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  1. Just like Indiana Jones. CurlyQ should do a photoshop of this. It would be great as always.
  2. I want the main character to be a triangle. Lol. But seriously, the main character should be the Running Man or some kind of knight. Having a choice of characters would be good. Like a mage, elf, warrior, etc. As for how the dragon should look, I prefer the one from the box art. But the duck-dragon could be thrown in as an Easter egg. How about this for a boss fight? You enter a dark room, then all of a sudden a glow in the dark dragon appears. And you must defeat him using a flaming sword.
  3. Maybe this company could make some games for Amico. Even though the Amico isn't a retro system.
  4. I don't know about that. But who's keeping track? Lol. Someone else could have asked more questions than me on a different topic in another internet thread. If not, then I'll take the award for most questions asked in a thread. Tommy has the record for the most games a person worked on. And I have the record for the most questions asked. Lol. If I had to guess on how many questions I asked in this Q&A, it's well over 100.
  5. Tommy, There should be a game on Amico called "OOF". Lol. Wouldn't that be something?
  6. Tommy, Will Amico have a game of the year edition? Or a greatest hits collection? The big 3 did that with some of their games. Just curious if there might be something similar with Amico.
  7. This is tonight at 8pm ET. It's back to the old time again. Which is fine.
  8. Yeah. The name might have to be changed. Like with Snafu becoming Snafoo.
  9. This would be a good game for Amico. I played it and it's fun. Tommy said that some Turbo Grafx 16 games are coming to Amico. Maybe this can be one of them.
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