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  1. With Irem games coming to Amico, like R-Type, maybe we'll get Hammerin' Harry. Also, it would be great to have the Jaleco license too. If that happens, we could get Earth Defense Force among other titles.
  2. Hopefully one more demo releases before the year ends. If not, then perhaps have a demo come out a month or two before launch.
  3. Tommy, Idea for new merch in the IE shop. A digital watch with the Running Man running on screen below the time? The wrist band would say Amico on it.
  4. What if the physical game covers had the 3D effect? When you flip it one way it'll show the old retro look, then flip it the other way revealing the retro-reimagined look. Does anyone remember back in the 90's when some VHS covers had the 3D effect? I recall the Independence Day movie having that. It was cool.
  5. Tommy, Is there any update for the UI video? Hopefully it's coming very soon.
  6. What if on certain holidays, a game came out that was related to that holiday? Such as Halloween and Christmas. You would play it digitally for that day. It would be free, something like a holiday themed mini game.
  7. Tommy, Would if Amico had it's own version of Joust? Like instead of how it was with knights on ostriches, they would ride on dragons. Also, a sword could replace the lance.
  8. Tommy, What about a mystery detective type game on Amico? Like Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Gadget?
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