipping the empty pages, but in the end I decided to accurately reflect the fact that it was a scan of a photocopy. You're correct about Product 359. It is Extended Basic, and there are 2 versions of the FLMGR module in the material I have, one from 08/80 and another from 02/81, which corresponds to my recollection of the release history of Extended Basic. My hat's off to RXB for typing all that in; I'm dreading proof-reading OCR's of these listings, which in some cases are pretty faint. I'm scanning as I can, between roof-patching sessions. Down to 2 minor leaks now! Be able to pull up the kitchen floor for replacement soon. More fun! You're lucky to have the 990/1 disks, and I sure would like to get images once they're preserved. Are those FD1000 format? I have a 990/1 here, but unfortunately no disks, and no drives, at present.
  9. Curious, looks like the SDS guide Ksarul posted is a scan of an original, but only includes one section of the photocopy I put up. The GPL debugger guide I don't appear to have here, but thanks to Klaus's foresight, we do now. The other documentation referenced in the SDS guide is the GPL Programmer's Guide. I *think* that is up on whtech somewhere, will look, and will look through some more boxes here. Most of the stuff in the current stack is, again, SDSMAC listings for Product 359, and the associated GPL assembler listings and linker files. About a 6 in. stack, and all I have right now is this tedious flatbed scanner, so please be patient. There are some other things, but those are items that have already been posted in various venues online. I believe they're all on whtech at present. I'll double-check though as I go through the stack. The real trick is going to be to find a copy of the SDS software, and pulling tape or disk images for use with PC setups more people are likely to have access to. I have a 990/10 here, but it's going to need some TLC to get running, and unfortunately I no longer have the drives I got with it ( a DS10 and a DS50). Maybe someone else with a running 990 or expertise with reading DX10 tapes and disks with PC hardware will be able to help out. First thing is to find the stuff, though. The number of 3rd party 4A developers who bought the 990 development systems looks to have been rather small, so this may be a challenge.
  10. BASGROM command, section 7 of the SDS programmer's guide I posted the other day. At least if you're using a 990 and have the SDS. Not sure what is available 4A native nowadays, but I would assume one or another of the GROM emulators has some such facility available. If not, it wouldn't seem that difficult for someone to accomplish. Could be useful.
  11. Kantronics Interface II modem and "Mystery Black Box" (looks like TI-99/4A Hamsoft box) on ebay. The cable looks like someone was trying to make it connect to something with a DIN jack. Too much for my budget, though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114140484465?boolp=5&ul_noapp=true No connection to seller. I know this should probably go in the ebay thread, but it seemed relevant to the discussion.
  12. I posted a scan of a photocopy of the SDS Programmers Guide in the Development Resources sticky, but it was suggested I start a new thread, so here it is. I have some other stuff, SDSMAC source listings, additional documentation, etc. to put here, too. Coming soon. Anyone else have anything relevant, please post away. The SDS consists of a GPL assembler, linker, simulator, and debugger running under DX10 on a TI 990 mini, typically a /10. TI BASIC programs can be converted to GROM format to run on the simulator. jbdigriz HCM_SDS.pdf
  13. Home Computer Software Development System Programmer's Guide - TI 1979 Please excuse if this has been uploaded here or on Whtech, but I've been sitting on this, and some other things, for quite a while now, owing to various circumstances beyond my control, BUT, it's been nagging at me for some time, and when I saw a comment the other day asking whether the 4A system software was developed on the 990 mini, I had to scan this in. In short, yes, it was. The attached file is illustrative. Anyone with upload access wants to put this on Whtech, or anywhere else, please, by all means. I also have some SDSMAC source listings for Product 359 and other things. I'll get up a better inventory and post more soon. Also a bunch of Geneve and Myarc related stuff. All this came from a tranche of material along with my 9640 and HFDC, back in the late '80s. What I'm interested in finding is the 990 GPL simulator and other parts of the development system, so if anyone has or knows of anything, please let me know. [edit] I have started a new topic under 4A Development to consolidate future postings on this subject. Hopefully that will make for better visibility and easier for retroclouds to update the sticky. If that's the wrong place please go ahead and move. I'm not that used to the AA forums. Enjoy, jbdigriz HCM_SDS.pdf
  14. Yes, used to have hardcopy even. Pretty scant, though.
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