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  1. https://www.engadget.com/playdate-preview-170047433.html This is from the article. I should note that the Playdate does last a long time in between charges. I’ve left it unplugged for nearly two weeks now, and even though I’ve played a few hours every day, it still has over half of its battery life left. I also noticed an “Upside Down” mode in the Settings menu, which turns the screen, well, upside down. When asked, Sasser said that this is an experimental mode for left-handed users who want to use the crank with their left hands. He did say, however, that this is feature is still subject to change.
  2. According to the Playdate website under the specs, it says battery life is 8 hours.
  3. Tommy, Will there be new merch in the IE shop? Still waiting on that Puffy shirt.
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